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​KCBC's Birthday Bash 

​Thank you

​To our patients and their families that came, thank you.

​It was a blast seeing friends and families.

​23 patients who entered our 35 for 35 contest, who amazing prizes.

​And our Grand Prize winner was Vickie Rester!!!  She won $3500!

​Thank you to everyone who participated in the 35 for 35.  Your birthday memories touched our hearts.  

Medical Excellence

The Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center (KCBC) is the first in the Unites States to bring the future of breast imaging to East Tennessee. 

This exciting new FDA approved technology is 3D breast imaging, but better because… 

Patients no longer have to suffer from the inevitable “compression” that is inherent with traditional and 3D mammography.

"This new technology is the biggest breakthrough in breast imaging.  It gets rid of the most common compliant patient have," says KCBC physician and founder, Kamilia Kozlowski.

"This will become the gold standard of early detection in the years to come and women won’t have to worry about compression,” says Dr. Kozlowski.  “We are proud to continue the tradition of bringing the latest and greatest advancements in early detection to the women of East Tennessee.”

The Best Care You Can Get


Best Patient Comfort

Trust and safety form the basis of our approach - we greet and treat each patient with the utmost respect


High Profile Doctors

Each of our team members is trained and focused on the detection and treatment of breast cancer


In-Depth Mammography Reports

Our reports give you the answers you came in for


High End Treatment

We offer professional medical advice and the newest treatments such as cyroablation

Our Fields of Specialization Includes

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    ​Annual Screening Mammography
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    Diagnostic Mammography
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    2nd Opinions
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    ​Breast Ultrasound
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    Breast MRI
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    "No Compression" Breast CT
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​Hear What Our Patients Say

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. Since my first visit then and every appointment afterwards I've had at KCBC, has been complimented with a tremendously caring staff and doctors.

Marie Butler

I first went to KCBC after feeling a small lump in my left breast and was encouraged by a local physician to go to KCBC for further follow-up. There, I was treated with the best of care and went through a pretty thorough exam. The lump, thankfully, was found to not be cancerous, but I was told they wanted to keep a close watch. That has been several years ago and each time I visit it has been a great experience. All the staff is very kind and professional and don't act as if they want to rush you out the door. I have been the last patient of the day and still was not rushed. Thank you KCBC and Happy Birthday!!

Rita Wilson

It was such a comfort to not have to wait! I’ve been coming to KCBC gives you the results of x-ray and ultrasound before you leave the bldg. That gave me great peace of mind when I found a lump and was able to find out it was benign. It’s why I’ve been going to them for nearly 30 years.

I cannot imagine having to wait for the results!

Debra markelonis

My best memory is my husband taking me for my appointments. I live an hour away and we would talk the whole time. He passed away last year so now I have to make new memories with my friends and family that go with me.

Eva Jane Smith

I have been a patient of KCBC since the beginning. I think I’m patient number 3 or 4. I have been a patient ever since and all my results have been good. I have been blessed. Thanks to the doctors and the nursing staff at KCBC.

Jean Harper

My best memory from KCBC is the first time I came for a mammogram. I was very nervous and scared. Everyone I encountered from check in to check out was so kind and professional. Every step of the process was explained to me and that really helped me feel more comfortable about having my mammogram and ultrasound. I still don't like having a mammogram, but I don't experience the fear and dread that I use to feel.

Pamela Powers

Meet Our Medical Team

You can be good in many specialties but it’s hard to be exceptional at all. Each of our team members is trained in a special branch of medicine.

Dr. Kamilia Kozlowski

​Clinical Breast Radiologist

Dr. Caryn Wunderlich

​Clinical Breast Radiologist

Dr. David Forsberg

​Clinical Breast Radiologist

Dr. Margaret brown

​Clinical Breast Radiologist

Dr. George Webber

​Dedicated Breast Surgeon

Dr. Danielle duchini

​Breast Surgical Oncologist

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​Early detection saves lives.  Whether it's your first time or your 35th time, give us a call to schedule your mammogram.

If you are having problems, we'll find out what is going on.  It's the uncertainty and the worry that cause the most anxiety.  Don't wait and worry.  Make an appointment today and get answers.

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