KCBC First in the US to Install “No Compression” Breast Imaging Unit

The Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center (KCBC) is the first in the United States to bring the future of breast imaging to East Tennessee.

This exciting new FDA approved technology is 3D breast imaging, but better because…

Patients no longer have to suffer from the inevitable “compression” that is inherent with traditional and 3D mammography.

“This new technology is the biggest breakthrough in breast imaging. It gets rid of the most common complaint patients have,” says KCBC physician and founder, Kamila Kozlowski, “and provides a wealth of information that isn’t available in mammography. “

The Koning Breast CT is the latest advancement in breast imaging. It gives physicians the ability to see behind structures in the breast that naturally get squeezed with mammography and 3D tomography.

“We manipulate the data, not the patient,” says Koning’s North American President, Dave Georges. This “look behind” capability to discover if there is cancer present, allows the patients of KCBC to have more certainty in the results of their physicians.

Additionally, patients get the same low dose radiation as they would with traditional diagnostic mammograms.

“This will become the gold standard of early detection in the years to come and women won’t have to worry about compression,” says Dr. Kozlowski.

“We are proud to continue the tradition of bringing the latest and greatest advancements in early detection to the women of East Tennessee.”

Wednesday May 16th 2018 at 9:30am at The Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center, the president of Koning Breast CT and Dr. Kozlowski will officially open the first “no compression” breast imaging unit in the world.

Here’s a 6 minute video that the discovery channel did on this exciting new technology and a segment from Lori Tucker of WATE :



For more information, contact KCBC at 865-584-0291.