Compression Garments

Reduce Swelling with Compression Garments

Compression Garments in All Colors, Styles, & Textures at KCBC

Compression garments are often used by lymphedema patients because they promote healing and proper blood circulation while reducing painful swelling and fatigue. At Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center (KCBC), we carry breathable compression garments in various colors, styles, and textures designed with your support and comfort in mind. Don’t let lymphedema swelling deter you from leading an active lifestyle. Increase your mobility and minimize your illness’s side effects with high-quality compression garments from our Knoxville, TN boutique. Stop by to view our selection or call ahead to schedule a fitting appointment.

How Do Compression Garments Aid Patients with Lymphedema?

Medical compression garments are typically made of strong, stretchy fabrics such as nylon, Spandex, or Lycra®, which apply pressure on various points of the body. They’re commonly associated with a condition called lymphedema (lymphatic obstruction). Your lymphatic system is part of your immune and circulatory systems. A person who has had a lymph node removal or damage to their lymph nodes caused by cancer treatment may experience a lymphatic obstruction. If you suffer from lymphedema, your doctor may prescribe compression garments to put pressure on your swollen limbs. Wearing them not only minimizes swelling over time, but it helps facilitate the necessary drainage of the excess lymph fluid causing the swelling.

What Brands of Compression Garments Do You Offer?

Not all compression garments are created equal. Our Knoxville, TN boutique carries quality compression garments from well-respected brands to guarantee your comfort and satisfaction, including:

Is a Prescription Necessary for Compression Garments?

You should replace your compression garments once every six months. However, if you notice signs of excessive wear or they no longer seem to fit correctly, you should consider replacing them sooner. While you do not need a prescription to shop for compression garments at our boutique, we suggest having one to file an insurance claim. Many insurance companies will cover the costs of compression garments prescribed by a physician. Talk to your provider to discuss your specific plan coverage.

Contact Us to Request a Custom Fitting Appointment

Knoxville Comprehension Breast Center aids Tennessee women along their road to recovery from breast cancer. If your doctor has prescribed compression therapy to reduce swelling caused by lymphedema, please stop by or contact us at (865) 583-1010 to schedule a custom fitting appointment.