​It's our birthday!  

So to celebrate we asked our patients to write us a memory to be drawn for one of 35 prizes.  

​Although the contest has ended, keep scrolling to read the entries and see pictures from our birthday bash!

Thank you for 35 wonderful years!

​Our Grand Prize Winner!

​35 for 35 wishes:

Kimberly D Sherrod

I have only been to KCBC for the first time last December! It had been a few years since I had been to have my screening done but after an aunt and a cousin in my Mother's side we're diagnosed, I knew I needed to be checked!

I was pleasantly surprised with the atmosphere being so calming! I also loved how the choice of decor made you feel relaxed, especially the lady shoes and purse quilt, which made you feel so home and comfortable! I'll be soon making my appointment for this year! 😊

Sharon Kreis

I always know that I can come for my mammograms and ultrasound that I require and everything is completed before I leave KCBC. Knowing that the process is done and is performed by a professional and caring staff start to finish is important.

It has been many years since I started to come to KCBC. I lived in Crossville and the drive to Knoxville because it is worth it to me.

Angela Rutherford

I had a cyst the size of an orange in my left breast. I had heard many horror stories as to what it could be, what would have to be done and so on. Leading up to the day I went I was miserable and terrified and they put all my worries to rest and treated the problem. Thanks to the great staff at KCBC I got great news, they drained the cyst and I was on my way with minimal to no pain. Thank you!

Carolyn Lewer

I started to go to KCBC after I was asked to take another x-ray and sent to a surgeon who said I was fine. But I was still worried and someone recommended KCBC. Since that day I have always felt confident in their thoroughness and if ever I have a problem I will feel confident in there treatment.

Dr Michele McConnell

I have been going to KCBC many years. KCBC has exceeded my expectations with my breast care. I, without reservation, would highly recommend KCBC.

Nancy Peters

Treated like royalty and given all the time I needed to get my questions answered every time I come. I've been getting mammograms for more than 15 years and my first visit to KCBC was the first time I ever was treated so well.

Marsha Hixson

Before moving from Virginia to Knoxville, I had five breast biopsies and was concerned that I could not find the level of care I received at UVA's Breast Care Center here in Knoxville. Two years later I was pleased to learn that KCBC not only has my recent KCBC exams on file, but they also have my past exams from UVA on file and are keeping a watchful eye out for my good health! It is reassuring from those who have come from out of state to find you. Thank you, KCBC! Here's to at least 35 more years!

Carrie Pitts

They were very understanding of my apprehension due to a family history of cancer. Everyone was smiling and seemed to love their job. It was my first visit, but you remember that because it is rare to see that care and compassion these days. Thank you.

Glynna Brown

I’ve been a patient over 30 years. I recommend KCBC to all my friends from Middlesboro & Bell County Kentucky even though it is a drive because of the caring and attentive staff and doctors.

Hattie R Ball

My best memory after being diagnosed with breast cancer, surviving surgery and radiation, receiving the wonderful news ever since that I was cancer free!

Deborah Denise Headrick

I was nervous the first time and the tech is very caring and talks you thru the whole mammogram.

Patricia Ann Wilson

My time is valuable so I don’t like long wait times. Driving to Knoxville Brest Center from Oak Ridge is so worth it because of the gentle and kind care I receive. I never have to wait very long. It’s always fun to peruse the gift shop if there is time.

Emma Allen

Coming to the office for my first exam and finding out I got a call from the doctor after the exam. I missed the call due to work. I was terrified! I called KCBC back and the lady who called me left her lunch break to make sure I was ok and wanted to let me know my results were good. It was a life changing moment. I thought to myself they really care. That is why I come to KCBC. That kind of service is unheard of in the medical community now days. Happy 35th!

Dotty Vinson

I am now 70 yrs. old. I was a school teacher in my mid-30s and felt something in my breast. I taught at Sequoyah School and I asked my principal who she would recommend for an exam. She said that she highly recommended Dr. Kozlowski and that her children went to our school. When I went I was a nervous wreck. Everyone on staff was very calming and reassuring that everything would be all right.....and it was! I have been coming ever since. I will always be grateful for the kindness and care I was given. Happy Anniversary!

Brenda Cox

I have been a patient at KCBC for 20 years or more. I have always been treated with respect and professionalism. They are usually very prompt, kind and through. I am very pleased with the quality treatment I have received at KCBC over the years

Christy R Latham

How nice I have always been treated over the last 13 years. It means a lot to me. Thank you.

Margaret Troxelll D.O.

I was thrilled when I moved to town twelve years ago that there was a breast center with a dedicated breast MRI in Knoxville. It was great meeting her at her Lonas office after seeing the thoroughness in which she took care of my patients.

Elizabeth Cross

The caring and love shown makes a very scary time easier! Everyone is always friendly and helpful. I can’t see going anywhere else. Thanks to all of you!

Cindy Knight

KCBC is very convenient and friendly. Their mobile unit even came to my workplace.

Heather Lewis

Being treated with kindness and knowing I am cared for is what I remember and why I’ve been coming for 20 years. I drive 3 hours to get to KCBC. I do it because I know I’m in good hands and it means a lot.

Shelia Falls

The day Dr. K and I went to Nashville to the House of Representative with Dennis Powers and others to get the Dense Mammography Bill presented was my best memory because WE won! This was a huge step to for the prevention of upper stages of Breast Cancer and informing women about dense breasts and the need for additional imaging. I got to tell my story of how my breast cancer was missed for 7 years due to no ultrasound being performed on my dear breast. I have referred many, many ladies to KCBC for their Annual Breast Appointments as I know Dr. K and her staff are the absolute best!

Daphne Grant

I have been coming to KCBC since moving to East Tennessee almost 8 years ago. Everyone there is so nice & caring. I am high risk as my mother had breast cancer. I myself had to have a bi-lateral biopsy done quite a few years ago due to problems I was having. My doctors then were awesome & took good care of me. When I moved I wondered what would I do? Where will I go where I know they will take as good of care? Then I found KCBC! I don't dread these visits now! I know I am in great hands at KCBC!

Sharon Cockrum

My Mother died from breast cancer when she was in her late 50's. When my Mother died, I knew I wanted the best care possible. I started going to KCBC soon after (it has been 30+ years since my first appointment with them). They always treated me with such a caring attitude for such a stressful moment.

As the years have gone by, they have been consistent in their care, always on the leading edge and staffed with exceptional Doctors and assistants. I chose KCBC and never looked back. Bottom line - they are awesome!! Thanks for excellent care and being the best!!

Dianne J Speicher

Once I was scheduled for a routine mammogram and mentioned a small lump. They immediately took me into the other rooms and did a comprehensive scan. It was a fat deposit but they treated me so well. I was scared and they helped me. Thank you.

Eileen Darden

Having any test done can be fearful, especially when there is a family history. As many of us know, having a mammogram can be painful. The staff at KCBC taught me a technique to have no pain during the mammogram. It’s a technique that I can use for the rest of my life. At KCBC, they look at you as an individual and sincerely care about you. I’ve been going to KCBC for ten years or more and the is always respectful and caring. Thanks KCBC, you all are the best. Happy Birthday KCBC!

Betty Ruth Faulkner

My best memory is when the Dr Forsberg told me my problem was not cancer. I could have just kissed him. Y'all are so awesome and helpful.

JoAnn angel

With it being my very first mammogram I was very nervous, not knowing what to expect. I had been coming to KCBC with my mom for 6 years but it was my 1st mammogram. The tech was very gentle and explained every step that she made. Everyone is so nice and helpful. Thank you.

Christina Moore

Sitting in the waiting room talking with other women is one of the best parts of KCBC. It’s nice to meet other women and talk and encourage each other especially when doing something as uncomfortable and nerve wracking as a mammogram.

Sherry Owens

The best memory I have is hearing no more surgery, after so many surgeries to remove the cyst that continued to return with all the pain, it felt so great to hear those words. It was a great day! My momma never left my side with all I had been through.

At my last mammogram I couldn’t call her last year cause she past away from Terminal Cancer. I remember we were so scared it was cancerous and when we found out it wasn't she and I were so overjoyed and thankful. All of the staff are wonderful and Dr. Webber is such a great surgeon♡

Every year I continue coming back for my routine Mammograms

Tonia Byrd

My whole experience with KCBC has been the best. As a breast cancer survivor I can say without any doubt the whole staff rocks and I am so thankful that I came to you all for my second opinion and never looked back! I am forever grateful for the care I received at KCBC!

Barbara Bolton

I know the first time I ever came there I was totally scared to death, but everyone there was just like an angel to me and made me feel comfortable. I was coming to see the doctor and set up my breast surgery. He is a wonderful doctor and prayed with me each time we talked about my surgery and at surgery. It’s a wonderful place to be when you find out you have breast cancer.

Melissa Chadwell

For 5 years, I’ve been coming to KCBC because of their friendly staff, great location, and how calming it is during an anxious exam.

Amanda Haas

How kind the tech was and how thorough the doctor was in explaining to me how my breasts needed extra testing. Both of those ladies put my nerves at ease and I appreciate that.

Raellen Simpson

I have had 3 breast MRI's and the first two I struggled with nausea and some side effects after. During my last MRI, my tech went above and beyond to help figure out the best way to reduce the side effects. What she did worked! She was so kind and really helped walk me through step by step what she was doing. I felt fine the entire time and great after. Only being 35 and knowing I have several MRI's ahead of me I am blessed for this experience and put my full trust in KCBC.

This was a huge impact on me. I would dread MRI's for days until this last MRI. Now I know I can have an MRI and feel confident that I will be fine.

Carrie Lesage

I don't have insurance and KCBC has worked with me to get my mammogram done for the past two years.

Shirley Holt

I have always been treated with dignity and respect at KCBC. My best memory is "we will see you next visit". It is great to get a final result before you leave and not have to be concerned with not knowing.

Pamela Kustermann

I've been diligently having a yearly mammogram for the past 25 years. My sister passed away from breast cancer when she was 35, and that is what has pushed me to be tested yearly.

I've only recently switched to KCBC on the advice from a few friends. While my previous experiences were never bad, I didn't realize how GOOD it could be! My first visit was quite honestly the best experience I've had. It was a seamless transition to KCBC, they had all my previous records and the staff easily answered any questions I had. To be able to have the exam and results the same day is truly wonderful...thank you!

Loretta Clark

I always look forward to going and I’ve been going over 20 years. It is never a dread because everyone is so nice to you when you’re there.

Stefanie Lindorfer

I went to KCBC for the first time this year and received exceptional care from their friendly staff. They took the time to thoroughly answer all of my questions and make me feel at ease. I will definitely be coming back for future appointments.

Soraya Larson

I had my first mammogram at 35 due to high risk family history. I was nervous, but the staff was kind and caring which made me feel at ease. I have never been a fan of medical appointments and KCBC made me feel calm. Thank you KCBC!

Nancy Curtis

The compassion I felt from the staff the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer is my best memory of KCBC. I had no idea where to turn and I was immediately referred to Dr. Weber. It was a devastating time in my life but God has been with me all the way. That was 8 years ago this November. God bless all of you for the work you do.

Rita Smith

When I worked, I loved it that I could have my mammogram at the office in KCBC’s mobile unit. It was very convenient to set up an appointment, thank you!

Lana James

Anytime there is a request for further evaluation, it's a scary thing. From the time you are told you need further review to the time you get that review you are usually pretty freaked out. I was pretty freaked out, scared, nervous. As soon as I was called back for my appointment I was treated "very carefully". With compassion and care. It made me less nervous for the ultrasound. When I went in for the ultrasound the tech talked to me and explained everything she was doing as she was doing it. Then afterwards they talked to me again, basically to let me know if I had other issues, or needed to talk, or whatever that someone would be there for me. It was all very comforting.

KCBC makes you feel like a person, not just a patient or a number. I appreciate KCBC's compassion for the people they see!!!

Barbara Ann Bailes

I’ve been a patient since 1995 and my best memory was hearing everything was OK after a follow up visit.

Patricia Hyde

Leaving feeling relieved is my best memory of KCBC.

Linda Mefford

Great care in very stressful time, that's what I know about KCBC. Thank you!

Iris Denise Trent

My first visit to KCBC was last fall. I was impressed with the quality of service that I received. Fortunately, no lumps were found, and I had a very pleasant experience. Thank you for a great visit!

Christina Geisler

What makes KCBC so special is how caring your doctors are.

glenda sue wyatt

I was so blessed to find this place. The people are so considerate.

Iva Melissa Lee

I had put off my mammograms for too long when I finally went to KCBC. Walking into a lobby that didn't seem sterile or frigid I felt very comfortable, like going to an old friend's home. It gave me a reassurance that KCBC was the right place for me. The staff made me feel like I had always been a client.

It was an amazing first time experience. And returning has always been a comfortable visit. I would and always do, suggest KCBC to all my female friends. You all ROCK!

Amber McClain

The kindness of employees is what I remember. They are always compassionate and kind.

Sandra Bridges

My coveted memory of KCBC was the non-medical feeling I got the first time I walked thru the door , it certainly aided in diffusing some of the anxiety I was feeling, as I continued thru the process I was taken back somewhat as to how the employees treated me as a person and not as a symptom.

I have had breast cancer and lived in quite a few states and I can without hesitation say that this has and is my most comfortably experience both medically and emotionally, and to put the icing on the cake when I mentioned I was now visiting KCBC for the first time, even though he is part of Penn State Medical and resides in Allentown PA, my previous doctor immediately recognized the facility and the founding staff and gave me a thumbs up of my choice.

It is the first impression that always counts in many areas of life and KCBC did not let me down.

Michelle D. Trout

The mobile staff is so pleasant. I felt so welcome and loved. It’s what I appreciate about KCBC.

Carla Brown

My best memories of KCBC are the welcoming smiles, the kindness and the respect given to patients, and the feeling of well-being that I get when I am undergoing the tests. I’ve been a patient since the early 90's and it becomes apparent that this practice is being run by women for women. It establishes a feeling that one is not going to have a negative experience no matter what the outcome. Thank you

Alice Farr

Started going to you 35 years ago when I was 30 and have gone with you throughout your moves. Thank you

Genia Evans

They found my cancer in 2016 and were absolutely wonderful at getting me the right doctors, the right treatment and great follow up. It saved my life. Still going and recommending to all my friends.


Wendy Lum

I've had really great people that have performed the mammograms. They are really efficient and nice plus seem to always be in a good mood. There are always horror stories of things that can go wrong during a mammogram but this place has always been friendly.

Barbara Ann Bailes

My first time was in or around 1990. A co-worker told me she had been going to KCBC for quite some time. She told me how thorough and friendly KCBC was. I went, and it was then that I found out there was another Barbara Ann Bailes, but not the same birth date. I thought that was funny and coincidental. Also, I had never had a breast exam before.

I have come every year since my first and wouldn't even consider going anywhere else. I trust KCBC to handle my health, my body. Thank you KCBC!

Judy Cooley

My best memory is every time I leave the KCBC Building I have the confident feeling I have had a thorough exam with the latest equipment and by the best team that could be found. I’ve felt that way for over 20 years. Thank you!

Tracey Ward

How reassuring the staff was when I had my very first mammogram 12 years ago is what I remember most :) I was so very nervous about the process and the staff made things go so smoothly, despite my fears. Thank you.

Margaret Pile

The wonderful care I received after being diagnosed with breast cancer 19 years ago. From Dr K to Dr Webber to Lora to Dr Brig’s wonderful dry sense of humor, I felt hugged, loved embraced. I carry this whole experience with me all the time when I face hard times, when I see people facing hard times. My youngest daughter said “Mom, you have picked the best place to go, so they are going to make you well” and you did. Thank you

Norma Webb

It was a scary time in my life, but being a told I have breast cancer and everyone else being so kind and compassionate is my best memory of KCBC. Thank you.

Jaquava Pritchard

The staff is awesome! They are very helpful, considerate, and very nice. They make you feel like a human not like a number.

Kristy Fergerson

This was my first time. It’s a very nice place with very nice staff. I would recommend it to anyone.

Donna Stewart

Not having to wait long means a lot. Thank you

Carolyn lyons

Feeling releived that every thing was ok that cindy would be there to guide me though it all

I had been thing about all my family members who had had bad reports and this is how it started with a test l was nervous as always but this time cindy my sweet niece was working there now and she was just very strong and comforting it made all the difference she i my angel at time

I am not sure maybe 5 yrs or so

Marsha Ann Hurst

During a time when there was questionable health concerns, I knew I could get the answers I needed by making the trip to KCBC. It was something I won’t forget. Thank you

Kimberly Bradshaw

My first experience with KCBC was last October 6th 2017. I came in for a screening mammogram during Mission Mammography. I instantly fell in love with the atmosphere of the office. Once my mammogram was completed, my aunt and I left. We hadn't made it far before I got a call that something had showed up. I returned on Monday October 9th and had a ultrasound & biopsy done.

Dr. Brown was absolutely amazing to me as she told me it was more than likely cancer. She held my hand while I cried & even explained everything in great detail to my husband & myself. On October 10th I received a call from Dr Brown that it was in fact Breast Cancer & again she helped me stay calm & answered all my questions that I had. In the following weeks I had numerous tests done & got an appointment with Dr Webber who is one of KCBC’s breast surgeons.

He is 1 of the best, most friendliest down to earth Doctors I have ever met. Dr Webber & the KCBC staff explained my options & helped me get my insurance set up & referred me to Dr Brig my Oncologist. I have since completed Chemo, had a double mastectomy, & completed 6 weeks of radiation. I'm currently still getting Immunology Infusions & working on Reconstruction. I decided to share to help someone else. I'm so grateful for the staff of KCBC. I highly recommend all of my friends to KCBC as they have an amazing staff and wonderful doctors.

Tracey Andrews

I had to have additional films taken. It could have been stressful but the staff was patient and gracious explaining what was happening-easing my fear. All turned out well. Thanks for your excellent service. Happy 35th Birthday!!

Jackie Hammons Williams

The friendliest of the staff! They make you feel so comfortable!

The first time I visited I was so worried because I had a mammogram from my local doctor showing a spot on my breast. The staff put my fears to rest! Thanks KCBC!

Tammy Belliveau

You all take pride in what you do on a daily basis and it shows! Your caring attitude flows from the time you enter the building until you leave! Over the years I’ve been coming, you do it every time. Thanks!

Candace Giger

They saved my life.

Dr Kozlowski continued to monitor an area in my right breast over the course of several years, and almost as soon as it became cancerous, got me into treatment, surgery, and radiation therapy. Everyone there was and is so very kind and considerate of my feelings. I truly think they saved my life!

Most frightening and most grateful! Their professionalism and compassion impresses me every time I see them and that's been over 20 years!

Sandy Gosnell

The way the entire staff is helpful sensitive and caring to my needs is what I remember. When my MRI came back with a second mass, Dr.K and the nurses made sure I was comfortable and reassured me during the entire process and the way she explained the findings and the next steps helped me calm me and reassure me.

This was one of the scariest times in my life and I needed people that were kind, passionate and knew what needed to be done. Plus, they explained it to me in terms I could understand.

Kathryn C Bryant

I had my first mammogram 21 years ago at age 40. I met the doctor and felt so secure in the care I received. It was my first experience and the time and care all the staff took was greatly appreciated. I’ve been coming ever since!

Jennifer Cassim Farmer

Early appointments are great! They are quicker than others. I go with my mother and it gives us time to spend together and shop in the surrounding area, after driving 2 1/2 hours to be there!😀

LuAnne Wade

Finding that the little B.B. sized lump I felt in my self exam was nothing to be concerned about. Even though it was a small thing it was “BIG” at the time. Thanks for getting me in quickly and calming my fears!

Teresa Fancher

Always getting good results for my mammograms for 20 years is my best memory of KCBC. My Mom has breast cancer, and since she caught it early, she was a survivor. Thank you!

Mary Phillips

I’ve been a patient for three years. I am blessed, thank you.

Gloria Jean Sweeney

I was treated with kindness and consideration as a valuable individual and not just another number run through the mill.

When you are diagnosed with breast cancer your whole world comes tumbling down. When I first visited KCBC the doctors explained clearly my options, the risks, and kindly explained to me that my life was not over. With the wonderful treatment I received I have been able to lead a productive life cancer free for over 13 years.

Mary Jane Mahaley

I was referred by a nurse and she just raved about KCBC. This was good news to me because we had just moved here after traveling all around the country with my husband’s job. Everyone was so very friendly and very efficient. I felt secure & knew I was in good hands. Then when I walked around the waiting room I saw Dolly’s picture & knew I had picked the right place. Just made me smile!

Nancy Myers

Dr Brown was so nice, caring, and put me at ease. She made me feel that everything was going to be ok. Thank you

Robbie Mee

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2013. This was the scariest time in my life. KCBC was very comforting and helped coordinate my surgery and reconstruction within 2 weeks of diagnosis. I will forever be grateful for their compassion and willingness to go above and beyond to get me to the point that I can say. " I am a survivor!"

Sandra K Harjala

The cute robes are a nice touch! They don't look institutional.

Lea Ann Lunsford

The first time I came in for a mammogram I didn’t know it’s probably best not to bring your children and I brought my 6 month old. When it came time to get my mammogram he was crying and I was stressed out. One of the nurses was so nice and held and rocked my son right out the door so I could hear them while I got checked out.

It was a small gesture but it meant a lot to me as a new mom. That was years ago and I still remember it and I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my mammograms.

Brenda Frerichs

Friendly, caring staff

Emily S Crass

I could just hug and “squeeze" all of you. You are a great team. The first time there you put me at ease and I never liked mammograms before. I love getting results the same day. Thanks for being there for all of us.

Rae Couch

My best memory would be my first visit to KCBC. After two call backs to another breast Center to be rechecked I scheduled with KCBC. The office at KCBC is very calming and my husband was with me the entire day while I had a small needle biopsy that was so gentle. I had witnessed my mother’s biopsy with an automated pump thing that made her scream so I was very happy without KCBC. Every visit is very calming.

barbara Ann Bailes

Since the 1990s I’ve been coming to KCBC. I appreciate the breast exam and their thoroughness. Thank you.

Michelle Jackson

My very first visit I was very nervous because I had found a lump in my breast. I had a mammogram, ended up doing a biopsy and lumpectomy that was thankfully benign. All of the staff were so pleasant and kind during the entire experience. I would never want to go anywhere else.

Betty Jo Carrier

I have been coming to KCBC for 29 years. I began on February 24, 1989. We travel from Abingdon, VA which is approximately 240 miles round trip. When we get older, we like to say we are going on a day trip.

I picked this memory because, at the age of 50, I felt like I had found the breast center which possessed love for their patients and the care that I wanted. I had a questionable diagnosis by my gynecologist in Abingdon, VA. He wanted to wait six months before doing another mammogram. I was uncomfortable to wait six months so I contacted another gynecologist. He referred me to your wonderful facility, and I have never looked back.

Everyone at KCBC is so efficient, professional and welcoming to the patients. I have noticed that the staff is not in a hurry and always are concerned with everyone's well-being. My best memory of Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center is the kindness and caring of the entire staff, not just the doctors.

Linda Edmondson

I had an annual routine MRI Dec 2017. I really don’t do well with MRIs but the lady with me, and I don’t remember her name, was so kind and really helped me through the process. A few days later I received a call that something showed up on my results and I needed to come back for another MRI and possibly me biopsy. I was so terrified and honestly didn’t know if I could go though the process again. When I was taken back for my MRI, the same lady was there and I can’t tell you how relieved I was to see her because I knew with her I would get through it. Everything turned out ok thankfully.

I chose that memory because I prayed a lot for everything to be ok and I do believe God puts special people in your lives that can help you through the rough days and I’m thankful God put her with me that day.

Becky Gentry

You are patient professionals who are very informative and help your patients understand the steps to better health with continued education. You always address my questions and concerns. My family has a lot of cancer history and it’s very important for me to stay aware of signs and indicators to prevent cancer in my own life.

Sherry Lupien

I have been going to KCBC for 31 years. My first visit was when I was 17 and needless to say it was overwhelming & very scary. I met with Dr. Kozlowski & Dr. Webber and had surgery to have a lump (fibroadenoma) removed. The Doctors and staff were so kind & caring and did everything to make me feel less scared & more comfortable. The whole experience sticks with me. Now, 31 years later I'm still a patient at KCBC. They are a wonderful group of people and I have recommended them to everyone. Thank you KCBC.

Gail T. Cooke

All the excellent medical care over last 30 years I have been a patient. Also, the best care ever for my granddaughter who developed breast cancer last year and is now cancer free. You have saved me many hours of anguish and saved my only granddaughter. Thank you.

Betty Burns

The staff there are always great. It’s the best place to go for a mammogram.

Carolyn M Jones

My initial visit is my best memory. I met caring people who understood my anxiety. I had been referred by my physician because of a suspicious mammogram reading. When my visit was complete, I had all the information regarding my cancer scare. I was clear, and I did not have to wait to receive that good news. Appreciate KCBC so much!

Melissa Raines

I loved how easy it is was to get my mammogram done and the short wait to get in. The staff was so friendly and helpful and I was on my way on to work in no time. Great experience!

KhadiJah Roller

I had my first mammogram ever in 2017 to just get a baseline. Though I was nervous going in and thought that it would be uncomfortable, I was pleasantly surprised and so glad I chose KCBC. Everyone was so nice, welcoming, and friendly. From the time of setting my appointment, getting my paperwork, checking in for my appointment, and especially the kind and funny lady doing my mammogram. It is the only experience I have and everyone made a GREAT first impression.

Stacey Lea Wise

Everyone is super nice and very efficient! Every annual visit is very quick and friendly!

Regina Turner

My best memories are coming my very time for a second opinion & being told everything was fine, as well as being treated with respect & like I mattered. Everyone wants respect & it is an awesome feeling to know you’re OK because life is wonderful!!

My Mom goes as well. We both started because local doctor thought we had a problem & we wanted a second & BETTER opinion from a place we realized we could really trust.

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