​It's our birthday!  

So to celebrate we asked our patients to write us a memory to be drawn for one of 35 prizes.  

​Although the contest has ended, keep scrolling to read the entries and see pictures from our birthday bash!

Thank you for 35 wonderful years!

​Our Grand Prize Winner!

​35 for 35 wishes:

Tammy Robbins

I’ve been going to KCBC for 13 years. The best part is getting my results the same day as my mammogram and ultrasound.

Dorothy S Cox

When I moved here from Ga. I was on Cobra. When it expired I had to get insurance for myself and for 2 years I had an exclusion on my breast because I had cyst on my breast. I went to a specialist because my sister had to have a mastectomy. So for 2 years I had to pay cash. The billing person tried to get in-network pricing through my Cobra. It didn’t work, but the thought of her even trying was so nice coming from Atlanta. I sure did not expect that caring and kindness. That memory sticks out to me over the last 16 or 17 years of coming to KCBC.

Katherine Morgan

When I had an abnormal mammogram, I made an appointment at KCBC. With my high risk for breast cancer, I was of course very nervous. My appointment was with Dr. Brown and she put me at ease. She did a biopsy and it was clear of cancer. It was such a relief that I was clear, made a promise to myself that I would never put off my Breast Health again. I go every six months to be checked with a mammogram and MRI. The staff and Doctors at KCBC have always been kind, courteous, and very helpful which is always a positive experience.

Today it is very hard to find loving, caring, and courteous people. KCBC is that place. I can't figure out how they have found so many wonderful people to work at the clinic. Breast health is not always an easy experience for women, but KCBC makes the experience easier. I can never say enough good things about the care I have received at KCBC.

My first appointment to KCBC for approximately 15 years ago. I have tried other clinics in the past because I live so far away from Knoxville, but I have decided that KCBC is the place I will go from now on. The care is unbeatable.

Kadie Kerley

I’m thankful the lady that registered me calmed me down before I went back. When I was done with all the exams, she met me and gave me the biggest hug. I just cried because it’s rare you find good people like that.

Brenda L Ralston

I can NOT imagine going to another facility to have my mammogram. Everyone is good at their job, friendly, confident, and professional. You are such a great crew of people. I don't dread having my checkup. I’ve been a patient for 30 years and tell everyone how important KCBC is to my life and health.

Carla Ponder

The very best memory is how many of my friends have had breast cancer that KCBC detected. You saved the lives of many dear friends and now we go on to make many more wonderful memories together!!! It touches my heart and soul that these friends are still with me to enjoy life!!

Vickie Rester

I was sent to KCBC by my primary care physician after being concerned about a lump. It was very much appreciated that I was able to have several test and get the results all in one day. A lot of places you have to wait 2 weeks or more for results. THANK YOU for all you do!

Christina Moore

Sitting in the waiting room talking with other women is one of the best parts of KCBC. It’s nice to meet other women and talk and encourage each other especially when doing something as uncomfortable and nerve wracking as a mammogram.

Becky S Bowman

The best memory is when my biopsy results came back as dense fiber tissue not a tumor. I was very scared when they did the biopsy. But the doctor was very caring and reassuring.

Diane Jeanne Behtz

The first class treatment and professional staff is what I love the most. I have been going for 16 years now. I have met women from states all around and I personally travel 1.5 hours to come for my visits.

Julie Turgeon

I had the best surgeon and staff one could ask for. I was scared and needed reassurance. They stepped up to the plate and took me in and explained everything in detail to me.

Deloris Sharlene Trent

After having two questionable mammograms, I had a biopsy scheduled at KCBC on Monday morning. Many prayers were prayed for me over the weekend. On Monday, many tests were done at KCBC, but no biopsy had been performed by the afternoon. Then the doctor came in, showed test results to me, and stated that no biopsy was recommended because the suspicious cells were not present! I was treated so well and so compassionately that I will never forget it! It was a faith-building, life-changing experience. Thank you KCBC for treating me so well for over twenty years!

Susan Sharp

8 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 39. KCBC helped me feel in charge at a time when I felt I had lost all control. The staff educated me about the diagnosis.

Paula Fortson

Their professionalism and positive attitude is the best part. I’ve had so many mammograms at other places and most that I remember were sterile and cold. I was just one in a long line for the day. Not at KCBC, everyone is always polite, smiling and interested in you.

Sherry Jordan

I like knowing my results before I leave. The staff is always friendly and understanding. Just knowing that they care, puts you at ease. I recommend KCBC to all of my friends and family.

Jill Gibson

The first time I went to KCBC is my best memory because I was scared I had cancer. But they went over my results with me and explained everything thoroughly that day. It put me at ease. Thank you.

Georgia Steele

I am very grateful of KCBC’s wonderful staff who evaluated me after an initial scan. The thoroughness of the exams, multiple exams-even through an exhausting day-- lead to a final diagnosis. It was a pivotal moment that changed my life. This has been a long journey, but one that was well guided by your staff.

Sherri Register

I’ve been coming to KCBC for 3 years and it is the kindness and how I am treated that keeps me going back.

Patsy Whitlow

The KCBC employees are very caring. I’ve been a patient over 20 years and unfortunately employees aren’t always as compassionate when I go to other doctor’s office so I appreciate them.

Laura Selby

From the first visit I was so impressed with the "Total" care given. One visit, with a complete workup and treatment that very day. It is the most important reason for being a patient of yours. Thank you KCBC!

Pamela Powers

My best memory from KCBC is the first time I came for a mammogram. I was very nervous and scared. Everyone I encountered from check in to check out was so kind and professional. Every step of the process was explained to me and that really helped me feel more comfortable about having my mammogram and ultrasound. I still don't like having a mammogram, but I don't experience the fear and dread that I use to feel.

Christa Mueller

Not being diagnosed with breast cancer is my best memory.


Everyone is always so helpful and friendly when I am there for my yearly exam.

Lisa T Wyatt

After having to have repeat mammograms, I decided to try KCBC. It is well worth my time to have my annual mammogram with KCBC and know when I leave the results of each screening. The staff is efficient and so caring to all that enter the facility.

Iona Patrick

My first visit was the one I remember most, when KCBC was on PaperMill Rd. about 33-35 years ago. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the mammogram and exam and it was not too bad. Thank you

Julia Marie Cooper

I was referred by my primary physician about 15 years ago for an abnormal mammogram. I was alone and scared about the possible results. I met an older lady in the waiting room who just started a conversation. She shared with me her story of breast cancer and how awesome the employees and doctors of KCBC truly are. I felt the same way when I left. That lady was my angel that day and settled my fears along with a good report. I have never forgotten her and I thank God he sent her.

Nancy Curtis

The compassion I felt from the staff the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer is my best memory of KCBC. I had no idea where to turn and I was immediately referred to Dr. Weber. It was a devastating time in my life but God has been with me all the way. That was 8 years ago this November. God bless all of you for the work you do.

Julia F Rivera

My mother had breast cancer and died of the disease when I was just a child. After her death two of my siblings developed cancers that were linked to breast cancer. Because of the family health history I am considered at high-risk for breast cancer. I’ve been a screening patient for approximately 22 years. I started going to that facility upon the recommendation of a co-worker.

About three years ago MRI was added to my annual screening examination which had already included ultrasound, manual breast examination and mammography. The techs and doctors are very patient, considerate and professional at KCBC.

The added screening procedure of MRI gave me greater assurance of a correct diagnosis. The staff at KCBC always speak words of encouragement that make me feel that my well-being is of most importance as though I was their only patient. I’ve never experienced any pain, discomfort nor anxiety during any of the screening procedures. Results of the multiple procedures are conveyed to me very quickly so that I don’t have several days of waiting.

Sherry klundt

I had no insurance. However, they found a way to see. Every time I’ve been, the it has been quick and the people are helpful and nice.

Kate Carroll

My first visit when I was referred to KCBC for a large lump in my right breast and was treated with such kindness and reassurance the whole staff was wonderful is my best memory. I was scared to death and treated with respect and reassured which put me and my family at ease 😊

It’s been 9 years and I won’t go anywhere else. Thank you!

Debbye Bouldin

When I was told that they had found a nodule in my breast and I had to come back for further testing was the hard because I was so scare and afraid. Then the doctor took me in this room to talk to me and I was told it was nothing. I was so relieved and happy and that was the best memory. I know when I go to KCBC I’m in the best hands I could possibly be in. If there is a problem I know I’m at the best place to take care of it. That’s why I’ve been a patient for over 15 years. Thank you.

Phyllis Booth

The sweet lady who did my exam is what I remember. It’s because she believed me when the machine actually hurt. She was compassionate and did her best to prevent it from happening on the other side. I appreciate it because she believed I wasn’t just being a baby.

Staci Daganhardt

The people there are over and above nice to make you feel comfortable!

Mary Jane Mahaley

I was referred by a nurse and she just raved about KCBC. This was good news to me because we had just moved here after traveling all around the country with my husband’s job. Everyone was so very friendly and very efficient. I felt secure & knew I was in good hands. Then when I walked around the waiting room I saw Dolly’s picture & knew I had picked the right place. Just made me smile!

Susan Greene

This was my first experience at KCBC and what impressed me the most was the ease of the process from start to finish. There was not much wasted time. I appreciate them valuing my time too. Thank you

Mary Carol Condie

How patient and kind the employees have been to me over the years is what I remember most.

Robin Fuson

My mother and I have been coming to KCBC for many years and have gotten nothing less than the best service and friendly staff. Through the 20 years or more of being a patient, I’ve had a couple of biopsies and each procedure was handled professionally and with much care. Thank you.

Mona K. Burke

I was there to have a MRI. Lady doing this made me feel so comfortable. Keep me updated on everything during the whole procedure. She was great and made it not scary.

Carolyn Bush Roddy

When KCBC told me I was/am cancer free was my best memory.

Frances Mary Hopp

I was told by a friend if I wanted good knowledgeable medical specialists taking care of me and my concerns I had with my breasts at the time, then I should go to KCBC in Knoxville. Dr. Wunderlich & Dr. Weber was with me all the way through my lobular carcinoma in-situ. Thank God! My life changed at that point & time. I had two separate procedures in two yrs. I am now ten yrs. cancer-free. The compassion, care & attention they showed me was phenomenal! I could never have received that kind of professionalism had I gone anywhere else. I have peace of mind now, but still think I could have died a long & painful death ten years ago. I will never go anywhere else but KCBC. Thank you KCBC from the bottom of my heart!

Leslie Street

The kindness of Dr. Kozlowski when I was initially diagnosed and her words to me.."you will make it through this" will always stay with me. Her genuine kindness and words have been with me all these years.

Lea Ann Lunsford

The first time I came in for a mammogram I didn’t know it’s probably best not to bring your children and I brought my 6 month old. When it came time to get my mammogram he was crying and I was stressed out. One of the nurses was so nice and held and rocked my son right out the door so I could hear them while I got checked out.

It was a small gesture but it meant a lot to me as a new mom. That was years ago and I still remember it and I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my mammograms.

Sandy Ange

Meeting Dr K 35 years ago was the best!

She was pregnant with her youngest & still had the energy and enthusiasm to show my husband her new office @ Papermill. It was exciting to know women could self-refer to such a qualified Practitioner as she. The impression Dr K made on me that evening has continued strongly through these years. She has cared for me, my family members and numerous friends I referred.

Elizabeth Lynne Testerman

My very first visit to KCBC was in February 2011, it was a life changing appointment. I needed a second opinion after receiving the news that I had breast cancer. Three different people recommended Dr. Webber and KCBC. Dr. Webber agreed to see me the next day, and Dr Kozlowski and her staff worked me in that same day since I was coming from Bristol, 2 hours away. I was treated compassionately and received top notch care. Not only did they confirm my diagnosis, but with a MRI ( which I had asked for at home and was told was unnecessary) and another ultrasound and biopsy, Dr. Kozlowski and her team found 2 additional cancerous tumors! My first visit to KCBC helped save my life. Dr. Webber, Dr Kozlowski and Dr Brig have provided excellent care and I am coming up on my 8th year and I am healthy and no evidence of disease. I will always make that 2 hour drive for all of my breast related healthcare. KCBC is an excellent facility and the doctors and staff are the best!

Karen Rohde

I love how professional and kind all of the employees are. I also appreciate waiting for my results and having an answer before I leave the building. I am so glad I switched to KCBC for my breast health.

Marian Rockholt

I was planning a move from Wisconsin to Knoxville, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October, 2017. I had surgery while I was still in Wisconsin and made the move to Knoxville in January 2018. I was fearful of having to find a new health care team in the Knoxville area, but was very excited when I discovered KCBC. I contacted them before my move and the staff was so warm and welcoming. They were very accommodating and understanding of my situation, and immediately scheduled appointments for me. They assisted in getting the necessary medical records transferred. I felt confident that when I arrived in Knoxville, I would be well taken care of! I had an appointment with Dr. Webber in January and I still recall sitting in his office looking up at the sign which reads (not sure of exact words): “No problem is too big for God --not even cancer.” I knew I was in the right place. Thank you for such outstanding care and Happy Birthday!

Barbara Bolton

I know the first time I ever came there I was totally scared to death, but everyone there was just like an angel to me and made me feel comfortable. I was coming to see the doctor and set up my breast surgery. He is a wonderful doctor and prayed with me each time we talked about my surgery and at surgery. It’s a wonderful place to be when you find out you have breast cancer.

Madonna Martin

Your center stands out from the typical doctor’s office. Every year, I am astounded to encounter so many kind and professional staff. I think I have been coming every one of the 35 years!

Kimberly D Sherrod

I have only been to KCBC for the first time last December! It had been a few years since I had been to have my screening done but after an aunt and a cousin in my Mother's side we're diagnosed, I knew I needed to be checked!

I was pleasantly surprised with the atmosphere being so calming! I also loved how the choice of decor made you feel relaxed, especially the lady shoes and purse quilt, which made you feel so home and comfortable! I'll be soon making my appointment for this year! 😊

Candace Giger

They saved my life.

Dr Kozlowski continued to monitor an area in my right breast over the course of several years, and almost as soon as it became cancerous, got me into treatment, surgery, and radiation therapy. Everyone there was and is so very kind and considerate of my feelings. I truly think they saved my life!

Most frightening and most grateful! Their professionalism and compassion impresses me every time I see them and that's been over 20 years!

Pamela Green

My best memory in the 14 years I’ve been going to KCBC is how calm the staff made me feel when I was there for my biopsy. I was so anxious about the procedure as well as the results. My husband wasn't able to go with me for the procedure and the staff was absolutely wonderful! Thank you

Vicki Taylor

The first time I had a visit ten years ago, I had been scared to death that I really had breast cancer. I had cried and fretted for about a week. I was so nervous. The lady taking my images stopped right in the middle of my test and took my hand as I was crying and said to me. You might not have cancer BUT if you do we are going to do everything to take care of you. I stopped crying and felt a peace come over me. They removed a cyst and all was good. I will never go anywhere else.

Raellen Simpson

I have had 3 breast MRI's and the first two I struggled with nausea and some side effects after. During my last MRI, my tech went above and beyond to help figure out the best way to reduce the side effects. What she did worked! She was so kind and really helped walk me through step by step what she was doing. I felt fine the entire time and great after. Only being 35 and knowing I have several MRI's ahead of me I am blessed for this experience and put my full trust in KCBC.

This was a huge impact on me. I would dread MRI's for days until this last MRI. Now I know I can have an MRI and feel confident that I will be fine.

Regina Kay Koger

I had just brought home a foster child that had special needs, my mother and I had an appointment scheduled and I had to bring her with me. We weren’t sure how we were going to handle it but with the help of your staff they took care of her. This just shows how caring and kind your employees are.

It was just a special day to know there is still caring people that you can trust. I still have my special little girl and she will be 9 in September and we have got to adopt her. I look forward to the day I can bring her with me and she can experience the caring staff when she starts to have her test.

Nancie Gunter

I feel comfortable going to KCBC. I know that I am getting the best of care and everyone is so nice and professional. I also like getting my results before I leave and not having to make a 2 hour drive back to Knoxville.

You always dread getting your mammogram done because of the fear of the unknown and KCBC does their best to take the stress out of this experience and it helps not to have to wait long periods.

Five years.

Leslie Cook

It stands out in my mind how friendly, helpful and caring each staff member is, whether you are signing in, scheduling an appointment, answering your questions, taking you to each area, or making you feel comfortable during scans. This has been true for each and every visit over the past 15 years too.

Linda Gog

The staff is compassionate and caring. They have seen it all.

Linda Mefford

Great care in very stressful time, that's what I know about KCBC. Thank you!

Nancy Peters

Treated like royalty and given all the time I needed to get my questions answered every time I come. I've been getting mammograms for more than 15 years and my first visit to KCBC was the first time I ever was treated so well.

Susan M Earl

Compassion of everyone, especially when second opinions are required is my best memory of KCBC.

Teresa Guy

No one really likes getting a mammogram, but I had always heard great things about you, and I would have to say, that I was treated well, and a procedure that is inherently uncomfortable, was made to be as pleasant as possible. Keep up the good work KCBC! Here's to 35 more.

Patricia LaHote

For an event that most women don't like to do, KCBC makes it a very pleasant experience. I cannot pick just one event because every time I visit KCBC, it is a nice visit. All the employees treat you with respect and are very nice. It is like visiting with old friends. The techs do whatever they can to make you comfortable and no pain. They are efficient and fast. I very rarely have to wait past my appointment. KCBC maintains their schedule to a tee.

Melissa Harper

Always friendly and courteous staff, professional demeanor, and excellent patient rapport!!! HIGHLY recommend!

Always competent, both on the phone as well as during my appointment. Given reassurance and answered all my questions appropriately. Treated my like a lady and not a number or another statistic.

1 year

Edith Weldon

The kindness & gentleness of the tech's is what I remember because that’s the way they are.

I’m 67 and KCBC is the only breast center I’ve been to in my life.

Elizabeth Brown

I was very nervous about having my first mammogram, and then a biopsy, but the staff and at KCBC put me at ease with their matter-of-fact explanations and friendly care. For some reason I thought a mammogram was a scary procedure before actually experiencing one there.

Kand Shumate

My first visit to KCBC is my Best Memory. My Mother and I both had an appointment. We are both handicapped and have trouble walking. Going to UT, Tennova, Fort Sanders or Park West I may get to park in Handicap parking, but I still have such a long walk. At KCBC, I actually get handicap parking and a short walk. Once we arrived at the reception’s desk, we were greeted so friendly. From the moment we walked in the door until we checked out, we were made to feel comfortable and treated so friendly. Since then, My Mother and I have seen no one else for mammograms.

Carletta Rightler

My best memories of KCBC are how caring the staff is and how quickly I received my results. I have been going to KCBC for several years and I still receive the best care.

Shirley Jean Batson

When I had my MRI this year I was terrified of being in the MRI machine. I am so scared of being in tight places. The MRI tech was so sweet to me; she talked to me and blew oxygen on my face so that I could breathe better. I can't believe that I made it through and I would not have if she had not cared enough to help me. This experience just made me appreciate KCBC so much more.

Pamela Sanderson

My best memory is the kind and considerate staff, how thorough you are and the quickness of the results. I moved from Michigan three years ago and the past places I’ve had my mammograms done had long wait times and multiple visits to get results. That didn’t occur with you folks.

Lisa Bush

My best memory is the top quality care and attention I receive when I go to KCBC. Everyone is very professional and very kind. I have had 5-6 mammograms over the past years and every visit is exceptional. I picked this memory because great service means a lot to me.

Betty Jo Carrier

I have been coming to KCBC for 29 years. I began on February 24, 1989. We travel from Abingdon, VA which is approximately 240 miles round trip. When we get older, we like to say we are going on a day trip.

I picked this memory because, at the age of 50, I felt like I had found the breast center which possessed love for their patients and the care that I wanted. I had a questionable diagnosis by my gynecologist in Abingdon, VA. He wanted to wait six months before doing another mammogram. I was uncomfortable to wait six months so I contacted another gynecologist. He referred me to your wonderful facility, and I have never looked back.

Everyone at KCBC is so efficient, professional and welcoming to the patients. I have noticed that the staff is not in a hurry and always are concerned with everyone's well-being. My best memory of Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center is the kindness and caring of the entire staff, not just the doctors.

Sharon Kreis

I always know that I can come for my mammograms and ultrasound that I require and everything is completed before I leave KCBC. Knowing that the process is done and is performed by a professional and caring staff start to finish is important.

It has been many years since I started to come to KCBC. I lived in Crossville and the drive to Knoxville because it is worth it to me.

Margaret Richardson

In the 25 years of coming to the office and before that the bus at my workplace, what I remember most is the lady who stayed with me and calmed me just after my diagnosis while another went to the parking lot to get my husband. I was very scared and she did just the right thing to calm me. Thank you.

Darci Scherbak

I was a little nervous this year coming in to get my (6th) annual mammogram, as my mom's breast cancer from 22yr ago has returned this year. I came into the KCBC lobby and felt like it was a better place to be right away, then saw the Dolly shoes and picture in the display and smiled - she's such a great and inspirational person! I felt a little extra boost to get through my morning. The staff, of course, were completely sweet and professional.

Kimberly C Shubert

The kind and compassionate care that I received when I had to have an ultrasound is my best memory. I was scared and the staff took care of me.

Alice Farr

Started going to you 35 years ago when I was 30 and have gone with you throughout your moves. Thank you

Glenna Breeden

They give you a personal experience even though they are a large place. I was impressed!

Melissa Barnes

Everyone there has always been extremely friendly and personal, treating you like family and not just a "Boob" (no pun intended! 😂). Also you serve with excellence. As a patient who has breast cancer on both sides of my family, the extra sensitivity to my worries means a lot and takes the stress and dread out of the visit. I am grateful to have KCBC available to me! Blessings!

Brenda McHone

I felt like I could trust this place and it was comforting. I feel like Dr. Kozlowski really cared.

Faith Evans

Every time I go there the staff are always nice and helpful. My experiences are wonderful, very organized and helpful. I am treated as a person, not a number. It's like being a part of a family. I recommend KCBC to everyone. I love it!

Jennifer L Collins

How nice all the staff are and getting quick results is my favorite part of KCBC.

Iva Melissa Lee

I had put off my mammograms for too long when I finally went to KCBC. Walking into a lobby that didn't seem sterile or frigid I felt very comfortable, like going to an old friend's home. It gave me a reassurance that KCBC was the right place for me. The staff made me feel like I had always been a client.

It was an amazing first time experience. And returning has always been a comfortable visit. I would and always do, suggest KCBC to all my female friends. You all ROCK!

Linda Brown

Dr. George Webber and Laura were so kind to me when I was so scared. I’ve been a patient since 2002 and that is my best memory.

Betty Taylor

The friendly staff and the doctor are very informative. I like getting my results the same day of my appointment. I went home happy with good results!

Kristi Beeler

The KCBC staff is wonderful at every visit. It makes the entire experience a little less awkward. Thank you.

Suzy Gunter

My first ever mammogram was last Fall. The feeling of reassurance and compassion provided by KCBC staff at my first mammogram was amazing. Our family has a history of breast cancer and I was terrified of the procedure. The staff treated me with respect and compassion. I have encouraged family and friends to use KCBC for their individual needs.

Gail Rines

The friendly staff in a stressful time

It just makes ur visit more bearable

At least 10 years

Pamela K Dalton

Knowing you have cancer is a scary thing but any time I have been to KCBC they treat you as if you are the only person there. They have great compassion and I have always been treated with respect and care.

Carol Bolin

2001 I found a lump that was growing. My PCP called Lexington(I live in KY) to schedule a mammogram and they made my appointment for two months later. I was scared and didn't want to wait two months. A friend of a friend told me about KCBC and when I called on Friday the receptionist apologized that they could not see me until Wednesday (5 days from the day I called). Wednesday was a bad day but was made better by the staff who were very caring. Breast cancer is a scary thing but it is good to know that KCBC is leading in knowledge, technology, and care. THANK YOU KCBC for 35 years!

Johnney Estep

The first time I came, maybe 1987 or so, I brought my mother and continued to come back year after year. The best memory is the kindness of the staff. It is so important to me. Thank you

Jearl Carlton

My first visit was several years ago. I was really anxious about my visit. The reason was because my Mother and older sister have had breast cancer and one breast removed. After my annual checkup with my doctor, he told me because of family history, he wanted me to go to KCBC for my exam.

I live in Crossville and I knew no one in Knoxville at that time. When I entered your building, I felt a sense of calm and all the employees were very helpful and relieved any tense moments for me. The exam was not painful and shortly I was notified that I did not have a problem. The next year I received the same kind of treatment. Also, I am hearing impaired and the staff was very patient in repeating any question I had. I am now 80 years old and plan to have my exam there every year.

Carla Brown

My best memories of KCBC are the welcoming smiles, the kindness and the respect given to patients, and the feeling of well-being that I get when I am undergoing the tests. I’ve been a patient since the early 90's and it becomes apparent that this practice is being run by women for women. It establishes a feeling that one is not going to have a negative experience no matter what the outcome. Thank you

Linda Vick

My first visit at KCBC is what I remember most because of how nice everyone was to me. It is the reason I continue to be a patient. Thank you.

Lisa S. Silverman

I so appreciate how readily accessible the physicians are to answering my questions at KCBC. The entire staff is so friendly and sensitive. Those are the reasons I’ve been coming to KCBC since 2013.

Tina Michelle Webb

Coming there for the 1st time and being worried to death, but leaving there with answers and knowing everything was going to be ok is what I remember most.

Michele Goad

The first time I was nervous because I didn't know what to expect. Everyone there was so nice and made everything quick and easy. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Catherine Martin

My best memory of KCBC would be my 3 month follow-up after my cancer removal and everything was normal again! I have been going to KCBC for 12 years, even before I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The best thing they ever did for me was the day I was diagnosed. They went about a plan very quickly. Explained things very well, and took wonderful care of me! I picked that memory because it influences my life every day.

Candace collins

My mom, Delores Duff, loved Dr K, always raves about her kindness, insisted that I not go to any other doctor. I have been loyal to Dr K for many years even when I moved to Florida I would still have my annual exam with Dr K. My mother passed away several years ago and I feel that my relationship with Dr K honors her. I recommend Dr K to everyone I know.

Linda DeLozier

My first visit was for a baseline mammogram when I was 35 in 1983. It showed a scattered pattern. When I came back to have a procedure before the biopsy, Dr. K was great. She did the pre-biopsy procedure with no pain. The entire staff had a caring, calming demeanor which had me calm. I was scared to death, but the staff and Dr. K kept me calm. Thank you.

Vicky Randolph

You all make my experience a very good one because of the kindness of all staff.

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