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Studies of cryoablation have been successful for a certain type of breast cancer. The size of the cancer, having a certain receptor status and being able to be visualized on ultrasound. To see if you are a candidate to have the procedure, please review the following questions:

    1. Are you 50 years or older?
    1. Do you have a diagnosis of infiltrating ductal cancer, grade 1 or 2 on a core biopsy? Was it seen on Ultrasound?
    1. What was its size? (must be 1.5 cm or less in size)
  1. What is the receptor status?(it must be ER+, Her2Neu--, and KI 67 10% or less)

If you answered yes to the above questions and would like to consider having cryoablation or have more questions please contact us at [email protected].