Dr. Kamilia Kozlowski

Dr. Kozlowski is a Board-Certified Diagnostic Radiologist. She attended the University of Rhode Island in Kingston, Rhode Island, and earned her B.S. from Simmons College in Boston, MA.

She received her Doctor of Medicine from Wayne State University Medical School in Detroit, Michigan. Dr. Kozlowski completed a residency program in Diagnostic Radiology and Fellowship in Ultrasound and Computed Tomography at Henry Ford Hospital. She was a staff radiologist at the Henry Ford Hospital before relocating to Knoxville, Tennessee.

Dr. Kozlowski developed an interest in mammography during her first year of radiology residency. This interest in breast imaging expanded to breast ultrasound.

When Dr. Kozlowski relocated to Knoxville, Tennessee in 1983, she began the Knoxville Breast Center. Practicing as a Clinical Breast Radiologist, she has paved the way to developing a more efficient delivery of breast health care. It is provided in a woman-friendly, vertically oriented, streamlined, and cost-effective manner.

Dr. Kozlowski is past president of the Knox County American Cancer Society. She serves on the Advisory Board of the local Wellness Center. She was a board member and past president of the National Consortium of Breast Centers. She is the current president of the Aurora Breast MRI Society.

​Hear what our patients say:

Laura Ballinger

I’ve been a patient for 15 years or so and every time I'm there for my annual screening I always leave feeling very confident that my tests were completely accurate as well as assured that Dr. Kozlowski has TAKEN HER TIME to review all of my tests thoroughly before I leave there.

Tami Bray

I remember how nervous I got the first time I went. I was so nervous waiting to find out if I had cancer or not. Dr Kozlowski reassured me that she would call and let me know the results as soon as she got them, and she did. I have been going there since 2007 and I love it!

Dotty Vinson

I am now 70 yrs. old. I was a school teacher in my mid-30s and felt something in my breast. I taught at Sequoyah School and I asked my principal who she would recommend for an exam. She said that she highly recommended Dr. Kozlowski and that her children went to our school. When I went I was a nervous wreck. Everyone on staff was very calming and reassuring that everything would be all right.....and it was! I have been coming ever since. I will always be grateful for the kindness and care I was given. Happy Anniversary!

Sandy Ange

Meeting Dr K 35 years ago was the best!

She was pregnant with her youngest & still had the energy and enthusiasm to show my husband her new office @ Papermill. It was exciting to know women could self-refer to such a qualified Practitioner as she. The impression Dr K made on me that evening has continued strongly through these years. She has cared for me, my family members and numerous friends I referred.

Margaret Pile

The wonderful care I received after being diagnosed with breast cancer 19 years ago. From Dr K to Dr Webber to Lora to Dr Brig’s wonderful dry sense of humor, I felt hugged, loved embraced. I carry this whole experience with me all the time when I face hard times, when I see people facing hard times. My youngest daughter said “Mom, you have picked the best place to go, so they are going to make you well” and you did. Thank you

Lori Campbell

There was a question about two spots during my diagnosis MRI before my consultation with the breast surgeon and it would make the difference between a lumpectomy and a double mastectomy. Dr. K stayed late and worked me in for another MRI and even spent time with my husband in the waiting room.

This act allowed me to not have to endure more waiting for results that meant such a big difference. It was a true representation of the caring and commitment from Dr. K and the KCBC staff.