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Recently we came across an outstanding article form our friends at (SBI) The Society of Breast Imaging. The article addresses the age old question of “Do I really have to have a breast exam”?

Racial Disparities in Breast Cancer Screening

By: Dr. Sadia R. Choudhery

I get this weird phone call every July from my mom. “Do I really have to?” “Yes, mom, you do. Each and every single year.” My mom absolutely abhors mammograms, and she calls me every summer asking me if she really needs her annual mammogram, especially as she grows older. Her explanation is always that none of her mammograms have ever been positive and that her four sisters and my grandmother did just “fine” without ever having had regular mammograms. She is absolutely correct in saying that. Growing up in a South Asian household, regular “anything” (dental cleanings, annual checkups, mammograms) was an anomaly. Regardless, my mother is absolutely wrong in thinking that her oldest daughter (i.e. me) would ever give her a “pass” on her annual mammogram.

With so much contradicting information about when to screen and how often, it has become perplexing for patients to grasp the gist of screening mammography. This is even truer in minority communities. Here are some insights on racial disparities in breast cancer screening:

• African American women have an up to 42% higher rate of breast cancer mortality READ MORE