​It's our birthday!  

So to celebrate we asked our patients to write us a memory to be drawn for one of 35 prizes.  

​Although the contest has ended, keep scrolling to read the entries and see pictures from our birthday bash!

Thank you for 35 wonderful years!

​Our Grand Prize Winner!

​35 for 35 wishes:

Mary Kay Mills

I never mind coming for my annual exam because they always make you comfortable. I’ve been coming to KCBC for longer than 15 years and every time the staff is so warm and friendly.

Deborah Lynn Miller

Being at ease with the whole process from check in to check out is why I like KCBC. The process itself is uncomfortable but the ladies make it feel totally normal.

I have been doing this every year since I was 18 now going on 45 and have been to many places that don’t put you at ease and make you feel comfortable like KCBC does. Thank you.

Patricia Fox

Dr. Thomas Traylor recommended KCBC to me and my daughter. Since that time 8-10 years ago, I’ve had an annual visit and my daughter has also. She has traveled from S.C. and Ga. ever since. It’s because of the satisfaction that when you leave KCBC you have the information you need to assess your health. Thank you!

Catherine Sims

Going in sacred after getting a mammogram with questionable results, having all the testing done and going home with the answers in the same day is my best memory of KCBC. I was referred by friends because I just moved from Kentucky. Thank you

Brenda Krohnfeldt

One thing I remember about KCBC is coming in scared of the dimple I had found. Then finding a wonderful prayer at the front desk, it calmed me and I knew I was in the right place.

Sandra Kay Roberts

In 2007 I moved from Asheville to Knoxville and took a chance on a new breast center, which was KCBC. I found there services to supersede anything of my past. A needle biopsy was performed at one of my early visits and quickly put my mind to rest with what turned out ok. I moved to Johnson City in 2013, but continue to make annual visits to KCBC because I know I can place my confidence in them.

Duskin Z. Fairchild

I started going to KCBC 25 or 30 years ago. The office was located off of Weisgarber Road. It was a much smaller facility. Everyone was so kind and personable. I was surprised that receptionist remembered me every year. It was always a pleasant and comfortable experience. When KCBC moved to the current location I was a little overwhelmed by immensity of the new facility and the increased staff. I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I was pleased to find that other than the size, the practice had not changed. There is just more of the best. The decor is exceptionally pleasing.

Gayle Wilder

All of my memories are wonderful. Everyone has always been so helpful and so thoughtful.

There are not a lot of places that women can go to for this type of exams and feel as comfortable as everyone makes you feel at the KCBC.

I was 30 when I first started coming to the KCBC and I am now 55, and I have never had my exams done anywhere else and I never plan on going anywhere else.

Pamela Kustermann

I've been diligently having a yearly mammogram for the past 25 years. My sister passed away from breast cancer when she was 35, and that is what has pushed me to be tested yearly.

I've only recently switched to KCBC on the advice from a few friends. While my previous experiences were never bad, I didn't realize how GOOD it could be! My first visit was quite honestly the best experience I've had. It was a seamless transition to KCBC, they had all my previous records and the staff easily answered any questions I had. To be able to have the exam and results the same day is truly wonderful...thank you!

Brenda Mitchell

Being treated so professionally yet friendly, after bad experiences at another clinic is the reason I keep coming back!

Margie Spottedhorse

I was so impressed with the staff they are truly the best. I have been to several different facilities for mammograms and that is exactly how I felt. I was at a facility. At KCBC I felt home and like I was family. From that first experience I knew KCBC is where I will always go from now on. You play such an important role in many lives. Congratulations on your 35th birthday, looking forward to many more to come!

Brenda L Ralston

I can NOT imagine going to another facility to have my mammogram. Everyone is good at their job, friendly, confident, and professional. You are such a great crew of people. I don't dread having my checkup. I’ve been a patient for 30 years and tell everyone how important KCBC is to my life and health.

Jone Young Burnett

I’ve been coming to KCBC since 1991, and I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. That was a time I only had preventative care insurance. KCBC guided me through the process of applying for Blue Care Insurance, which I would have never known about. As a result, I got covered by Blue Care, which paid every penny for my surgery & treatment! You, & God, saved my life, and my home!! Thank you!

Beth Hunt

KCBC is the best facility around Knoxville, TN. After doing some research, I found KCBC and the reviews were positive. I don't regret my decision. I became a patient of Dr. Webber's in 2007.

My first visit meeting with Dr. Webber was so comfortable. After our visit, I knew I had nothing to worry about. I knew it would all be ok. It was my journey and I would be fine. Thank you to the staff of KCBC for always being friendly and caring.

Frances Mary Hopp

I was told by a friend if I wanted good knowledgeable medical specialists taking care of me and my concerns I had with my breasts at the time, then I should go to KCBC in Knoxville. Dr. Wunderlich & Dr. Weber was with me all the way through my lobular carcinoma in-situ. Thank God! My life changed at that point & time. I had two separate procedures in two yrs. I am now ten yrs. cancer-free. The compassion, care & attention they showed me was phenomenal! I could never have received that kind of professionalism had I gone anywhere else. I have peace of mind now, but still think I could have died a long & painful death ten years ago. I will never go anywhere else but KCBC. Thank you KCBC from the bottom of my heart!

Mary Linda Schwarzbart

I have gone to KCBC for more years than I can remember. I appreciate that I am treated with respect, that I am considered capable of understanding directly, and that I learn the results before I leave the office. It’s refreshing to have a medical provider that is direct, and treats me as an intelligent partner in my health care.

Barbara Greaves

My best memory is an every year memory! Due to the density of my breasts and cysts, I need enhanced views and an ultrasound in addition to my mammogram. From the moment I walk in the door, everyone is kind and compassionate, and even better, I walk out the door having all my tests done AND the results! Nothing beats spending a couple of hours one day to find out I’m good to go for another year! Thanks so much, KCBC, and happy birthday!

I had a surgical biopsy the year I had my first mammogram at 40 at another facility. It took six weeks to first have a mammogram, then receive the ‘you need to return’ letter, get enhanced views, be referred to a breast surgeon, then have an excisional biopsy. I was terrified because a dear friend my age had just died of breast cancer. Going thru the process in one day at KCBC has alleviated all that additional stress. I am more than grateful for all you wonderful guys at KCBC.

Lynne Woods

I have been a patient for over 25 years.

When my sister, a resident of Florida, was diagnosed with breast cancer I insisted that she come to KCBC for treatment. You really saved her life and I am forever grateful. She is now an active 75 year old and a 14 year survivor. Happy Birthday and I hope you are around for many more years to help us all!

Tammy Estepp

In 2016, I had a scare. A spot was found on both my left and right breast. The staff took time to explain everything they were doing. Dr. Brown stayed late to do an ultrasound biopsy on my right after closing. Then she did a MRI biopsy on my left the following week. There was no cancer on my right, but unfortunately there was on my left. Again, KCBC explain everything. Dr. Webber took out the cancer on my left side. I appreciate how KCBC makes you feel like family and take the time to tell me everything.

Shane C Ortiz

I was told by my mother to visit KCBC a couple years ago. They make me feel welcome and the doctors are so friendly.

Lisa Bryant

When I was told I have cancer the patience they had with me and all my questions. I felt like I was their only patient at the time. Everyone was so kind and knowledgeable. The material they gave to read was so informative. The office called and checked on me after I had the biopsy. I’ve been going to KCBC for 20 years and wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Rosalee Spears

They treat you like they care that the problem you are going through is important. I would recommend KCBC to everyone that I know because I was going through some hard stuff not long ago and these wonderful people made me feel that they cared about me. They make you feel more at home than a doctor’s office. Thank you!

Claudia Greenwood

My best memory of KCBC is my first visit there. I had been told by a local physician that there was a possibility that I had breast cancer and may have had it for several years. When I came there, the exam and all needed tests were done immediately, and I came away with no health issues. The physicians and staff were very kind, courteous, and knowledgeable. I appreciated their professionalism, their caring attitude, and been going there since (which is 20 years or so).

Barbara Farmer

My best memory was at my first appointment when it was confirmed I was okay.

Judy Ann McNeeley

When I had my biopsy, I had no one to accompany me. I was so scared and felt so alone until I arrived at KCBC. What an AMAZING staff. They made me feel so comfortable but most of all they made me feel cared about. That day was so emotional for me and the KCBC staff was so caring, I mean truly caring.

I have never gone anywhere else. When it comes to your healthy, why would you not go to the BEST?

Kim Boston Tabor

My sister and I make our appointments together every year. We come from Crossviille, and have been for over 10 years. We always have a nice lunch and shop afterwards. Instead of dreading the procedure, I look forward to spending the day with my sister. We rarely get time alone together.

Bethany Marinac

The service is the best because they are consistent and caring!

Gail Rines

The friendly staff in a stressful time

It just makes ur visit more bearable

At least 10 years

Tammy Enix

My time is valuable and I really appreciate that I can get in and out of KCBC as fast as possible without sacrificing care and thoroughness. It is why I’ve been a patient since 1996.

Amanda Haas

How kind the tech was and how thorough the doctor was in explaining to me how my breasts needed extra testing. Both of those ladies put my nerves at ease and I appreciate that.

Karen Rohde

I love how professional and kind all of the employees are. I also appreciate waiting for my results and having an answer before I leave the building. I am so glad I switched to KCBC for my breast health.

Janice Stamps

The honor & privilege to have followed Dr. K & KCBC to the different locations over the years is my best memory. Each time they moved it was with updates & always the professionalism you expect from them. And I always loved the color "blue" that became a trademark!!!! It sums up the years that I feel like I have grown & aged with all of you at KCBC. 31 years!! First appointment with Dr. K was on September 7, 1987. Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!

Shannon Seaton

My best memory of KCBC is going and speaking directly to the doctor immediately after my ultrasound. It was one of the more stressful days of my life, but she was kind and reassuring. Thank you.

Brenda Taylor Hamblin

My very first visit ...I had found a lump in my breast and was told by my gynecologist to make an appointment with KCBC directly. .. I arrived scared of the unknown and didn't know what to expect...KCBC took me in and when I left there that day I knew what was wrong and it was fixed...the lump was a cyst drained on site same day.

I picked that memory because that day is what sold me on everything about KCBC and why approximately 15 years later when I did have breast cancer (which KCBC found) I felt secure I was in good hands for treatment.

Elizabeth J. Wolff

After a friend of mine told me about KCBC, I started going about 5 years. I couldn't be happier with your staff and the professionals that walk us thru this exam, as it is somewhat personal when dealing with women health. You always make this experience comfortable as it can possibly be, and are very thorough with explaining everything.

I never really like having a mammogram done in the past, but after coming here yearly, I feel comfortable about setting up my yearly exam in advance with no regrets because I am in good hands.

Kathleen Slocum

During a visit several years ago it was decided that I needed a needle biopsy. Those words are very frightening and I wondered how long it would take to get an appointment to get this done. It was so encouraging when I was told it would be done right then and there, and the tech was so calming and thorough in her explanation of the situation that I found I was not at all freaking out. The wait afterwards was not long and I got to speak with the Doctor directly about the results. Fortunately all was well and as I left and walked to my car I was so very grateful that I had found KCBC to take care of me.

This was the only time in the 30 years or so I’ve gone to KCBC I have had to face the possibility of a problem, and hope the only time going forward. But.....if ever I am faced with a more serious diagnosis, I know I am in good hands.

Bonita Anderson

You have been very helpful to me, I am grateful. I wanted to let you know that you are appreciated.

Patti HolloWay

At age 40, I had a scare with a lump. That was my first trip to KCBC. I was scared to death, and the staff was SO caring and comforting. Luckily, the lump was benign and the doctor and employees celebrated with me. That was one of the scariest times in my life, and you helped me through it and made it much easier to deal with. I have been there every year since, which is almost 18 years, and have never been treated with such courtesy and caring as I get at KCBC. Many thanks to each and every one of you for your kindness and compassion.

Tammy L Bonza

On my first visit I couldn't believe how they treated me. I felt so special, like I was the only person they had to see that day!! That’s why I keep coming back after all these years. Thank you.

Shelley Mangold

Having a clear result after returning for a second mammogram when there was uncertainty from the previous mammogram is my best memory over the 20 years I’ve been a patient! Thanks Dr Wunderlich!

Chastity Dyke

I am a breast cancer survivor. I started coming to KCBC after my treatments and reconstruction surgery. That was my first mammogram that did not cause any discomfort. I am so thankful that I starting coming here. KCBC makes me no longer dread having a mammogram. Everyone is so caring and nice. Thank you KCBC.

Kadie Kerley

I’m thankful the lady that registered me calmed me down before I went back. When I was done with all the exams, she met me and gave me the biggest hug. I just cried because it’s rare you find good people like that.

Elizabeth Marsh

My best memory is when they told me that I didn't have cancer and that it was just dense tissue.

Amy Noe

I’ve been coming to KCBC for several years because of the great doctors and staff. Thank you!

Kimberly C Shubert

The kind and compassionate care that I received when I had to have an ultrasound is my best memory. I was scared and the staff took care of me.

Stephanie Unger

Every memory brings comfort to a normally scary situation. Every visit I’ve felt my questions & concerns have been answered & I’ve walked away with peace of mind having my results day of appointment. Thank you.

Jane White

I left KCBC for a year or two. I got back a scary mammogram. The place that did it, didn't seem that concerned. My doctor immediately called KCBC and I was given an appointment within days of the one I had received. They assured me they would take care of me. They did. Told me it was nothing but scarred tissue. I thank God for them and their care. I would not go anywhere else.

I picked this memory because it’s a reminder to stay with the best.

Kristi Willingham

I'm 48 years old and I just had my 1st. Mammogram and exam there. I was a little scared and didn't know what to expect. But all the staff, from the receptionist on back were so kind and explained everything carefully. They really understand how women think and how lonely and scary a breast exam can be for a woman alone.

Debra Rogers

My best memory of KCBC, even though it is probably my hardest memory in 2017, was on December 14 at approximately 4:27 on when Dr. Brown gave me my diagnosis.

You may ask why this horrible memory is my favorite memory. Dr. Brown was so caring and spent all the time I needed to discuss my diagnosis and answer any questions I had and kept asking me if I had further questions. She told me where to accurately research my diagnosis. She had already made appointments for an MRI and appointment with Dr. Webber. That proved to me what a “well oiled machine “ KCBC is at an early stage in my diagnosis.

I had cryoablation of my tumor by Dr. Kozlowski in January, a procedure available only in select areas of the country. How fortunate I am that this trial is available to me, here in East Tennessee! They have been wonderful scheduling all of my appointments. I can’t tell you how easy it is to have treatment all in one place where the staff communicates so well with one another. My questions when I call are usually answered with a return call within the hour.

Dr. Kozlowski has designed the best of the best!! I’ll never go anywhere else!

Cynthia Ann Roe

I remember over 30 years again, visiting her office at the Northshore Bldg. and having to lie on the table for an exam, which was a first for me. This was my first breast exam and being exposed to that type of procedure was an amazing event for me. KCBC is awesome, thank you!

Betty Taylor

The friendly staff and getting my results the same day is my favorite part! Because I had a problem and they made me feel safe and secure! Thank you

Jackie Hammons Williams

The friendliest of the staff! They make you feel so comfortable!

The first time I visited I was so worried because I had a mammogram from my local doctor showing a spot on my breast. The staff put my fears to rest! Thanks KCBC!

Khadijah roller

KCBC left an impression on me because of how welcoming and nice the atmosphere and staff are!

Becky S Bowman

The best memory is when my biopsy results came back as dense fiber tissue not a tumor. I was very scared when they did the biopsy. But the doctor was very caring and reassuring.

Candace collins

My mom, Delores Duff, loved Dr K, always raves about her kindness, insisted that I not go to any other doctor. I have been loyal to Dr K for many years even when I moved to Florida I would still have my annual exam with Dr K. My mother passed away several years ago and I feel that my relationship with Dr K honors her. I recommend Dr K to everyone I know.

Veronica Bellar

I was timid to get a mammogram, but KCBC made it so easy and quick to get one.

Deanna Carter

KCBC is the only place I have ever been to get a mammogram! I’ve been going since the early 90s. The people there are very special! I don't know what I would do without them! Happy 35th!

Nancy Benn

Talking with Dr. Wunderlich each year is my best memory. She reduces the anxiety and is a friendly face during stressful times. We talk about Michigan and other things that we have in common. It makes me feel comfortable. I'm an 11 year cancer survivor and I thank everyone associated with KCBC for helping me with my journey to survivorship.

Donna Robertson

When I first started having mammograms, I saw Dr. K for a personal report every visit. She was a young mother and so was I. We shared our lives and fun stories together. I bonded with her and her wonderful clinic from the beginning. I have recommended KCBC to all my friends over the 30+ years I’ve visiting. KCBC is a special place. Expert analysis, and caring is their hallmark. Congratulations on 35 years!!!

Bonnie Cody

My best memory was the first time I came to your facility to get re-evaluated because my first mammogram showed some abnormalities according to my hometown facility that did it, and I was referred to you.

That was a scary moment for me. But it ended in a good result when KCBC did another mammogram and found nothing wrong. What relief I felt. I have been very pleased with every facet of my visits to your facility, which has been at least 15 years, and would never think about going anywhere else. You are a blessing.

sheila r young

The reason I’ve been going to KCBC for 15 years or longer is because I feel you all do care about me as a patient and knowing I’m ok when I leave KCBC. Thank you.

Terry S Crowder

I have had my yearly mammogram at KCBC for 13 years and I wouldn't think of going anywhere else! It's a pleasant atmosphere that makes a not-so-enjoyable event not nearly so bad! All the employees at KCBC are so kind and treat me with such respect. It's important to me to feel comfortable. Thank you KCBC!

Pamela Green

My best memory in the 14 years I’ve been going to KCBC is how calm the staff made me feel when I was there for my biopsy. I was so anxious about the procedure as well as the results. My husband wasn't able to go with me for the procedure and the staff was absolutely wonderful! Thank you

Karen Gallaher

My strongest memory is when Dr. Kozlowski give me the devastating news then reassuring me in such a positive way that I was going to be fine! From then on it was a domino effect. The encouragement and positivity was so uplifting for me.

No one knows until you get that devastating diagnosis that you have joined a special club. That club takes you into their arms with love, understanding and positive encouragement. KCBC gave me that extra strength to hold me up and give me life!!

Donna Lynn Teague

One of my fondest memories was when I was having a really bad day on my way to treatment. When I got there, all my new friends I had made and the staff had a special gift. It brightened my day. They truly are your friends. It made a hard day bearable.

Judith Salvo

KCBC is extremely professional. I really appreciate receiving my test results immediately.

It’s very important to me as I had a bad experience years ago in another state and had to wait for my results for several days after I was told something showed up.

Glenna Breeden

They give you a personal experience even though they are a large place. I was impressed!

Kristi Brown

KCBC makes getting a mammogram easy.

Kimberly Whitman

After being diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine mammogram at another breast center, and not liking the way we were treated, we came to KCBC for a second opinion. What a difference! All day, while undergoing more testing and exams, my husband was able to stay with me and we were treated so kindly and compassionately by everyone we came in contact with. Questions were answered in a manner we could understand, a plan of action was outlined.

What had been a terrifying and confusing ordeal at the original breast center was replaced by a more positive outlook. We felt like we could breathe a bit. The nurses and doctors at KCBC cared for us and I will never forget the genuine concern and compassion we were shown. I share this every time someone asks me where I went when I was diagnosed and where I go now for my yearly ultrasound and mammogram. Thank you KCBC!

Patricia R Hill

I absolutely love the gowns that you put on and the way that you are made to feel special when waiting.

Betty Burns

I’ve been a patient for longer than 10 years and every year, every time you folks are so nice. It’s not every day you meet folks that are nice. Thanks!

Kimela Schnicke

My first time using KCBC was on the Mobile Mammography Unit through my work. They were so kind and professional. I have also visited KCBC. The staff from registration to the mammography tech is wonderful. I recommend KCBC to my co-workers and anyone else I come in contact with who is apprehensive about having a mammogram.

First impressions are always important and my first impression of KCBC is wonderful. That is why I keep coming back.

Cara Yarber

Although I am a patient of KCBC, my favorite memory is of my mom at KCBC. She found out about her breast cancer in February of 2017. The staff and doctors have always been kind and helpful to my mom. You always kept her up-beat and positive. Thank you

Jessica Merritt

I needed to have my very first mammography and my doctor scheduled it with KCBC. Needless to say, I was very nervous considering all the horror stories I had heard from my friends and family who have had mammograms before. When it was the big day, I went to my appointment very nervous, apprehensive and honestly a little scared. When I got there, the staff made me feel right at home and the waiting room was very inviting. I was still a little nervous about the scan itself. When it was time for the scan, my tech noticed this was my first scan and she explained everything that was going to happen before she even started the scan. Then once the scan started she continued to talk me through the whole thing and made sure I was as comfortable as I could be during the entire procedure. Turns out, the scan was not bad at all! I was never very uncomfortable and it was quick and painless. Because of the inviting atmosphere, awesome staff and the greatest tech ever, my first mammogram was not the horror story I expected but a pleasant experience that I'll never forget. I tell all my friends, family and anyone else that will listen about KCBC, the exceptional care I received and that KCBC is the only place I'll go to for all of my breast care needs. Thank you KCBC and staff!!!

Ruth Alice Ford

What a wonderful place for being at during one of the most devastating times of my life. I am so very thankful for the service and treatment I received there. Absolutely the best, you were lifesaving!

April Ward

Such caring staff that go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and taken care of and it means the world to know staff is looking after your health and how you feel.

Sharon Steinberg

My mother died from breast cancer when I was in my mid-twenties. I have been diligent about my breast cancer screenings. I have lived in Kentucky & Las Vegas, NV, but I’ve never felt so comfortable with mammogram & MRI breast screenings as KCBC made me feel. The tech had notes from previous visits & she knew exactly what I needed to ease my anxiety. The headphones in the MRI machine even played The Message, from Sirius XM. Hearing praise music & God’s Word calmed me. This kind of treatment guarantees that I will get my diagnostic screenings, which will lengthen my life.

Happy Birthday KCBC! Thank you for making healthcare feel like a calming spa visit. 🎉🎁🎈

Betty Green

Some years ago, I had a disturbing diagnosis from a mammogram. I asked my ObGyn to help me find another option and 2nd opinion. It was such a relief to hear some very good news from KCBC. NOW we come as a group of 3 friends to get our annual exams then share a happy lunchtime in Knoxville afterwards!!😍

Jennifer Dake

I just love that every time I have been to KCBC it has been a great experience. Everyone one is exceptionally nice and they make an experience that can be uncomfortable and make it as best they can. And they explain everything in a ways that make sense and easy to understand. I experience it each time I’m there since the beginning in 2007.

Brenda McHone

I felt like I could trust this place and it was comforting. I feel like Dr. Kozlowski really cared.

Michelle Bell

I came to KCBC because of a lump and was scared to death-absolutely heartbroken and scared. The providers were amazing. I asked a billion questions. They answered all of them and eased my fears as I was told everything was ok!!! Breast cancer is life shattering and I was terrified and scared like most patients and the providers took such amazing care of me! Love KCBC and will never leave!

Jodi Reno

I’ve been a patient over 10 years and they are always caring and make me feel comfortable.

Rebecca Lea Lee

Every visit was a best memory. I was always greeted with a smile, and it kept going with each person I encountered. I always felt welcomed and cared for. I have even gone to the mobile mammography vehicle when I was employed at Dana corporation, back in early 2000's. Having an anxiety problem, I always felt calm. My anxiety was never a problem. Thank you

Jennifer L Collins

How nice all the staff are and getting quick results is my favorite part of KCBC.

Barbara Simmons

The techs are so caring and compassionate.

Floyde Anne Gardner

The kindness of the entire staff is the best part of KCBC. Cancer is hard and I am glad I had these warriors in my corner. COMING UP ON 11YRS AS A SURVIVOR! Thank you

Kristie Chambers

The mobile coach coming to our work makes it easier. Everyone is so nice. They made it a calm experience.

KhadiJah Roller

I had my first mammogram ever in 2017 to just get a baseline. Though I was nervous going in and thought that it would be uncomfortable, I was pleasantly surprised and so glad I chose KCBC. Everyone was so nice, welcoming, and friendly. From the time of setting my appointment, getting my paperwork, checking in for my appointment, and especially the kind and funny lady doing my mammogram. It is the only experience I have and everyone made a GREAT first impression.

Nancy Roberts

I had a base line mammogram at age 34 at KCBC and I am 60 years old now. Everyone is always so kind and courteous every year and you always get your results the same day. Thank you

Dorothy S Cox

When I moved here from Ga. I was on Cobra. When it expired I had to get insurance for myself and for 2 years I had an exclusion on my breast because I had cyst on my breast. I went to a specialist because my sister had to have a mastectomy. So for 2 years I had to pay cash. The billing person tried to get in-network pricing through my Cobra. It didn’t work, but the thought of her even trying was so nice coming from Atlanta. I sure did not expect that caring and kindness. That memory sticks out to me over the last 16 or 17 years of coming to KCBC.

Frankie Standridge

I have always felt completely at home and comfortable in this warm, lovely office! I’ve been coming for at least 12 years and it’s the only medical facility that I’m completely relaxed and comfortable in!!! 😊

Judy Carol li der

Over the 20 plus years I’ve been a coming, I have always appreciated how good everyone has always been to me. I took my mother there after she found a lump in her breast. You already had her scheduled for surgery before we went home, I call that service! And I greatly appreciate all of you and your compassion and empathy that you show.

Dora Jennings

My first all clear mammogram and MRI after having a lumpectomy, chemo and radiation is my best memory. It gave me hope that I would still get to live out a full life.

Sherri Register

I’ve been coming to KCBC for 3 years and it is the kindness and how I am treated that keeps me going back.

Wanda Lowe

My best memories are having my mammograms come back with good results. One of my sister's has had breast cancer twice. All the staff are always so friendly each time I come and when I call on phone. Thank you.


Everyone is always so helpful and friendly when I am there for my yearly exam.

Vicky Randolph

You all make my experience a very good one because of the kindness of all staff.

Cathy Ridenour

I'm new at this in my stage of cancer and they are informative and caring about what I am going through. I appreciate the friendly staff and quick results. Thank you.

Genneta C Gross

Sometimes mammograms can be scary, but the kindness and compassion of everyone at KCBC relieve the anxiety.

Cathy Eller

This is the only place I’ve ever been to have my mammogram done! I started at age 35 and this year I’m 55. I worked at KCBC for 3 years, then moved out of state for 3 years and moved back.

I believe in KCBC and never wanted to go anywhere else because they’re the best!

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