​It's our birthday!  

So to celebrate we asked our patients to write us a memory to be drawn for one of 35 prizes.  

​Although the contest has ended, keep scrolling to read the entries and see pictures from our birthday bash!

Thank you for 35 wonderful years!

​Our Grand Prize Winner!

​35 for 35 wishes:

Cathy Hinton

I’ve been coming to KCBC for 3 years. The staff is so nice and you aren’t treated like a number, which is one of the reasons I continue to be a patient.

Connie C Lowry

I was a scared young mother, and was sent to KCBC with lumps, was cared for like I was the only patient with a problem. Love them for the care provided

Holly Wilson

Finding out my scans were negative is my best memory.

Cathy Eller

This is the only place I’ve ever been to have my mammogram done! I started at age 35 and this year I’m 55. I worked at KCBC for 3 years, then moved out of state for 3 years and moved back.

I believe in KCBC and never wanted to go anywhere else because they’re the best!

Cindy Knight

KCBC is very convenient and friendly. Their mobile unit even came to my workplace.

Carol Judy

Having had triple negative breast cancer, each checkup makes you a little nervous. I appreciate having the doctor call me and tell me it was not the return of breast cancer!

LuAnne Wade

Finding that the little B.B. sized lump I felt in my self exam was nothing to be concerned about. Even though it was a small thing it was “BIG” at the time. Thanks for getting me in quickly and calming my fears!

Judy Carol li der

Over the 20 plus years I’ve been a coming, I have always appreciated how good everyone has always been to me. I took my mother there after she found a lump in her breast. You already had her scheduled for surgery before we went home, I call that service! And I greatly appreciate all of you and your compassion and empathy that you show.

Betty S. Watson

I am always treated so courteously and I’m made to feel like I am among friends. Also it is very important that the test results are given on the day they are done. I tend to be a worry wart. Those are the reasons I still come to KCBC and have been for over 20 years. Thank you.

Elizabeth Lynne Testerman

My very first visit to KCBC was in February 2011, it was a life changing appointment. I needed a second opinion after receiving the news that I had breast cancer. Three different people recommended Dr. Webber and KCBC. Dr. Webber agreed to see me the next day, and Dr Kozlowski and her staff worked me in that same day since I was coming from Bristol, 2 hours away. I was treated compassionately and received top notch care. Not only did they confirm my diagnosis, but with a MRI ( which I had asked for at home and was told was unnecessary) and another ultrasound and biopsy, Dr. Kozlowski and her team found 2 additional cancerous tumors! My first visit to KCBC helped save my life. Dr. Webber, Dr Kozlowski and Dr Brig have provided excellent care and I am coming up on my 8th year and I am healthy and no evidence of disease. I will always make that 2 hour drive for all of my breast related healthcare. KCBC is an excellent facility and the doctors and staff are the best!

Susan Sharp

8 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 39. KCBC helped me feel in charge at a time when I felt I had lost all control. The staff educated me about the diagnosis.

Staci Daganhardt

The people there are over and above nice to make you feel comfortable!

Lillian Justice

The kind and courteous staff is what I appreciate. Kindness is always special and you remember it when it happens. They always do a super job and are very helpful!

Beth Rowe

This was my first year going to KCBC and it was the best experience I ever had getting a mammogram! Everyone was friendly and helpful. They made me feel special and not just like another patient. I am recommending you all to my family and friends.

Kristi Boruff

So many have breast cancer, and I feel blessed! All my visits have been clear.

Linda Mefford

Great care in very stressful time, that's what I know about KCBC. Thank you!

Amy Gunter

Easy, fast and caring people is the first thing I think about KCBC.

Roberta Hottle

Friendly staff and the compassion they showed is great!

Paula Fortson

Their professionalism and positive attitude is the best part. I’ve had so many mammograms at other places and most that I remember were sterile and cold. I was just one in a long line for the day. Not at KCBC, everyone is always polite, smiling and interested in you.

Sandra Bridges

My coveted memory of KCBC was the non-medical feeling I got the first time I walked thru the door , it certainly aided in diffusing some of the anxiety I was feeling, as I continued thru the process I was taken back somewhat as to how the employees treated me as a person and not as a symptom.

I have had breast cancer and lived in quite a few states and I can without hesitation say that this has and is my most comfortably experience both medically and emotionally, and to put the icing on the cake when I mentioned I was now visiting KCBC for the first time, even though he is part of Penn State Medical and resides in Allentown PA, my previous doctor immediately recognized the facility and the founding staff and gave me a thumbs up of my choice.

It is the first impression that always counts in many areas of life and KCBC did not let me down.

Phyllis Jean Owens

The kindness of everyone when they had to tell me I had breast cancer sticks out as my favorite memory of KCBC. It’s because it was kindness not pity. And that is what I needed, my father his brother and myself all had cancer at the same time. So I did not want pity that would have been the worst thing that anyone could have done. Thank you.

Karan Gooden

Cancer is very familiar to my family. So I always go to my appointment and I’ve been going to KCBC since their beginning. I never miss. The KCBC Team is all so kind and they always listen to my questions and my concerns.

I am very nervous when I go in, but when I leave I am relieved.

They are the best at what they do.

Shelly Floyd

It was recommended I have an ultrasound. Got results and consultation the same day. Everyone was so accommodating, and tried their best to out me at ease.

Kathryn Stillwell

My greatest memory of KCBC is my breast cancer diagnoses and the expert, lifesaving treatment that I received. I would not be alive to participate without them. I’ve been going to them for over 20 years and recommend KCBC as the best in Knoxville at every opportunity.

My best wishes for a wonderful birthday celebration to Dr. Kozlowski and staff at KCBC. I wish all involved another 35 years of saving lives.

Chastity Dyke

I am a breast cancer survivor. I started coming to KCBC after my treatments and reconstruction surgery. That was my first mammogram that did not cause any discomfort. I am so thankful that I starting coming here. KCBC makes me no longer dread having a mammogram. Everyone is so caring and nice. Thank you KCBC.

Amber Elkins

At only 29 I found a lump in my breast and was terrified. I have a strong family history of breast cancer so when I felt the lump my world stopped turning. The morning of my appointment I was a complete wreck. I cried off and on in the waiting area. I was shown such care by the staff. They comforted me and more than that, they encouraged me! This was something I will never forget, partly because of the fear but more so because of the care and love I was shown.

Kristi Willingham

I'm 48 years old and I just had my 1st. Mammogram and exam there. I was a little scared and didn't know what to expect. But all the staff, from the receptionist on back were so kind and explained everything carefully. They really understand how women think and how lonely and scary a breast exam can be for a woman alone.

Jodi Reno

I’ve been a patient over 10 years and they are always caring and make me feel comfortable.

Becky S Bowman

The best memory is when my biopsy results came back as dense fiber tissue not a tumor. I was very scared when they did the biopsy. But the doctor was very caring and reassuring.

Sandy McElhaney

A few years ago I had a biopsy of a lump done which happened to be on my husband’s birthday. I mentioned to the Doctor that the only thing I really hated about biopsies was the clicking sound they make, so when it came time to actually take the sample the Doctor and nurse started singing Happy Birthday pretty loudly. It still makes me chuckle!

Judith A weisgerber

My best memory is how Dr Kozlowski had an amazing way of relaxing me when my tests were questionable. I had a very bad experience many years ago with a mammogram somewhere else. Someone told me to go to KCBC for a second opinion. I met Dr K and just knew I had found the right place. She is thoughtful and caring and I have been coming back for over 20 years.

Pam French

I’ve been coming to KCBC a long time. My best memory is when the test came back and said I didn't have cancer.

Margaret Nelson

After receiving news that I needed to have additional testing from another facility, I was very concerned and scared. I didn’t want to wait two weeks. I contacted KCBC and they got me in the next day! Scan and biopsy the same day. KCBC gave me fast, professional care. Everyone was so supportive. Thank you.

Brenda McHone

I have gone there many years and not once have I had a complaint. Simply put - Professionals is how I would describe this group. I would recommend and have recommended KCBC to others.

Anderson Diane Stansberry

The surroundings & the people make you feel important each time you step in the building. The first time I went I was so scared but after I got there and talking with the staff I felt like I was in good hands. I’ve been a patient ever since, probably 15 years. Thank you KCBC

Peggy Crisp

The atmosphere of the office is fantastic. I like being comfortable in my surroundings and I am at KCBC.

Kimberly Whitman

After being diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine mammogram at another breast center, and not liking the way we were treated, we came to KCBC for a second opinion. What a difference! All day, while undergoing more testing and exams, my husband was able to stay with me and we were treated so kindly and compassionately by everyone we came in contact with. Questions were answered in a manner we could understand, a plan of action was outlined.

What had been a terrifying and confusing ordeal at the original breast center was replaced by a more positive outlook. We felt like we could breathe a bit. The nurses and doctors at KCBC cared for us and I will never forget the genuine concern and compassion we were shown. I share this every time someone asks me where I went when I was diagnosed and where I go now for my yearly ultrasound and mammogram. Thank you KCBC!

Glenna Breeden

They give you a personal experience even though they are a large place. I was impressed!

Terry Shumate

Where I went before they were not friendly. When I came to kcbc, I could tell that each person seemed to really care about me. Everyone at kcbc is so nice and courteous.

Kathy Lane

The staff is so kind and caring.

Patti Ely

The first time I came to KCBC, I didn't know what to think of having a mammogram. The ladies there were super nice and efficient. You just go from room to room and then you are all done. Love the experiences I have there and just the ease of getting my mammogram done. Thank you to all that work there and are so supportive.

Terry Richmond

Fast friendly service is what I like best in the ten years I’ve been coming. I don’t have to sit around for hours, thank you.

Linda Reaves

I am a 17 year breast cancer survivor and never knew about this KCBC’s bra fitting boutique. I appreciate all the help and assistance from them, especially their desire to help me. The kindness, knowledge and professionalism of all the staff is wonderful.

Rebecca Gail Davis

KCBC lowered my stress level when I had a biopsy I was talked through it and knew exactly what to expect and one lady kept rubbing my back and asking if I was all right. I felt they understood what I was going through. The results turned out to be similar to a skin tag instead of possible pre-cancerous. They let me know as soon as they got the results and care about each person even when the results are not serious. Thank you!


Rosalind Thompson

My first visit was wonderful because the staff made me feel so at ease and very special. Thank you.

Loretta Staufenbiel

With breast cancer in my family, I wanted to see the best. I’ve been going to KCBC over 7 years and always been treated great. Everyone is so pleasant.

Cynthia Fogleman

Without KCBC I would not have known I had breast cancer. Everyone there is so very nice. The options explained to me were covered thoroughly and I was able to choose the latest in treatment.

I went there with a friend for my yearly mammogram and was surprised to learn I had breast cancer. Dr. K guided me through my treatment. KCBC is the best!

Malinda Conger

Getting my first set of results at KCBC and the way the doctor spent time with me explaining them is what I remember most. It is very rare to have that kind of one on one interaction and care with a doctor.

Laura L. Ballinger

The first visit I made to the center I was impressed with the kind, caring and knowledgeable staff. I knew from that day forward I wouldn't go anywhere else. That’s been twenty years ago now. Happy birthday KCBC!

April Bennett

Thankfully, my best memories of KCBC are all hearing the words, "everything looks good, nothing to worry about."

Debra Dellinger

MY best memory would be the care you all gave my sister last year starting July 2017 when she was going through breast cancer. The care and love that was shown to my sister during this time was amazing. She is now in remission!! Praise the Lord.

Rhonda K. Strunk

The kindness in the way they treat me as patients is why I visit KCBC. Always smiling. And if given a bad report, they act as if you are family. They really care. Thank you.

Janet L. Elliott

From the beginning a mammogram at KCBC has been painless! Having a mammogram is not something to dread! Everyone I have encountered over the years has been professional and pleasant.

Elizabeth Emert

My best memory of KCBC was before I was actually a patient. I came in with a friend to support her while she had a biopsy, and her mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a mri and biopsy done at a local hospital the day before and had received a burn from it. I guess that I’m the only person that ever happened to, but I have the pictures to prove it. The KCBC staff gave me some ice and cream to put on the spot. That kindness and compassion that they showed me in 2008 before I was a patient is the reason I became a patient. I’ve been coming to KCBC ever since. Thanks!

Barbara McNeill

Good mammograms means I'm cancer free


Everyone is always so helpful and friendly when I am there for my yearly exam.

Misti Yaden

I was so nervous before my first visit last year. However, they took great care of me. You all are so friendly and comforting!

Cynthia Breeden King

Everyone always goes out of their way to treat you with total respect at KCBC. I’ve been going to them for 15 year, but about 3 years ago I had a cyst burst in my breast and had to come several times for an ultrasound. The lady doing the ultra sound was so nice and reassuring each time. Thank you

Iona Patrick

My first visit was the one I remember most, when KCBC was on PaperMill Rd. about 33-35 years ago. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the mammogram and exam and it was not too bad. Thank you

Kerry Kaufmann

I have a family history on both sides of my family with breast cancer! Lately there seems to be more and more of my friends and family either going through treatment or having scares! I am sooo thankful to the KCBC staff who make an already stressful checkup so easy! It is apparent that they always take our feelings and nervousness into account! All my visits so far have been the best!

Jamie Seal

How caring everyone is what I remember most about KCBC! They helped my mom when she was dealing with breast cancer and I know they are very thorough which is why they are my choice for screenings. Family is everything and early detection is so important. Thank you

Tammy L Bonza

On my first visit I couldn't believe how they treated me. I felt so special, like I was the only person they had to see that day!! That’s why I keep coming back after all these years. Thank you.

Michelle Posey

As a single mother of 2 boys, I didn’t want them to have to deal with having breast cancer again. My boys were 5 and 1.5 years old and were devastated the first time. So my best memory is getting the results that I didn’t have breast cancer in my other breast several years later. I have been a patient of KCBC for 10 years. The doctors there have kept me positive during this time. I am so grateful.

Elizabeth Galaba

I would never consider going anywhere else for my breast health. I had a minor scare in the 90's but KCBC was with me every step of the way. When you go through the different steps of your appointment, there is always someone there to take you to the next stop and answer any questions or concerns. You never feel rushed. They make you the focus of their attention when they are with you and treat you like a person, not just a number on a chart! You always know before you leave if there is a concern, not having to wait for the results. I was just chatting with friends/co-workers and their dread of going to get a mammogram because it hurt so much. I mentioned this at my next appointment and was told “it doesn’t have to hurt to be effective”. So true. Thanks for all you do for us!

Grace Heaton

The staff is always so friendly and helpful! Even on my first visit, I remember many staff members going out of their way to make sure I was comfortable and informed throughout my visit! I am always very welcomed and that has been a plus to every visit.

I do not enjoy going to doctor appointments, but the friendliness and support of the staff at KCBC has been a highlight of every visit.

Lisa Bush

My best memory is the top quality care and attention I receive when I go to KCBC. Everyone is very professional and very kind. I have had 5-6 mammograms over the past years and every visit is exceptional. I picked this memory because great service means a lot to me.

Peggy Richardson

Several years ago I had to have a biopsy, results came back OK. This made me realize just how important mammograms are and I never miss my yearly exam (17 years and counting). Thankful to have such wonderful doctors and nurses at KCBC!

Sharon Dexter

You truly care about women. I used the mobile mammography bus this year after 8 years of coming into the office. With travel and the mammogram combined, it took less than an hour out of my day. I appreciate you making it easier for women to take of themselves by offering mobile mammography. Thank you

Kristina Bringle

The people at KCBC is what I remember most!

KCBC found a suspicious mass on my right breast this past spring. I was 39 years old and three kids at home. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in her late 30’s so there was a lot of initial anxiety.

The staff at KCBC showed true compassion. They were so patient with my many questions and made sure I knew I was in their thoughts and prayers. The process of getting multiple scans on various machines, like ultrasound and breast CT and finally a stereotactic biopsy, can stress and overwhelm most people. But KCBC helped me through the situation with as much comfort as possible. I will always remember their passion for what they do every day and the support they provide so many women.

Rhonda Guyton

The care they gave me when I felt a lump in my breast was memorable. They got me in right away and did all the testing I needed in one visit. I was really scared when I got there and by the time I left I had peace of mind that everything was going to be okay.

Heather Johnson

My best memory of KCBC is the first time I went it was amazing how well I was treated. The staff at KCBC was helpful and caring

Ruthie Powell

I had to get an ultrasound after mammogram and was extremely nervous, but the Ultrasound Tech put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. Thanks KCBC!

Betty Ruth Faulkner

My best memory is when the Dr Forsberg told me my problem was not cancer. I could have just kissed him. Y'all are so awesome and helpful.

Donna Patrick

I had many questions and they were patient and through. I felt they are very understanding of women’s needs. They are kind and caring.

Sandy Ange

Meeting Dr K 35 years ago was the best!

She was pregnant with her youngest & still had the energy and enthusiasm to show my husband her new office @ Papermill. It was exciting to know women could self-refer to such a qualified Practitioner as she. The impression Dr K made on me that evening has continued strongly through these years. She has cared for me, my family members and numerous friends I referred.

Jennifer Kite

When I was told that something was different on my scans that they wanted to check out, it was a very scary situation. However, the staff at KCBC was very through and helpful, especially Mindy Shultz-Fee (she is always friendly and eager to help), Dr. Wunderlich, Dr. Brigg, Dr. Webber, and Dr. Meyer. They are all very professional. They kept me informed in everything that has happened and don't keep you on pins and needles waiting for results like most medical offices do. I have been coming to KCBC for around 10 years and will never go anywhere else. I love KCBC and will recommend them to anyone.

Debra Lynn Lambert

On one of my visits to KCBC there was a spot they were concerned about and wanted to do further testing. I was nervous and they were so kind and thoughtful and had my mother in law come in and sit with me while we were waiting. I also hadn't eaten and they gave me a pack of crackers and soft drink and just kept checking on me. Everyone at KCBC has always been so kind and thoughtful. It was their kindness when I was worried that I remember. I’m always recommending KCBC to my friends.

Eileen Darden

Having any test done can be fearful, especially when there is a family history. As many of us know, having a mammogram can be painful. The staff at KCBC taught me a technique to have no pain during the mammogram. It’s a technique that I can use for the rest of my life. At KCBC, they look at you as an individual and sincerely care about you. I’ve been going to KCBC for ten years or more and the is always respectful and caring. Thanks KCBC, you all are the best. Happy Birthday KCBC!

Nancy Peters

Treated like royalty and given all the time I needed to get my questions answered every time I come. I've been getting mammograms for more than 15 years and my first visit to KCBC was the first time I ever was treated so well.

Jill Gibson

The first time I went to KCBC is my best memory because I was scared I had cancer. But they went over my results with me and explained everything thoroughly that day. It put me at ease. Thank you.

Melissa Chadwell

For 5 years, I’ve been coming to KCBC because of their friendly staff, great location, and how calming it is during an anxious exam.

Stephanie Huckeby

Everyone is so kind and helpful! I experience it year after year too, I wouldn't go any other place!!

Melody Ann Ibsen

Rachel was Dr Webber’s nurse....she always reassured me and was always nice to me when I had questions or I was scared

Kimberly Bradshaw

My first experience with KCBC was last October 6th 2017. I came in for a screening mammogram during Mission Mammography. I instantly fell in love with the atmosphere of the office. Once my mammogram was completed, my aunt and I left. We hadn't made it far before I got a call that something had showed up. I returned on Monday October 9th and had a ultrasound & biopsy done.

Dr. Brown was absolutely amazing to me as she told me it was more than likely cancer. She held my hand while I cried & even explained everything in great detail to my husband & myself. On October 10th I received a call from Dr Brown that it was in fact Breast Cancer & again she helped me stay calm & answered all my questions that I had. In the following weeks I had numerous tests done & got an appointment with Dr Webber who is one of KCBC’s breast surgeons.

He is 1 of the best, most friendliest down to earth Doctors I have ever met. Dr Webber & the KCBC staff explained my options & helped me get my insurance set up & referred me to Dr Brig my Oncologist. I have since completed Chemo, had a double mastectomy, & completed 6 weeks of radiation. I'm currently still getting Immunology Infusions & working on Reconstruction. I decided to share to help someone else. I'm so grateful for the staff of KCBC. I highly recommend all of my friends to KCBC as they have an amazing staff and wonderful doctors.

Betsy elliott

KCBC came into my life when I was diagnosed with “the beast” in 2014. This journey was guided by Dr. Webber and his entire office—so supportive. Laura was especially helpful with all my questions during breast “c” procedures. (Our family doesn’t honor the “c” beast with even spelling it out nor calling its name.). I’ve had several procedures at KCBC and was WELL taken care of. My favorite memory, believe it or not, was visiting the KCBC Unique Boutique and getting fitted for a prosthesis and bras! Jennifer was SO VERY empathetic and caring and she and Sharon had me laughing HYSTERICALLY with some personal stories. Girlfriends, I won’t divulge those on a public platform. 🤣. God gave me peace and calm through my entire journey and He blessed me with the KCBC staff.

I picked this memory, because Jennifer turned a potentially very stressful situation into a pleasant “shopping” event!

I’ve been coming to KCBC since I was first diagnosed in 2014.

Barbara Farmer

My best memory was at my first appointment when it was confirmed I was okay.

Lucinda Dawn Martin

I have had 2 mammograms and a bone density and the technician made me feel very comfortable and explained everything she was going to do in detail. I didn't feel like a patient. She was very caring and I felt that she really enjoyed what she does. She made me feel more like a friend 🙂

I was made to feel very comfortable and it was pain free. I have had previous mammograms that were very painful and at KCBC that wasn't the case, so therefore this is a memory I will never forget.

Shannon Seaton

My best memory of KCBC is going and speaking directly to the doctor immediately after my ultrasound. It was one of the more stressful days of my life, but she was kind and reassuring. Thank you.

Jennifer Hamrick

Hitting the mark after my cancer journey of coming in once a year, instead of twice a year is my best memory. To mark the occasion, my husband bought me a necklace from the boutique. He and my baby girl came with me. Thank you

Tami Millwood

Every time that I have come in, everyone has been so helpful and kind. Even the time I came in and was concerned about pain they put my fears to rest quickly. I was very worried because breast cancer runs in my family and I was afraid of what they might fine, but they calmed my fears before, during and of course after the test came back confirming there was no worries. Thank you KCBC!

Marian Rockholt

I was planning a move from Wisconsin to Knoxville, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October, 2017. I had surgery while I was still in Wisconsin and made the move to Knoxville in January 2018. I was fearful of having to find a new health care team in the Knoxville area, but was very excited when I discovered KCBC. I contacted them before my move and the staff was so warm and welcoming. They were very accommodating and understanding of my situation, and immediately scheduled appointments for me. They assisted in getting the necessary medical records transferred. I felt confident that when I arrived in Knoxville, I would be well taken care of! I had an appointment with Dr. Webber in January and I still recall sitting in his office looking up at the sign which reads (not sure of exact words): “No problem is too big for God --not even cancer.” I knew I was in the right place. Thank you for such outstanding care and Happy Birthday!

Gloria Jean Sweeney

I was treated with kindness and consideration as a valuable individual and not just another number run through the mill.

When you are diagnosed with breast cancer your whole world comes tumbling down. When I first visited KCBC the doctors explained clearly my options, the risks, and kindly explained to me that my life was not over. With the wonderful treatment I received I have been able to lead a productive life cancer free for over 13 years.

Teresa Barnes

Before I started coming here, I was a nervous wreck. My previous mammogram place left me fearing to even have this life saving test. I was called back almost every year needlessly. And the communication was very bad; no one could answer my questions.

Then I was told about KCBC. What a life changing experience! My first visit to KCBC was wonderful! I was treated like a guest in a resort. The greatest part was getting my results before I left. I actually cried tears of joy because I was treated so good. Now this is the only place I will ever come for my mammograms. Thank you KCBC! Happy Birthday and God bless you!

Sherri Register

I’ve been coming to KCBC for 3 years and it is the kindness and how I am treated that keeps me going back.

Julia F Rivera

My mother had breast cancer and died of the disease when I was just a child. After her death two of my siblings developed cancers that were linked to breast cancer. Because of the family health history I am considered at high-risk for breast cancer. I’ve been a screening patient for approximately 22 years. I started going to that facility upon the recommendation of a co-worker.

About three years ago MRI was added to my annual screening examination which had already included ultrasound, manual breast examination and mammography. The techs and doctors are very patient, considerate and professional at KCBC.

The added screening procedure of MRI gave me greater assurance of a correct diagnosis. The staff at KCBC always speak words of encouragement that make me feel that my well-being is of most importance as though I was their only patient. I’ve never experienced any pain, discomfort nor anxiety during any of the screening procedures. Results of the multiple procedures are conveyed to me very quickly so that I don’t have several days of waiting.

Kristie Welch

They are nice every time.

Frances Mary Hopp

I was told by a friend if I wanted good knowledgeable medical specialists taking care of me and my concerns I had with my breasts at the time, then I should go to KCBC in Knoxville. Dr. Wunderlich & Dr. Weber was with me all the way through my lobular carcinoma in-situ. Thank God! My life changed at that point & time. I had two separate procedures in two yrs. I am now ten yrs. cancer-free. The compassion, care & attention they showed me was phenomenal! I could never have received that kind of professionalism had I gone anywhere else. I have peace of mind now, but still think I could have died a long & painful death ten years ago. I will never go anywhere else but KCBC. Thank you KCBC from the bottom of my heart!

Melissa Barnes

Everyone there has always been extremely friendly and personal, treating you like family and not just a "Boob" (no pun intended! 😂). Also you serve with excellence. As a patient who has breast cancer on both sides of my family, the extra sensitivity to my worries means a lot and takes the stress and dread out of the visit. I am grateful to have KCBC available to me! Blessings!

Stacy Watson

Along with a mammogram, I also have an ultrasound each year. After the tech finished my ultrasound, she went out to talk to the doctor. When she came back in she said that I would not have to wait much longer, the doctor was doing a biopsy. I totally thought that she meant the doctor was going to do a biopsy on me! The look on my face let the tech know that I was alarmed and she said oh it won’t take long at all! My reply was, “is it going to hurt?” She apologized and said no she is doing a biopsy right now on someone else and will read your ultrasound when she is finished!! Relief and laughter followed!

Pamela Powers

My best memory from KCBC is the first time I came for a mammogram. I was very nervous and scared. Everyone I encountered from check in to check out was so kind and professional. Every step of the process was explained to me and that really helped me feel more comfortable about having my mammogram and ultrasound. I still don't like having a mammogram, but I don't experience the fear and dread that I use to feel.

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