Breast Prosthetics in Knoxville, TN

Customizable Breast Prosthetics

Your Journey to a Fuller Life After Recovery Begins at KCBC

Women recovering from breast surgery are presented with many options to aid in their healing journey. One such option is a custom breast prosthesis from Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center (KCBC). Breast prosthetics are constructed according to your unique breast size, shape, and color for a natural-looking fit and appearance. Whether you’ve had a full or partial mastectomy, breast prosthetics help restore your body’s balance for optimal health. Many women prefer breast prosthetics over the alternative of invasive surgical breast reconstruction. Whatever decision you feel is best for your body, KCBC offers a suite of mastectomy products in Knoxville, TN, including custom breast prosthetics. Please stop by to view our selection or reach out to us to schedule a custom fitting appointment.

How Do I Know If Breast Prosthetics Are Right for My Needs?

When determining if custom breast prosthetics best fit your needs, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you struggling to find a lightweight, comfortable breast form?
  • Do you seek a natural-looking alternative to surgical breast reconstruction?
  • Is your current breast form too heavy? Does it often shift and move, causing you to readjust it throughout the day?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, a custom breast prosthesis from KCBC’s boutique might be right for you. Through our exclusive partnership with American Breast Care® (ABC), we have three Certified Mastectomy Fitters (two with ABC training) on hand to help you find the perfect fit. We’re very excited to be among Tennessee’s only boutiques offering this unique service. We’ll work together to ensure your prostheses are light, soft, and realistic to ensure your total satisfaction!

What Brands of Breast Prosthetics Does Your Boutique Carry?

Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center carries the following well-respected breast prosthetics brands:

What Should I Expect During My Custom Fitting Appointment?

The fitting process for ABC custom breast prosthetics from our Knoxville, TN boutique usually requires multiple appointments. First, you’ll come in for a pre-scanning consultation with one of our Certified Mastectomy Fitters. At this time, we’ll show you color and style options, discuss payment options, and answer any questions you may have about what to expect from this product. If we decide a custom breast prosthesis is right for you, we’ll check the fit of your current bra and breast form. We’ll review color and nipple/areola options with you. Once you’ve been fitted, we’ll have you come back for a

personal scan session. During this next appointment, we’ll take a series of images with and without your bra using state-of-the-art 3D technology. We’ll send your scan files to the ABC development team, who then creates a one-of-a-kind breast prosthesis according to your personal fit and color specifications.

Once we’ve received your custom breast prosthesis from ABC, one of our fitters will contact you to set up another personal fitting appointment. Our job is to ensure it fits your body’s contours perfectly. We’ll also review the manufacturer’s recommended care instructions and warranty with you. We will initially ensure it fits inside the bra you wore during the first appointment. However, moving forward, we encourage you to try different bras. You may discover other bra styles feel more comfortable or complementary to your new custom breast prosthesis.

Schedule Your Custom Fitting with Our Caring Staff Today

Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center’s Unique Boutique is committed to helping women during their recovery after a mastectomy or lumpectomy. While we accept walk-ins, we urge you to reach out to us at (856) 583-1010 to schedule a private fitting consultation for your breast prosthetics in our Knoxville, TN boutique.