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ACR accredited in mammography-A mammogram uses special x-ray technology specially de-signed for breasts to detect abnormal growths or changes in breast tissue. It is currently the best defense against breast cancer, as the x-rays can detect tumors and growths in earlier stag-es than a breast exam alone. Woman age 40 and older should receive a screening mammogram annually. A diagnostic mammogram is usually performed when a woman has a problem such as a lump or pain or to investigate abnormal findings found on a screening mammogram.

ACR accredited in breast ultrasound-Although a mammogram can usually be effectively used to view and diagnose breast tissue abnormalities, there are circumstances where ultrasound may also be used such as on women with dense breasts. Also known as sonography, this type of ultrasound uses sound waves emitted via a microphone-like transducer that bounce off of breast tissues and are interpreted by a computer into black and white images.

ACR accredited in breast MRI-Specifically designed for use in breast screening and diagnostics, a breast MRI involves a specially-designed machine that provides high resolution photos while maintaining breast sensitivity and comfort. The MRI technology – or Magnetic Resonance Imag-ing – takes several photos of the breasts. Those photos are combined to generate detailed pictures of the breast. KCBC is the only facility in the Knoxville area to have the Aurora system designed specifically for breast imaging.

ACR accredited in stereotactic biopsy-A procedure used to diagnose a small mass or calcifica-tion’s seen with the mammogram. Other image guided biopsies such as MRI biopsies and ultra-sound biopsies are also provided at KCBC. Which type of biopsy is best for the patient will de-

acr6The goal of screening exams, such as mammograms, is to find cancers before they start to cause symptoms. Breast cancers that are found because they can be felt tend to be larger and are more likely to have already spread beyond the breast. Screening exams can find breast cancers when they are small and still confined to the breast.

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