Dr. Kamilia Kozlowski

Dr. Kozlowski is a Board-Certified Diagnostic Radiologist. She attended the University of Rhode Island in Kingston, Rhode Island, and earned her B.S. from Simmons College in Boston, MA.

She received her Doctor of Medicine from Wayne State University Medical School in Detroit, Michigan. Dr. Kozlowski completed a residency program in Diagnostic Radiology and Fellowship in Ultrasound and Computed Tomography at Henry Ford Hospital. She was a staff radiologist at the Henry Ford Hospital before relocating to Knoxville, Tennessee.

Dr. Kozlowski developed an interest in mammography during her first year of radiology residency. This interest in breast imaging expanded to breast ultrasound.

When Dr. Kozlowski relocated to Knoxville, Tennessee in 1983, she began the Knoxville Breast Center. Practicing as a Clinical Breast Radiologist, she has paved the way to developing a more efficient delivery of breast health care. It is provided in a woman-friendly, vertically oriented, streamlined, and cost-effective manner.

Dr. Kozlowski is past president of the Knox County American Cancer Society. She serves on the Advisory Board of the local Wellness Center. She was a board member and past president of the National Consortium of Breast Centers. She is the current president of the Aurora Breast MRI Society.

​Hear what our patients say:

Elizabeth Lynne Testerman

My very first visit to KCBC was in February 2011, it was a life changing appointment. I needed a second opinion after receiving the news that I had breast cancer. Three different people recommended Dr. Webber and KCBC. Dr. Webber agreed to see me the next day, and Dr Kozlowski and her staff worked me in that same day since I was coming from Bristol, 2 hours away. I was treated compassionately and received top notch care. Not only did they confirm my diagnosis, but with a MRI ( which I had asked for at home and was told was unnecessary) and another ultrasound and biopsy, Dr. Kozlowski and her team found 2 additional cancerous tumors! My first visit to KCBC helped save my life. Dr. Webber, Dr Kozlowski and Dr Brig have provided excellent care and I am coming up on my 8th year and I am healthy and no evidence of disease. I will always make that 2 hour drive for all of my breast related healthcare. KCBC is an excellent facility and the doctors and staff are the best!

Tonya J Fell

I’ve been to Blount and UT and there is no comparison to the personal touch, knowledge and equipment Kcbc has. I walk away feeling safe and secure.

I have had to have a biopsy twice and Dr K rubbed my shoulders, and told me me she had been there too. She would talk to me to explain what was happening. That was Very comforting and personable. She was literally hands on and told me something about her personal life. Dr K is the bomb. She’s awesome.

Sherry Lupien

I have been going to KCBC for 31 years. My first visit was when I was 17 and needless to say it was overwhelming & very scary. I met with Dr. Kozlowski & Dr. Webber and had surgery to have a lump (fibroadenoma) removed. The Doctors and staff were so kind & caring and did everything to make me feel less scared & more comfortable. The whole experience sticks with me. Now, 31 years later I'm still a patient at KCBC. They are a wonderful group of people and I have recommended them to everyone. Thank you KCBC.

Janice Stamps

The honor & privilege to have followed Dr. K & KCBC to the different locations over the years is my best memory. Each time they moved it was with updates & always the professionalism you expect from them. And I always loved the color "blue" that became a trademark!!!! It sums up the years that I feel like I have grown & aged with all of you at KCBC. 31 years!! First appointment with Dr. K was on September 7, 1987. Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!

Margaret m. Brown

I have been coming to the KCBC since its opening 35 years ago.

The first location on Papermill Road had one office assistant and I think a single x-ray tech. The second location on Wisegarber Road was larger with a few additional assistants. The present facility at Dowell Springs has many capable, highly qualified, employee's with additional physicians, x-ray techns, an enlarged office staff, a boutique with unique supplies to accommodate patients, and a mobile unit that serves areas beyond Knoxville. It has always been such a plus to discover the results immediately upon examination before leaving the office.

All of this has become possible because of the forethought and progressive efforts of Dr. Kozlowski who has focused on women's breast health by providing the most advanced current knowledge and she keeps her patients so well informed. Having been blessed to be the daughter of a highly respected, much loved, physician who practiced for forty-five successful years, I highly value my friendship with Dr. K. that has evolved over these thirty-five years. Thank you my friend.

Rebecca Morrison

Sitting in a dark room with Dr. K. looking at the monitors with her, she explained to my husband and I that the MRI showed no more cancer. I was so scared after learning they found cancer when I had my breast reduction. She was so calm and the room was dark but very cozy. I felt like she letting me in on a little secret, that I could stop worrying so much. And I did! We both did! I finally felt "safe". After she talked to me and showed me why she was saying things were good, I FINALLY felt like I could take a deep breath. That was the first night I actually slept through the night. Dr. K was my, first soothing, (almost nurturing) contact with KCBC. And it was not my last. Every visit and every staff member I have been in contact with has been the same. The way I was treated at KCBC is now how I measure all other medical providers/services against. No one has surpassed KCBC!