New  "Wider Arc"  3D Mammography

​​​​​​​Better Images mean Better Detection

​Now Available


"Wider Arc"  

3D Mammo

Better Images mean Better Detection

Now Available

Common 3D mammography exposure arc is only 15 degrees

15 degrees

With "Wider Arc" 3D mammography, 

you get more than 3x times the exposure arc

​50 degrees

This gives your doctor more information and

less places for cancer to hide

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The Best Care You Can Get


​Patient Comfort & Confidence

Trust and safety form the basis of our approach - we greet and treat each patient with the utmost respect


​Specialized Doctors 

​Our doctors and staff ​focused their training exclusively on the detection & treatment of breast cancer


​Comprehensive  Detection Tools

​We have the newest and most comprehensive breast imaging tools available, so we can give you answers


​Personalized Treatment

​Breast cancer treatment options are personalized to produce the best results and begin the survivor's journey ​

Our Fields of Specialization Includes

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    ​Annual Screening Mammography
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    ​3D "tomo" Mammography
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    2nd Opinions
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    ​Breast Ultrasound
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    Breast MRI
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    "No Compression" Breast CT
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​Hear What Our Patients Say

I had an annual routine MRI Dec 2017. I really don’t do well with MRIs but the lady with me, and I don’t remember her name, was so kind and really helped me through the process. A few days later I received a call that something showed up on my results and I needed to come back for another MRI and possibly me biopsy. I was so terrified and honestly didn’t know if I could go though the process again. When I was taken back for my MRI, the same lady was there and I can’t tell you how relieved I was to see her because I knew with her I would get through it. Everything turned out ok thankfully.

I chose that memory because I prayed a lot for everything to be ok and I do believe God puts special people in your lives that can help you through the rough days and I’m thankful God put her with me that day.

Linda Edmondson

The kindness & gentleness of the tech's is what I remember because that’s the way they are.

I’m 67 and KCBC is the only breast center I’ve been to in my life.

Edith Weldon

Finding out my scans were negative is my best memory.

Holly Wilson

Meet Our Medical Team

You can be good in many specialties but it’s hard to be exceptional at all. Each of our team members is trained in a special branch of medicine.

Dr. Kamilia Kozlowski

​Clinical Breast Radiologist

Dr. Caryn Wunderlich

​Clinical Breast Radiologist

Dr. David Forsberg

​Clinical Breast Radiologist

Dr. MArgaret brown

​Clinical Breast Radiologist

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​Early detection saves lives. ​

 It's the uncertainty and the worry that cause the most anxiety.  Don't wait and worry.  

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