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Trust and safety form the basis of our approach - we greet and treat each patient with the utmost respect

Specialized Doctors 

Our doctors and staff focused their training exclusively on the detection & treatment of breast cancer

Comprehensive  Detection Tools

We have the newest and most comprehensive breast imaging tools available, so we can give you answers

Personalized Treatment

Breast cancer treatment options are personalized to produce the best results and begin the survivor's journey

Our Fields of Specialization Includes

  • 3D Tomography Mammograms
  • Mobile Mammography
  • Second Opinions
  • Breast Ultrasound
  • Breast MRI
  • "No Compression" 3D Breast CT
  • Custom Prosthesis Fitting
  • Multidisciplinary Cancer Conference
  • Cryoablation of Breast Cancers

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Hear What Our Patients Say

Having had triple negative breast cancer, each checkup makes you a little nervous. I appreciate having the doctor call me and tell me it was not the return of breast cancer!

Carol Judy

I'm a worrier by nature. I was dreading having a mammogram, especially because my mother battled triple-negative breast cancer, and we have the same type breast tissue. Because of my dense breast tissue and family history, I had to have an ultrasound as well. Luckily, at KCBC patients have everything done the same day, so I had my ultrasound immediately afterwards. Going in, I was terrified, but the lady that did my ultrasound made me feel completely at ease and had me smiling and even giggling at the end. And of course, I got the results the same day. So I don't sit at home and worry! This memory could've been a terrible memory, but instead it is quite the opposite!

Amy Williams

I always feel that the staff wants only the best for me because they make me feel secure especially after having breast cancer many years ago. Feeling secure about one's health is so very important.

Karen Albers

Meet Our Medical Team

You can be good in many specialties but it’s hard to be exceptional at all. Each of our team members is trained in the detection of breast cancer.

DR. KAMILIA KOZLOWSKI Clinical Breast Radiologist

Dr. Kamilia Kozlowski

Clinical Breast Radiologist

Dr. Caryn Wunderlich

Clinical Breast Radiologist

Clinical Breat Radiologist Dr.David Forsberg

Dr. David Forsberg

Clinical Breast Radiologist

Clinical Breast Radiologists Dr. Margaret Brown

Dr. MArgaret brown

Clinical Breast Radiologist

Dear Patients and Fellow Healthcare Providers,

Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center (KCBC) is working with all our community partners to help take care of patients who need care during this crisis. While exercising extreme adherence to CDC guidelines, we are open due to the needs of our patients with problems or cancer.

We are committed to providing quality care and continually assisting our patients as needed and required, and keeping you informed of immediate changes that may affect you as they are being issued by the government.

Many cancer centers, like MD Anderson, are open and instituting measures to protect their patients and staff.  We are proud to offer the same world-class care, right here in your backyard. There are still patients being diagnosed with and living with cancer every day. Now, more than ever, we need to do everything we can to care for and protect them.

As we continue to see our community come together for the greater good of everyone-just know KCBC is here is support you during this time and in the future.

Stay safe, healthy, and positive.

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Early detection saves lives.

 It's the uncertainty and the worry that cause the most anxiety.  Don't wait and worry.  

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