Dr. Kamilia Kozlowski

Dr. Kozlowski is a Board-Certified Diagnostic Radiologist. She attended the University of Rhode Island in Kingston, Rhode Island, and earned her B.S. from Simmons College in Boston, MA.

She received her Doctor of Medicine from Wayne State University Medical School in Detroit, Michigan. Dr. Kozlowski completed a residency program in Diagnostic Radiology and Fellowship in Ultrasound and Computed Tomography at Henry Ford Hospital. She was a staff radiologist at the Henry Ford Hospital before relocating to Knoxville, Tennessee.

Dr. Kozlowski developed an interest in mammography during her first year of radiology residency. This interest in breast imaging expanded to breast ultrasound.

When Dr. Kozlowski relocated to Knoxville, Tennessee in 1983, she began the Knoxville Breast Center. Practicing as a Clinical Breast Radiologist, she has paved the way to developing a more efficient delivery of breast health care. It is provided in a woman-friendly, vertically oriented, streamlined, and cost-effective manner.

Dr. Kozlowski is past president of the Knox County American Cancer Society. She serves on the Advisory Board of the local Wellness Center. She was a board member and past president of the National Consortium of Breast Centers. She is the current president of the Aurora Breast MRI Society.

​Hear what our patients say:

Judith A weisgerber

My best memory is how Dr Kozlowski had an amazing way of relaxing me when my tests were questionable. I had a very bad experience many years ago with a mammogram somewhere else. Someone told me to go to KCBC for a second opinion. I met Dr K and just knew I had found the right place. She is thoughtful and caring and I have been coming back for over 20 years.

Berniece W. Atkinson

When I’ve had a problem, they have always been attentive and concerned! Dr. K was not only my doctor, but a friend with whom to share experiences yearly of a mutual hobby over the 20 years I’ve been coming.

Wanda S Flick

From the moment of the first phone call, I was treated with kindness, understanding and courtesy. I was feeling very vulnerable at the time having found a lump after being cancer-free for 23 years following the natural program of Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez in New York City. Dr. Gonzalez suddenly passed away the day after we spoke of this new situation and now I was on my own to find follow-up care for the breast lump.

I began to research on my own and found KCBC. When I met Dr. Kozlowski, I knew this would be my place for the care I needed and wanted. She respected the healing path that I had been on and I knew that I would be supported in the choices I would make concerning my health.

I literally went home with tears in my eyes after my first visit and with gratitude that I not only had found the compassionate care that is so valuable to women in vulnerable situations, physically, emotionally and for me financially. I drive 3 hours for an appointment at KCBC but it wouldn't matter if it was 12 hours away, I would still choose KCBC for my care.

I was feeling very vulnerable after I lost my doctor of 25 years and did not know what I was going to do facing a sizable lump in my breast. The University of Kentucky would not take me as a patient because I declined a mammogram. I was passed from one voice to another when I sought help in my hometown in Lexington at UK.

I was searching for several months for help before I found KCBC. So it was huge to find that Dr. Kozlowski had an understanding of my personal health choice in natural healing and that KCBC would offer a sonogram and allow me to pay out of pocket since I carry no insurance. I was also given a Breast MRI that day which was paid for by the charitable foundation.

It still brings tears to my eyes. I have been so blessed by the care of KCBC, doctors and staff. Your success is because of this care that has filtered down from the heart of its visionary, Dr. Kozlowski. Thank you!

Lori Campbell

There was a question about two spots during my diagnosis MRI before my consultation with the breast surgeon and it would make the difference between a lumpectomy and a double mastectomy. Dr. K stayed late and worked me in for another MRI and even spent time with my husband in the waiting room.

This act allowed me to not have to endure more waiting for results that meant such a big difference. It was a true representation of the caring and commitment from Dr. K and the KCBC staff.

Candace Giger

They saved my life.

Dr Kozlowski continued to monitor an area in my right breast over the course of several years, and almost as soon as it became cancerous, got me into treatment, surgery, and radiation therapy. Everyone there was and is so very kind and considerate of my feelings. I truly think they saved my life!

Most frightening and most grateful! Their professionalism and compassion impresses me every time I see them and that's been over 20 years!

Judith K Halvorsen

Dr. Kamilia Kozlowski and her dedication, her courage, her brilliance, her innovation and her kindness is my best memory. She has dedicated her life to saving lives and that same commitment is reflected by her wonderful staff and associates. Thirty-five years of saving lives and making mammograms available to everyone that can be reached, not just at KCBC, but also with mobile units. Her vision is endless.

After 19 years of going to KCBC, Dr. Kozlowski detected breast cancer from an MRI. She saved my life and showed tremendous compassion and encouragement when she called to tell me. It is because of the confidence I have in knowing the commitment to their patients that Dr. Kozlowski and Dr. Webber and Dr. Brig bring each day that inspires me to be WELL. She brings the BEST to and for her patients. I am honored to be one of those.