​It's our birthday!  

So to celebrate we asked our patients to write us a memory to be drawn for one of 35 prizes.  

​Although the contest has ended, keep scrolling to read the entries and see pictures from our birthday bash!

Thank you for 35 wonderful years!

​Our Grand Prize Winner!

​35 for 35 wishes:

Susan O'Hair

Not having to wait for results at KCBC is the best!

I have had several episodes of "spots" on a mammograms over the years. One that I remember best – at another center I had to wait at least a week until a biopsy was scheduled and then waited two more weeks for the results. Some of the longest weeks in my life!

At KCBC the biopsy was the same day and I had the results the next morning. I felt that they really cared how I was emotionally - I was not just another patient. Thank you KCBC!

Kimberly Bradshaw

My first experience with KCBC was last October 6th 2017. I came in for a screening mammogram during Mission Mammography. I instantly fell in love with the atmosphere of the office. Once my mammogram was completed, my aunt and I left. We hadn't made it far before I got a call that something had showed up. I returned on Monday October 9th and had a ultrasound & biopsy done.

Dr. Brown was absolutely amazing to me as she told me it was more than likely cancer. She held my hand while I cried & even explained everything in great detail to my husband & myself. On October 10th I received a call from Dr Brown that it was in fact Breast Cancer & again she helped me stay calm & answered all my questions that I had. In the following weeks I had numerous tests done & got an appointment with Dr Webber who is one of KCBC’s breast surgeons.

He is 1 of the best, most friendliest down to earth Doctors I have ever met. Dr Webber & the KCBC staff explained my options & helped me get my insurance set up & referred me to Dr Brig my Oncologist. I have since completed Chemo, had a double mastectomy, & completed 6 weeks of radiation. I'm currently still getting Immunology Infusions & working on Reconstruction. I decided to share to help someone else. I'm so grateful for the staff of KCBC. I highly recommend all of my friends to KCBC as they have an amazing staff and wonderful doctors.

Kimberly Morgan

My first memory of KCBC was when at 44 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was terrified.

Dr. Webber put my mind at ease and took the time to carefully explain what type of cancer I had and how he was going to treat it. He was confident and he made me really believe that I would be alright. He asked me if he could pray with me and I knew right then that KCBC was the best place for me. This was my first impression and it was a positive experience at a very scary time in my life. I have continued to go to KCBC since my diagnosis and each time I feel welcomed and important. Thank you, KCBC for everything you have done for me and for what you do for women from East Tennessee and beyond.

Jackie Campbell

It has a spa like atmosphere. The people are friendly and put you at ease. Not everywhere is like this!

Betty Green

My best memory of KCBC is when they saved me from cancer by catching my bad cells early and removing them. It’s a strong reminder to get checked every year. And the staff is always happy to see you, which makes it easier.

Rebecca Courtney

Meeting Dr. Webber was my favorite memory of KCBC. When I was diagnosed, he was so reassuring and also had a sense of humor. For me, being able to laugh is important even when faced with bad news. I have never even thought about going somewhere else since going in 2008. I tell all my friends and family to go to KCBC.

Hazel Abbott

The reason I came to KCBC the first time was my doctor sent me. I had always heard wonderful things about them. When I got there, I was welcomed so very nicely. They took great care of me and treated me so well. I had nothing to be scared about. I knew I was in great hands. I will never forget that first time. I am so blessed to be able to still come to KCBC every year.

Shirley stephenS

My first visit everyone made me feel confident that I was in excellent hands and would receive the best care! I remember this because at a time of fear and uncertainty you can have peace at heart knowing everyone cares and you are not just a job for them! Thank you KCBC!

Trina Carr-Loveday

I’ve been a patient since 2014 and appreciate your friendly staff, beautiful facility and same day results. I've been to other facilities and had long wait times, never getting results the same day. It's very calming to know the test results immediately, instead of waiting days for someone to return your call.

Deana Vowell

Everyone is so nice. It makes me feel comfortable to come to KCBC.

Shirley Jean Batson

When I had my MRI this year I was terrified of being in the MRI machine. I am so scared of being in tight places. The MRI tech was so sweet to me; she talked to me and blew oxygen on my face so that I could breathe better. I can't believe that I made it through and I would not have if she had not cared enough to help me. This experience just made me appreciate KCBC so much more.

Nancy Benn

Talking with Dr. Wunderlich each year is my best memory. She reduces the anxiety and is a friendly face during stressful times. We talk about Michigan and other things that we have in common. It makes me feel comfortable. I'm an 11 year cancer survivor and I thank everyone associated with KCBC for helping me with my journey to survivorship.

Heather Lewis

I’ve been coming for ten years and it’s your friendly staff that is so important to me. Thanks

Lisa Frost Gambrel

The relief of knowing my mammogram and scan was good, and I didn’t have to worry. It gave my peace of mind.

Patti Ely

The first time I came to KCBC, I didn't know what to think of having a mammogram. The ladies there were super nice and efficient. You just go from room to room and then you are all done. Love the experiences I have there and just the ease of getting my mammogram done. Thank you to all that work there and are so supportive.

Kathy Lane

The staff is so kind and caring.

Sherry Jordan

I like knowing my results before I leave. The staff is always friendly and understanding. Just knowing that they care, puts you at ease. I recommend KCBC to all of my friends and family.

Carrie Rector

I've only been a patient for a year or two, but every time I am treated with kindness and respect. I appreciate everyone that takes time to treat me well. I’m looking forward to many more years of pleasant memories.

Candace collins

My mom, Delores Duff, loved Dr K, always raves about her kindness, insisted that I not go to any other doctor. I have been loyal to Dr K for many years even when I moved to Florida I would still have my annual exam with Dr K. My mother passed away several years ago and I feel that my relationship with Dr K honors her. I recommend Dr K to everyone I know.

Sharon Shipley

I get very nervous before doctor appointments and the surroundings there at KCBC make me feel relaxed. The staff is friendly and very organized.

Beth Hunt

KCBC is the best facility around Knoxville, TN. After doing some research, I found KCBC and the reviews were positive. I don't regret my decision. I became a patient of Dr. Webber's in 2007.

My first visit meeting with Dr. Webber was so comfortable. After our visit, I knew I had nothing to worry about. I knew it would all be ok. It was my journey and I would be fine. Thank you to the staff of KCBC for always being friendly and caring.

Kathy James

I was so scared on my very first visit because breast cancer runs in my family! I felt I was given upmost care. I’m 62 now and have been going to KCBC for around 30 years. I like the fact you know your results at the time of your visit and the caring staff from the front office, to the nurses and doctors.

Cheryl Bakker

The professionalism of the staff at KCBC is what I love! They make you feel you’re not just a number. They really care.

Kimberly C Shubert

The kind and compassionate care that I received when I had to have an ultrasound is my best memory. I was scared and the staff took care of me.

Elizabeth Marsh

My best memory is when they told me that I didn't have cancer and that it was just dense tissue.

Tonya J Fell

I’ve been to Blount and UT and there is no comparison to the personal touch, knowledge and equipment Kcbc has. I walk away feeling safe and secure.

I have had to have a biopsy twice and Dr K rubbed my shoulders, and told me me she had been there too. She would talk to me to explain what was happening. That was Very comforting and personable. She was literally hands on and told me something about her personal life. Dr K is the bomb. She’s awesome.

Tammie Sue Mosley

Very friendly staff and always helpful makes it a good experience.

Angela C Petersen

The staff is wonderful!!!! They are all so nice every year!!

Tammy Enix

My time is valuable and I really appreciate that I can get in and out of KCBC as fast as possible without sacrificing care and thoroughness. It is why I’ve been a patient since 1996.

Janice Stamps

The honor & privilege to have followed Dr. K & KCBC to the different locations over the years is my best memory. Each time they moved it was with updates & always the professionalism you expect from them. And I always loved the color "blue" that became a trademark!!!! It sums up the years that I feel like I have grown & aged with all of you at KCBC. 31 years!! First appointment with Dr. K was on September 7, 1987. Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!

Betty Flanary

When a problem is found, the next step is immediate with no waiting! That’s what I like about KCBC and the reason I’ve been going for 31 years.

Stephanie Unger

Every memory brings comfort to a normally scary situation. Every visit I’ve felt my questions & concerns have been answered & I’ve walked away with peace of mind having my results day of appointment. Thank you.

Tammy Whitson Harms

My mother had premenopausal breast cancer so I have been coming to KCBC over 20 years now. I am ALWAYS treated with care and kindness from your staff, whether I’m having a mammogram, ultrasound, or MRI, everyone is so helpful and makes me feel at ease during this stressful time. All of my visits have exceeded my expectations.

I love the fact that I have my results before I leave and I do not have to stress over it for an extended amount of time. I have had a mammogram or other facilities in the past due to insurance changes and it felt so sterile. I felt like a number, not a person. I have had a few scares but was reassured while I waited. Thank you for always making me feel at ease. All of the staff deserves kudos!

Debbie Thornton

I always enjoy interacting will each and every staff member. Everyone is always exceptionally friendly and kind. They always seem to make your visit much easier. I have been a patient for 5 years. I went to KCBC after I had an abnormal mammogram (which was my first). I only have good and positive thoughts about KCBC.

Soraya Larson

I had my first mammogram at 35 due to high risk family history. I was nervous, but the staff was kind and caring which made me feel at ease. I have never been a fan of medical appointments and KCBC made me feel calm. Thank you KCBC!

Kimberly Whitman

After being diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine mammogram at another breast center, and not liking the way we were treated, we came to KCBC for a second opinion. What a difference! All day, while undergoing more testing and exams, my husband was able to stay with me and we were treated so kindly and compassionately by everyone we came in contact with. Questions were answered in a manner we could understand, a plan of action was outlined.

What had been a terrifying and confusing ordeal at the original breast center was replaced by a more positive outlook. We felt like we could breathe a bit. The nurses and doctors at KCBC cared for us and I will never forget the genuine concern and compassion we were shown. I share this every time someone asks me where I went when I was diagnosed and where I go now for my yearly ultrasound and mammogram. Thank you KCBC!

Darci Scherbak

I was a little nervous this year coming in to get my (6th) annual mammogram, as my mom's breast cancer from 22yr ago has returned this year. I came into the KCBC lobby and felt like it was a better place to be right away, then saw the Dolly shoes and picture in the display and smiled - she's such a great and inspirational person! I felt a little extra boost to get through my morning. The staff, of course, were completely sweet and professional.

Jessica Reynolds

I have a family history of breast cancer, and it was the first time I had a mammogram. I was so nervous, but everyone explained every step of the way. Everyone was so nice, from the young lady that checked me in Cindy, to all the techs and doctors I was in contact with. Thankfully, my results turned out good. Everyone that works there in my opinion is top notch!

Melissa Harper

Always friendly and courteous staff, professional demeanor, and excellent patient rapport!!! HIGHLY recommend!

Always competent, both on the phone as well as during my appointment. Given reassurance and answered all my questions appropriately. Treated my like a lady and not a number or another statistic.

1 year

Genneta C Gross

Sometimes mammograms can be scary, but the kindness and compassion of everyone at KCBC relieve the anxiety.

Hattie R Ball

My best memory after being diagnosed with breast cancer, surviving surgery and radiation, receiving the wonderful news ever since that I was cancer free!

Tifni Trammell

I remember my first mammogram. I came to KCBC due to high recommendations from my doctor and a few friends. I was nervous, but everyone was very nice. The initial x-rays of my breasts determined that I needed an ultrasound. I was soooo thankful that I could do it that very day!! It turned out to be dense breast tissue after the ultrasound. But I was glad it was completed in just one visit. That made a lasting impression on me.

Debra markelonis

It was such a comfort to not have to wait! I’ve been coming to KCBC gives you the results of x-ray and ultrasound before you leave the bldg. That gave me great peace of mind when I found a lump and was able to find out it was benign. It’s why I’ve been going to them for nearly 30 years.

I cannot imagine having to wait for the results!

Donna Carpenter

I was very nervous but all the staff was so nice. They made me feel welcome and comfortable. I absolutely love Dr. Brown. She spoke in a way that I could feel at ease and understand what we needed to do with my problems I was having. I had my biopsy yesterday, unable to have anyone to come with me but my Heavenly Father.

I was scared of how the procedure would be, but the tech in the MRI room was very professional. She told me step by step what they were going to do. After the MRI, Dr. Brown came in and talked with me too. They knew I was very nervous about the whole procedure so one lady held both my hands encouragingly talking to me and the other helping to keep me calm and relaxed. And Dr. Brown was wonderful thru it all. The next day, Dr. Brown called with the results which was great.....NO CANCER!!! I CAN’T THANK GOD ENOUGH FOR WATCHING OVER ME ONE MORE TIME. Even the doctors and KCBC staff that He put in my life to take the very best care of me! Heartfelt thanks to everyone at the Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center for all you do for us patients!!! It was my first and most impressive memory. God Bless every one of you always. 😇❤


When I came back to Knoxville I had to find some place to continue my mammograms. I was told about KCBC and have been here since because I love the smiles and open arms. I wasn't stared at like I was an alien, but accepted as a person with a need and I was thankful for that. Thank you.

Karen McNew Catlett

Friendly and pleasant staff! I love seeing people at their workplace who really enjoy what they do.

Bridget Hornsby

My best memory is how lovely and professional the people are at KCBC and how elegant---while being a state-of-the-art--facility. It was a lasting first impression.

Carol Moore

The caring staff who make you feel like everything will be fine even if you are so scared of your diagnosis is what I remember when I think of KCBC.

Catherine Sims

Going in sacred after getting a mammogram with questionable results, having all the testing done and going home with the answers in the same day is my best memory of KCBC. I was referred by friends because I just moved from Kentucky. Thank you

Mona K. Burke

I was there to have a MRI. Lady doing this made me feel so comfortable. Keep me updated on everything during the whole procedure. She was great and made it not scary.

Dorothy thOmpson

I remember my first visit over 20 years ago. The staff was professional and caring, the gowns were a lovely feminine peach, the decor was soft teal and peach and I remember thinking how warm and hospitable the facility was. Through the years the location and decor has changed, it’s still a lovely, welcoming facility which relaxes those who usually come with a little fear of possible findings.

Vicki Taylor

The first time I had a visit ten years ago, I had been scared to death that I really had breast cancer. I had cried and fretted for about a week. I was so nervous. The lady taking my images stopped right in the middle of my test and took my hand as I was crying and said to me. You might not have cancer BUT if you do we are going to do everything to take care of you. I stopped crying and felt a peace come over me. They removed a cyst and all was good. I will never go anywhere else.

Catherine Martin

My best memory of KCBC would be my 3 month follow-up after my cancer removal and everything was normal again! I have been going to KCBC for 12 years, even before I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The best thing they ever did for me was the day I was diagnosed. They went about a plan very quickly. Explained things very well, and took wonderful care of me! I picked that memory because it influences my life every day.

Margie Spottedhorse

I was so impressed with the staff they are truly the best. I have been to several different facilities for mammograms and that is exactly how I felt. I was at a facility. At KCBC I felt home and like I was family. From that first experience I knew KCBC is where I will always go from now on. You play such an important role in many lives. Congratulations on your 35th birthday, looking forward to many more to come!

Jeana Kirby

I have been going to KCBC for many years. The KCBC Team has always been professional and kind, treating patients how patients should be treated. I also appreciate getting the results during the visit rather than waiting for days or being told "if you don't hear from us, then everything is okay". Best experience in town!

Lisa Bryant

When I was told I have cancer the patience they had with me and all my questions. I felt like I was their only patient at the time. Everyone was so kind and knowledgeable. The material they gave to read was so informative. The office called and checked on me after I had the biopsy. I’ve been going to KCBC for 20 years and wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Lana James

Anytime there is a request for further evaluation, it's a scary thing. From the time you are told you need further review to the time you get that review you are usually pretty freaked out. I was pretty freaked out, scared, nervous. As soon as I was called back for my appointment I was treated "very carefully". With compassion and care. It made me less nervous for the ultrasound. When I went in for the ultrasound the tech talked to me and explained everything she was doing as she was doing it. Then afterwards they talked to me again, basically to let me know if I had other issues, or needed to talk, or whatever that someone would be there for me. It was all very comforting.

KCBC makes you feel like a person, not just a patient or a number. I appreciate KCBC's compassion for the people they see!!!

Loretta Clark

I have always used KCBC since the beginning 35 years ago.. THANKS To their keeping me on my yearly exam, they were able to catch my breast cancer early. I AM ALIVE TODAY DUE TO EARLY DETECTION. I have been CANCER FREE for 5 years! Thanks and Happy Birthday!

Sandra K Harjala

The cute robes are a nice touch! They don't look institutional.

Dianne Weakley

Happy Birthday, KCBC! I have been going to KCBC for over 25 years. I like the fact that I can come for a screening and only see a doctor if it is necessary! I have been blessed to have had good breast health for all these years. The entire staff has always been professionional and very friendly. The process from checkin to checkout is always smooth with very little wait time! I really appreciate that! Thank you for taking good care of me all of these years!

Overall impression of my visits with KCBC over the years.

25+ years

Sherri Register

I’ve been coming to KCBC for 3 years and it is the kindness and how I am treated that keeps me going back.

Martha Scruggs

My best memory over the years I’ve been a patient, is sitting with the doctor after an exam and her telling me that my lump was just a fatty tumor. I've never been so happy to be fat! She then told me that some patients have reported that minor breast pain was alleviated with the supplement primrose. It worked!!!! It was a time that was full of emotions, yet I felt so reassured. Thank you.

Katherine Morgan

When I had an abnormal mammogram, I made an appointment at KCBC. With my high risk for breast cancer, I was of course very nervous. My appointment was with Dr. Brown and she put me at ease. She did a biopsy and it was clear of cancer. It was such a relief that I was clear, made a promise to myself that I would never put off my Breast Health again. I go every six months to be checked with a mammogram and MRI. The staff and Doctors at KCBC have always been kind, courteous, and very helpful which is always a positive experience.

Today it is very hard to find loving, caring, and courteous people. KCBC is that place. I can't figure out how they have found so many wonderful people to work at the clinic. Breast health is not always an easy experience for women, but KCBC makes the experience easier. I can never say enough good things about the care I have received at KCBC.

My first appointment to KCBC for approximately 15 years ago. I have tried other clinics in the past because I live so far away from Knoxville, but I have decided that KCBC is the place I will go from now on. The care is unbeatable.

Louise H. Davis

The compassion shown me when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 is my best memory of KCBC.

Jone Young Burnett

I’ve been coming to KCBC since 1991, and I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. That was a time I only had preventative care insurance. KCBC guided me through the process of applying for Blue Care Insurance, which I would have never known about. As a result, I got covered by Blue Care, which paid every penny for my surgery & treatment! You, & God, saved my life, and my home!! Thank you!

Glenna Breeden

They give you a personal experience even though they are a large place. I was impressed!

Betty Elaine H. Terry

Having someone walk me to each area you need to be and talking with me as we walked - made me feel more relaxed and comfortable in an unfamiliar place. I already had enough on my mind without wondering/worrying whether I am in the right place, are they looking for me somewhere else, have they forgotten me, etc. Thank you.

sheila r young

The reason I’ve been going to KCBC for 15 years or longer is because I feel you all do care about me as a patient and knowing I’m ok when I leave KCBC. Thank you.

Virginia Palmer

One of my mammo visits was same time as my mom’s ....so there we both sat in our house coats!

Regina Turner

My best memories are coming my very time for a second opinion & being told everything was fine, as well as being treated with respect & like I mattered. Everyone wants respect & it is an awesome feeling to know you’re OK because life is wonderful!!

My Mom goes as well. We both started because local doctor thought we had a problem & we wanted a second & BETTER opinion from a place we realized we could really trust.

Candace Giger

They saved my life.

Dr Kozlowski continued to monitor an area in my right breast over the course of several years, and almost as soon as it became cancerous, got me into treatment, surgery, and radiation therapy. Everyone there was and is so very kind and considerate of my feelings. I truly think they saved my life!

Most frightening and most grateful! Their professionalism and compassion impresses me every time I see them and that's been over 20 years!

Karen Rohde

I love how professional and kind all of the employees are. I also appreciate waiting for my results and having an answer before I leave the building. I am so glad I switched to KCBC for my breast health.

Julia Marie Cooper

I was referred by my primary physician about 15 years ago for an abnormal mammogram. I was alone and scared about the possible results. I met an older lady in the waiting room who just started a conversation. She shared with me her story of breast cancer and how awesome the employees and doctors of KCBC truly are. I felt the same way when I left. That lady was my angel that day and settled my fears along with a good report. I have never forgotten her and I thank God he sent her.

Shelley Mangold

Having a clear result after returning for a second mammogram when there was uncertainty from the previous mammogram is my best memory over the 20 years I’ve been a patient! Thanks Dr Wunderlich!

Judith Salvo

KCBC is extremely professional. I really appreciate receiving my test results immediately.

It’s very important to me as I had a bad experience years ago in another state and had to wait for my results for several days after I was told something showed up.

Carol C Brown

I’ve been a patient for 20 years. Since being diagnosed at KCBC, every year I go back and get the news from you that I am clear of cancer, is my best memory! It makes my day, month, and year!!!

Jan Byrne

KCBC has been my one and only provider for mammograms for decades. The staff is always cordial, professional, and trying to put everyone at ease, trying to make all the patients as relaxed as possible. They are always extremely professional and provide excellent care. In all the years I visited KCBC, I have never been disappointed with the excellent care they provide.

One time I personally tried to use humor to lighten up mood as I sensed some stress. When I was called back for my appointment, I was provided instructions and handed one of the endless identical robes. The young lady assisting me asked if I had any questions, I replied, “This aqua and peach robe is not complementary for me, what other colors do you have?” The look on her face was so amusing, I had to laugh. She immediately began laughing also. She thanked me for my humor and stated that she needed the laugh. I appreciate that the work can be stressful for the employees too.

Joyce A. Farley

Service says it all for a business. My favorite memory of KCBC is the friendly service I received the first time and every time over the past 20 years. Thank you.

Cathy Hinton

I’ve been coming to KCBC for 3 years. The staff is so nice and you aren’t treated like a number, which is one of the reasons I continue to be a patient.

Jennifer Hamrick

Hitting the mark after my cancer journey of coming in once a year, instead of twice a year is my best memory. To mark the occasion, my husband bought me a necklace from the boutique. He and my baby girl came with me. Thank you

Carol Bolin

2001 I found a lump that was growing. My PCP called Lexington(I live in KY) to schedule a mammogram and they made my appointment for two months later. I was scared and didn't want to wait two months. A friend of a friend told me about KCBC and when I called on Friday the receptionist apologized that they could not see me until Wednesday (5 days from the day I called). Wednesday was a bad day but was made better by the staff who were very caring. Breast cancer is a scary thing but it is good to know that KCBC is leading in knowledge, technology, and care. THANK YOU KCBC for 35 years!

Nancy Myers

Dr Brown was so nice, caring, and put me at ease. She made me feel that everything was going to be ok. Thank you

Pamela Brian

Dr K and her staff changed my life. I’m from 7 hours away and had been given a diagnosis of two types of cancer in the same breast. Two different surgeons told me my only option was mastectomy. My husband and I did our research and found Dr. Kozlowski and KCBC. They were so supportive and caring. I had never been to a place like this. You felt like you mattered. Even though I didn't qualify for the trial Dr. Kozlowski was still able to do Cyroablation on both of my cancer sites. It has changed my life. Dr K, Miranda, and the rest of the staff at KCBC make you a top priority and give you the utmost in care. This is the first time I have publicly shared my story, but Dr. Kozlowski has a special place in my heart. The care I received was life changing. I am where I am today because of her. My husband, family, and myself will always be eternally grateful. I am a patient for life. I wish KCBC A HAPPY 35th!

Heather Lewis

Being treated with kindness and knowing I am cared for is what I remember and why I’ve been coming for 20 years. I drive 3 hours to get to KCBC. I do it because I know I’m in good hands and it means a lot.

Rhonda Roberts

I didn't have insurance and your Mission Mammography was a way to get a mammogram. I have family history of breast cancer on my father’s side so I really appreciate your help.

Judy Williams

The best memory that I had was the relief that I felt when I was told on my first visit that just because I have dense breast that I did not have to have my breasts removed and do a transplant. This was my first visit and I felt confident in KCBC. The staff has always been extremely professional over the 20 years I’ve been a patient and it makes me feel comfortable. Thank you

Mary Carol Condie

My best memory of KCBC is how compassionate and patient all of the employees are.

I picked that memory because they have always been so kind, compassionate and patient with me every time I have been there.

Sharon Steinberg

My mother died from breast cancer when I was in my mid-twenties. I have been diligent about my breast cancer screenings. I have lived in Kentucky & Las Vegas, NV, but I’ve never felt so comfortable with mammogram & MRI breast screenings as KCBC made me feel. The tech had notes from previous visits & she knew exactly what I needed to ease my anxiety. The headphones in the MRI machine even played The Message, from Sirius XM. Hearing praise music & God’s Word calmed me. This kind of treatment guarantees that I will get my diagnostic screenings, which will lengthen my life.

Happy Birthday KCBC! Thank you for making healthcare feel like a calming spa visit. 🎉🎁🎈

Chastity Dyke

I am a breast cancer survivor. I started coming to KCBC after my treatments and reconstruction surgery. That was my first mammogram that did not cause any discomfort. I am so thankful that I starting coming here. KCBC makes me no longer dread having a mammogram. Everyone is so caring and nice. Thank you KCBC.

Berniece W. Atkinson

When I’ve had a problem, they have always been attentive and concerned! Dr. K was not only my doctor, but a friend with whom to share experiences yearly of a mutual hobby over the 20 years I’ve been coming.

Janet L. Elliott

From the beginning a mammogram at KCBC has been painless! Having a mammogram is not something to dread! Everyone I have encountered over the years has been professional and pleasant.

Jacqueline Bell

KCBC found breast cancer in my Mother. She went through the process and lived another ten years. I had other friends that went to other places that were diagnosed and passed away within months.

Jessica Merritt

I needed to have my very first mammography and my doctor scheduled it with KCBC. Needless to say, I was very nervous considering all the horror stories I had heard from my friends and family who have had mammograms before. When it was the big day, I went to my appointment very nervous, apprehensive and honestly a little scared. When I got there, the staff made me feel right at home and the waiting room was very inviting. I was still a little nervous about the scan itself. When it was time for the scan, my tech noticed this was my first scan and she explained everything that was going to happen before she even started the scan. Then once the scan started she continued to talk me through the whole thing and made sure I was as comfortable as I could be during the entire procedure. Turns out, the scan was not bad at all! I was never very uncomfortable and it was quick and painless. Because of the inviting atmosphere, awesome staff and the greatest tech ever, my first mammogram was not the horror story I expected but a pleasant experience that I'll never forget. I tell all my friends, family and anyone else that will listen about KCBC, the exceptional care I received and that KCBC is the only place I'll go to for all of my breast care needs. Thank you KCBC and staff!!!

Carolyn Lewer

I started to go to KCBC after I was asked to take another x-ray and sent to a surgeon who said I was fine. But I was still worried and someone recommended KCBC. Since that day I have always felt confident in their thoroughness and if ever I have a problem I will feel confident in there treatment.

Lisa S. Silverman

I so appreciate how readily accessible the physicians are to answering my questions at KCBC. The entire staff is so friendly and sensitive. Those are the reasons I’ve been coming to KCBC since 2013.

Lillian Justice

The kind and courteous staff is what I appreciate. Kindness is always special and you remember it when it happens. They always do a super job and are very helpful!

Kelly Lynn Crawford

I was so nervous moving to a new state and having to get all new doctors and I was terrified to get my mammogram. As the day was getting closer my anxiety was sky rocketing and the day of the mammogram I was nauseated, exhausted, dry mouthed, nervous, and scared. The ladies in the back explained everything about what the procedures were and what to expect. One lady even gave me a hug and said we are here for you every step of the way. She said if I had any questions about anything at any point, to ask or if I was uncomfortable to let them know. She may or may not have realized it but she helped to calm me down and to feel I was in a safe place where they would take care of me. It is the moment I remember the most. I felt like I would be ok and that these people really cared about what happened to me and wanted to help me. Thank you KCBC! Happy Birthday❤️

April Bennett

Thankfully, my best memories of KCBC are all hearing the words, "everything looks good, nothing to worry about."

Vickie Rester

I was sent to KCBC by my primary care physician after being concerned about a lump. It was very much appreciated that I was able to have several test and get the results all in one day. A lot of places you have to wait 2 weeks or more for results. THANK YOU for all you do!

Tonya Dye Parton

The first time I ever came there I was so nervous that I had made myself sick over the lump I had. The wonderful staff finally got me calm down and talked into the mammogram. I remember this because my daughters are always teasing me about this and what a baby I was being even after 10 years of going back. Thank you KCBC!

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