​It's our birthday!  

So to celebrate we asked our patients to write us a memory to be drawn for one of 35 prizes.  

​Although the contest has ended, keep scrolling to read the entries and see pictures from our birthday bash!

Thank you for 35 wonderful years!

​Our Grand Prize Winner!

​35 for 35 wishes:

Lisa Bush

My best memory is the top quality care and attention I receive when I go to KCBC. Everyone is very professional and very kind. I have had 5-6 mammograms over the past years and every visit is exceptional. I picked this memory because great service means a lot to me.

Kristi Boruff

So many have breast cancer, and I feel blessed! All my visits have been clear.

Betsy elliott

KCBC came into my life when I was diagnosed with “the beast” in 2014. This journey was guided by Dr. Webber and his entire office—so supportive. Laura was especially helpful with all my questions during breast “c” procedures. (Our family doesn’t honor the “c” beast with even spelling it out nor calling its name.). I’ve had several procedures at KCBC and was WELL taken care of. My favorite memory, believe it or not, was visiting the KCBC Unique Boutique and getting fitted for a prosthesis and bras! Jennifer was SO VERY empathetic and caring and she and Sharon had me laughing HYSTERICALLY with some personal stories. Girlfriends, I won’t divulge those on a public platform. 🤣. God gave me peace and calm through my entire journey and He blessed me with the KCBC staff.

I picked this memory, because Jennifer turned a potentially very stressful situation into a pleasant “shopping” event!

I’ve been coming to KCBC since I was first diagnosed in 2014.

Janet L. Elliott

From the beginning a mammogram at KCBC has been painless! Having a mammogram is not something to dread! Everyone I have encountered over the years has been professional and pleasant.

Elizabeth Emert

My best memory of KCBC was before I was actually a patient. I came in with a friend to support her while she had a biopsy, and her mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a mri and biopsy done at a local hospital the day before and had received a burn from it. I guess that I’m the only person that ever happened to, but I have the pictures to prove it. The KCBC staff gave me some ice and cream to put on the spot. That kindness and compassion that they showed me in 2008 before I was a patient is the reason I became a patient. I’ve been coming to KCBC ever since. Thanks!

Shirley Jean Batson

When I had my MRI this year I was terrified of being in the MRI machine. I am so scared of being in tight places. The MRI tech was so sweet to me; she talked to me and blew oxygen on my face so that I could breathe better. I can't believe that I made it through and I would not have if she had not cared enough to help me. This experience just made me appreciate KCBC so much more.

Connie C Lowry

I was a scared young mother, and was sent to KCBC with lumps, was cared for like I was the only patient with a problem. Love them for the care provided

Kim Clower

The best memory from KCBC was when the mammogram read clear after weeks of worry and fret.

Mary Kay Mills

I never mind coming for my annual exam because they always make you comfortable. I’ve been coming to KCBC for longer than 15 years and every time the staff is so warm and friendly.

Gwendolyn W. Brown

When receiving breast exams and sonograms, the lotion was always nice and warm. The specialist would allow me to look at the screen and answer all my questions. The environment of the waiting areas is quite and serene. The staff, doctors and specialists make me feel special and show consideration for my comfort.

Carletta Rightler

My best memories of KCBC are how caring the staff is and how quickly I received my results. I have been going to KCBC for several years and I still receive the best care.

Tammy Estepp

I appreciate you taking care of what I needed done right away. I had an ultrasound and found something. You did the biopsy right away. Thank you.

Nancy Schutz

Your staff diagnosed and treated my breast cancer in 2000. It was a very scary stressful time in my life being told you have cancer. It was a huge mental weight to process. I have always felt there's no place that could give me better or more compassionate care than KCBC. Thank you.

Mary L Elmore

The way I was treated on my first visit is my best memory. It was like having VIP treatment, I was so important to all the staff. I felt totally at ease.

Mary Linda Schwarzbart

I have gone to KCBC for more years than I can remember. I appreciate that I am treated with respect, that I am considered capable of understanding directly, and that I learn the results before I leave the office. It’s refreshing to have a medical provider that is direct, and treats me as an intelligent partner in my health care.

Sonya Bowman

My favorite thing about KCBC is the people! If I call to make an appointment, I get a friendly voice who seem genuinely happy to help me. When I come in for that appointment, I am welcomed by friendly faces and people who seem genuinely glad that I'm there. Happy Birthday, KCBC! I'm thankful I'm part of your family!!

Jacqueline E Brooks

I was so relieved when I found out a mole on my breast was what was showing up as something- they taped a penny over the mole and did the test again- nothing showed. I had that mole removed and have not had a problem since! Such a relief- the tech was great!

Kylie Pearse

I came to KCBC about 5 years ago scared because I had found a lump in my breast. I was young, but of course every terrible scenario plays through your mind. The receptionist was so kind in helping me schedule an appointment quickly. When my appointment came, I was obviously very anxious. The entire staff took the time to talk with me and explained everything they were going to do. Both the doctor and ultrasound tech calmly reassured me of my results and answered all my questions.

Everyone took the time to help me! They weren’t trying to get me through quickly to see other patients. I was their priority right then. And it meant the world, especially when I was so worried about something being wrong.

Carol Curtis

We have driven to Knoxville every year for about 16 years (9 of those years 10 this September from Florida) because we consider you the best! I was referred here about 16 years ago when we lived in London, KY and I was having a problem. I have never changed because I believe you’re the best! Everyone has always been courteous and professional!

Regina Turner

My best memories are coming my very time for a second opinion & being told everything was fine, as well as being treated with respect & like I mattered. Everyone wants respect & it is an awesome feeling to know you’re OK because life is wonderful!!

My Mom goes as well. We both started because local doctor thought we had a problem & we wanted a second & BETTER opinion from a place we realized we could really trust.

Judy Cooley

My best memory is every time I leave the KCBC Building I have the confident feeling I have had a thorough exam with the latest equipment and by the best team that could be found. I’ve felt that way for over 20 years. Thank you!

Rosalind Thompson

My first visit was wonderful because the staff made me feel so at ease and very special. Thank you.

Teresa Fancher

Always getting good results for my mammograms for 20 years is my best memory of KCBC. My Mom has breast cancer, and since she caught it early, she was a survivor. Thank you!

Deborah Lynn Miller

Being at ease with the whole process from check in to check out is why I like KCBC. The process itself is uncomfortable but the ladies make it feel totally normal.

I have been doing this every year since I was 18 now going on 45 and have been to many places that don’t put you at ease and make you feel comfortable like KCBC does. Thank you.

Tameka Asante

The minute I walked into KCBC it felt as if I were walking into a spa. The atmosphere lessened my fears of not knowing what to expect for my first visit and diagnosis. The staff was also very friendly. Any questions I had were answered in detail and I was not made to feel like I was just a number. It’s true what they say that you only get one time to make a first impression. And that was my first impression of KCBC. When I went back again for my annual mammogram I received the same experience that I had the first time around.

Debbye Bouldin

When I was told that they had found a nodule in my breast and I had to come back for further testing was the hard because I was so scare and afraid. Then the doctor took me in this room to talk to me and I was told it was nothing. I was so relieved and happy and that was the best memory. I know when I go to KCBC I’m in the best hands I could possibly be in. If there is a problem I know I’m at the best place to take care of it. That’s why I’ve been a patient for over 15 years. Thank you.

Jeanne Driscoll

I put off having a mammogram way too long due to the fear of having an exam and a possible negative result. KCBC made my first mammogram & ultrasound a pleasant experience. They put my fears at ease while making me feel comfortable on my first exam. The staff was wonderful and explained everything. Thank you.

Brenda Lamb

I was referred to KCBC by a co-worker for a second opinion on a mammogram. I was so scared because breast cancer runs in my family but the staff is so kind and caring and made me feel so at ease. They went over everything in detail and were so patient to answer my questions. The results turned out fine I felt so much better when I left knowing they took the time to focus on me. It was my first impression of KCBC and it was a wonderful one. I would recommend KCBC to anyone!

Susan M Earl

Compassion of everyone, especially when second opinions are required is my best memory of KCBC.

Sharon Sexton

I like the way that KCBC treats every patient the same, no matter the situation. From the moment you enter the office, until you leave, you feel like you are in the best care. It happens every time I come to KCBC.

Edith Weldon

The kindness & gentleness of the tech's is what I remember because that’s the way they are.

I’m 67 and KCBC is the only breast center I’ve been to in my life.

Ginger Malloy

I have Menier's disease so I cannot lie completely flat on my back. My fear is an intense anxiety which can bring on a Menier's episode and I’m always scared that that will be necessary for a procedure. I remember the tech who was so kind to help me prop up enough for my ultra sound. She was so kind, thank you.

Stacy Watson

Along with a mammogram, I also have an ultrasound each year. After the tech finished my ultrasound, she went out to talk to the doctor. When she came back in she said that I would not have to wait much longer, the doctor was doing a biopsy. I totally thought that she meant the doctor was going to do a biopsy on me! The look on my face let the tech know that I was alarmed and she said oh it won’t take long at all! My reply was, “is it going to hurt?” She apologized and said no she is doing a biopsy right now on someone else and will read your ultrasound when she is finished!! Relief and laughter followed!

Patricia Wright

My best memory is the friendly staff because they make you feel comfortable.

Rhonda K. Strunk

The kindness in the way they treat me as patients is why I visit KCBC. Always smiling. And if given a bad report, they act as if you are family. They really care. Thank you.

Hattie R Ball

My best memory after being diagnosed with breast cancer, surviving surgery and radiation, receiving the wonderful news ever since that I was cancer free!

Kathy James

I was so scared on my very first visit because breast cancer runs in my family! I felt I was given upmost care. I’m 62 now and have been going to KCBC for around 30 years. I like the fact you know your results at the time of your visit and the caring staff from the front office, to the nurses and doctors.

Trina Carr-Loveday

I’ve been a patient since 2014 and appreciate your friendly staff, beautiful facility and same day results. I've been to other facilities and had long wait times, never getting results the same day. It's very calming to know the test results immediately, instead of waiting days for someone to return your call.

Candace collins

My mom, Delores Duff, loved Dr K, always raves about her kindness, insisted that I not go to any other doctor. I have been loyal to Dr K for many years even when I moved to Florida I would still have my annual exam with Dr K. My mother passed away several years ago and I feel that my relationship with Dr K honors her. I recommend Dr K to everyone I know.

Stefanie Lindorfer

I went to KCBC for the first time this year and received exceptional care from their friendly staff. They took the time to thoroughly answer all of my questions and make me feel at ease. I will definitely be coming back for future appointments.

Rebecca Smith

I work for a company that has always been a leader for BCA. Working with so many women and knowing many who had to face issues, I go prepared every time to be ready to learn when it’s my time. Several years ago they decided to start doing standard sonograms to be certain and double check everything and they did a great job in how they handled it and made me feel at ease about adding this new step. That will always be my best memory in the 15 years I’ve been a patient since I could rest assured that they would do all that’s necessary to detect any concerns early.

I picked that memory because now after many years, I did not have to have a sonogram at my last visit and I feel it’s because they keep up with my history and know when to take necessary steps.

Leasa White

Wonderful staff!! The ladies always make me feel special and loved.

Elizabeth J. Wolff

After a friend of mine told me about KCBC, I started going about 5 years. I couldn't be happier with your staff and the professionals that walk us thru this exam, as it is somewhat personal when dealing with women health. You always make this experience comfortable as it can possibly be, and are very thorough with explaining everything.

I never really like having a mammogram done in the past, but after coming here yearly, I feel comfortable about setting up my yearly exam in advance with no regrets because I am in good hands.

Wanda Lowe

My best memories are having my mammograms come back with good results. One of my sister's has had breast cancer twice. All the staff are always so friendly each time I come and when I call on phone. Thank you.

Brenda Eagle

I was scared and the nurse’s gentle voice calmed my fears. Thank you.

Nina Urbanik

Because of my family history with cancer, you suggested I receive an MRI to get a baseline reading. This MRI found 2 tumors. The biopsies revealed cancer which resulted in a double mastectomy. I am now cancer free because of this early detection. Thank you!

Euretha Roberts

I was never so scared as when the mammogram results came back and needed further imaging. But after another mammogram and ultrasound all in one visit to be conclusive, I found out it was a cyst. I appreciate getting answers the same day.

For years (probably 20 or more) and have recommend KCBC to several friends, a couple that were diagnosed elsewhere with breast cancer and I said go to KCBC for a retest and all your follow-ups. They care and they are the best!

Karan Gooden

Cancer is very familiar to my family. So I always go to my appointment and I’ve been going to KCBC since their beginning. I never miss. The KCBC Team is all so kind and they always listen to my questions and my concerns.

I am very nervous when I go in, but when I leave I am relieved.

They are the best at what they do.

Rhonda Guyton

The care they gave me when I felt a lump in my breast was memorable. They got me in right away and did all the testing I needed in one visit. I was really scared when I got there and by the time I left I had peace of mind that everything was going to be okay.

Lillian Justice

The kind and courteous staff is what I appreciate. Kindness is always special and you remember it when it happens. They always do a super job and are very helpful!

April Ward

Such caring staff that go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and taken care of and it means the world to know staff is looking after your health and how you feel.

Kand Shumate

My first visit to KCBC is my Best Memory. My Mother and I both had an appointment. We are both handicapped and have trouble walking. Going to UT, Tennova, Fort Sanders or Park West I may get to park in Handicap parking, but I still have such a long walk. At KCBC, I actually get handicap parking and a short walk. Once we arrived at the reception’s desk, we were greeted so friendly. From the moment we walked in the door until we checked out, we were made to feel comfortable and treated so friendly. Since then, My Mother and I have seen no one else for mammograms.

Betty Taylor

The friendly staff and getting my results the same day is my favorite part! Because I had a problem and they made me feel safe and secure! Thank you

Hazel Abbott

The reason I came to KCBC the first time was my doctor sent me. I had always heard wonderful things about them. When I got there, I was welcomed so very nicely. They took great care of me and treated me so well. I had nothing to be scared about. I knew I was in great hands. I will never forget that first time. I am so blessed to be able to still come to KCBC every year.

Tammy Robbins

I’ve been going to KCBC for 13 years. The best part is getting my results the same day as my mammogram and ultrasound.

Cheryl neil

My best memory is that I work 3rd shift and was scheduled for my appointment after work in the morning. I had just a short wait then was in and out very promptly. I was thrilled it was such a minimal wait time after my work. I love KCBC’s sweet personnel and prompt service.

Darlene Smolik

Dr. Kozlowski personally followed up on tests for me during the breast cancer diagnosis. She truly cares about every patient, and their overall wellbeing, balancing risks and options for alternate solutions after the cancer has been remediated, to reduce challenges of recurrence, quality of life, and related next steps.

Gabrielle Blake

One never wants to hear the words cancer out of a doctor's mouth, but if you have to, I hope that the doctor and staff are as wonderful as the KCBC team was with me on that day. I distinctly remember thinking about how kind and compassionate the entire staff was with me, even in the midst of what was one of the worst days of my life. I am so blessed to have had them on my team while I was fighting cancer and now while I am working to prevent a recurrence.

Kristy Fergerson

This was my first time. It’s a very nice place with very nice staff. I would recommend it to anyone.

Shirley stephenS

My first visit everyone made me feel confident that I was in excellent hands and would receive the best care! I remember this because at a time of fear and uncertainty you can have peace at heart knowing everyone cares and you are not just a job for them! Thank you KCBC!

Linda Vick

My first visit at KCBC is what I remember most because of how nice everyone was to me. It is the reason I continue to be a patient. Thank you.

Lisa Anderson

I’ve been going to KCBC for several years. The kindness and professionalism exhibited during all my visits make the anxiety of the exams and procedures much more bearable!

Donna Robertson

When I first started having mammograms, I saw Dr. K for a personal report every visit. She was a young mother and so was I. We shared our lives and fun stories together. I bonded with her and her wonderful clinic from the beginning. I have recommended KCBC to all my friends over the 30+ years I’ve visiting. KCBC is a special place. Expert analysis, and caring is their hallmark. Congratulations on 35 years!!!

Ruth Alice Ford

What a wonderful place for being at during one of the most devastating times of my life. I am so very thankful for the service and treatment I received there. Absolutely the best, you were lifesaving!

Anderson Diane Stansberry

The surroundings & the people make you feel important each time you step in the building. The first time I went I was so scared but after I got there and talking with the staff I felt like I was in good hands. I’ve been a patient ever since, probably 15 years. Thank you KCBC

Heather Lewis

I’ve been coming for ten years and it’s your friendly staff that is so important to me. Thanks

Sharon Cockrum

My Mother died from breast cancer when she was in her late 50's. When my Mother died, I knew I wanted the best care possible. I started going to KCBC soon after (it has been 30+ years since my first appointment with them). They always treated me with such a caring attitude for such a stressful moment.

As the years have gone by, they have been consistent in their care, always on the leading edge and staffed with exceptional Doctors and assistants. I chose KCBC and never looked back. Bottom line - they are awesome!! Thanks for excellent care and being the best!!

Susan Greene

This was my first experience at KCBC and what impressed me the most was the ease of the process from start to finish. There was not much wasted time. I appreciate them valuing my time too. Thank you

Lori Campbell

There was a question about two spots during my diagnosis MRI before my consultation with the breast surgeon and it would make the difference between a lumpectomy and a double mastectomy. Dr. K stayed late and worked me in for another MRI and even spent time with my husband in the waiting room.

This act allowed me to not have to endure more waiting for results that meant such a big difference. It was a true representation of the caring and commitment from Dr. K and the KCBC staff.

Betty Ruth Faulkner

The friendly staff and when they told me it wasn’t cancer is what I remember most. Thanks again to everyone that made me feel welcome! Love y'all ❣

Laura Adkins

I have been having yearly exams at KCBC for 15 years. The staff is very nice and very knowledgeable. I am thankful for KCBC and feel comfortable every year when I come in for my mammogram.

Martha S Engle

I just started going to KCBC last year. KCBC has a very welcoming staff and makes you feel comfortable from the start. I scheduled my next appointment that day. I encourage everyone that is getting checked to use KCBC.

Jennifer Kite

When I was told that something was different on my scans that they wanted to check out, it was a very scary situation. However, the staff at KCBC was very through and helpful, especially Mindy Shultz-Fee (she is always friendly and eager to help), Dr. Wunderlich, Dr. Brigg, Dr. Webber, and Dr. Meyer. They are all very professional. They kept me informed in everything that has happened and don't keep you on pins and needles waiting for results like most medical offices do. I have been coming to KCBC for around 10 years and will never go anywhere else. I love KCBC and will recommend them to anyone.

Brenda Frerichs

Friendly, caring staff

Amy D Holder

KCBC is a calming place. Sometimes these kinds if appointments tend to make people a bit nervous but not at KCBC.

Judy Williams

The best memory that I had was the relief that I felt when I was told on my first visit that just because I have dense breast that I did not have to have my breasts removed and do a transplant. This was my first visit and I felt confident in KCBC. The staff has always been extremely professional over the 20 years I’ve been a patient and it makes me feel comfortable. Thank you

Karen Rohde

I love how professional and kind all of the employees are. I also appreciate waiting for my results and having an answer before I leave the building. I am so glad I switched to KCBC for my breast health.

Loretta Staufenbiel

The staff is ALWAYS caring and understanding. I’ve been coming to KCBC for over five years and I always remember how well I’m treated.

Kristina Bringle

The people at KCBC is what I remember most!

KCBC found a suspicious mass on my right breast this past spring. I was 39 years old and three kids at home. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in her late 30’s so there was a lot of initial anxiety.

The staff at KCBC showed true compassion. They were so patient with my many questions and made sure I knew I was in their thoughts and prayers. The process of getting multiple scans on various machines, like ultrasound and breast CT and finally a stereotactic biopsy, can stress and overwhelm most people. But KCBC helped me through the situation with as much comfort as possible. I will always remember their passion for what they do every day and the support they provide so many women.

Sherry Jordan

I like knowing my results before I leave. The staff is always friendly and understanding. Just knowing that they care, puts you at ease. I recommend KCBC to all of my friends and family.

Pam Aderhold

I had a biopsy several years ago and the experience and compassion of the staff was impeccable, and results from my biopsy was prayers answered. That is the only time I have had to had any procedure except my yearly mammogram.

Leslie Street

The kindness of Dr. Kozlowski when I was initially diagnosed and her words to me.."you will make it through this" will always stay with me. Her genuine kindness and words have been with me all these years.

Cynthia Fogleman

Without KCBC I would not have known I had breast cancer. Everyone there is so very nice. The options explained to me were covered thoroughly and I was able to choose the latest in treatment.

I went there with a friend for my yearly mammogram and was surprised to learn I had breast cancer. Dr. K guided me through my treatment. KCBC is the best!

Linda Hodgen

My best memory of KCBC is the atmosphere that is present in the waiting area and how kind I was treated by all the staff. The staff really puts you to ease about your screening. I first went to KCBC because my doctor recommended them.

Peggy Crisp

The atmosphere of the office is fantastic. I like being comfortable in my surroundings and I am at KCBC.

Joyce A. Farley

Service says it all for a business. My favorite memory of KCBC is the friendly service I received the first time and every time over the past 20 years. Thank you.

Tonya J Fell

I’ve been to Blount and UT and there is no comparison to the personal touch, knowledge and equipment Kcbc has. I walk away feeling safe and secure.

I have had to have a biopsy twice and Dr K rubbed my shoulders, and told me me she had been there too. She would talk to me to explain what was happening. That was Very comforting and personable. She was literally hands on and told me something about her personal life. Dr K is the bomb. She’s awesome.

Christina Long

The best service I have ever had at a doctor’s office, very polite, courteous staff. I started going when a friend of mine died of breast cancer. She never got a mammogram.

Tifni Trammell

I remember my first mammogram. I came to KCBC due to high recommendations from my doctor and a few friends. I was nervous, but everyone was very nice. The initial x-rays of my breasts determined that I needed an ultrasound. I was soooo thankful that I could do it that very day!! It turned out to be dense breast tissue after the ultrasound. But I was glad it was completed in just one visit. That made a lasting impression on me.

Carolyn Bush Roddy

When KCBC told me I was/am cancer free was my best memory.

Verne Larso

My very best memory of KCBC is Dr., K sitting down and telling me, "...there is no sign of cancer now, but we don't know what the future will hold for you. But, we will be here for you and help you in any way we can. I just hope you never have it again." I also appreciate Dr. Webber’s clear and concise explanation of my situation and his caring and thoughtfulness. Thank you

Margaret Pile

The wonderful care I received after being diagnosed with breast cancer 19 years ago. From Dr K to Dr Webber to Lora to Dr Brig’s wonderful dry sense of humor, I felt hugged, loved embraced. I carry this whole experience with me all the time when I face hard times, when I see people facing hard times. My youngest daughter said “Mom, you have picked the best place to go, so they are going to make you well” and you did. Thank you

Angela Rutherford

I had a cyst the size of an orange in my left breast. I had heard many horror stories as to what it could be, what would have to be done and so on. Leading up to the day I went I was miserable and terrified and they put all my worries to rest and treated the problem. Thanks to the great staff at KCBC I got great news, they drained the cyst and I was on my way with minimal to no pain. Thank you!

Bonita Anderson

You have been very helpful to me, I am grateful. I wanted to let you know that you are appreciated.

Rebecca Morrison

Sitting in a dark room with Dr. K. looking at the monitors with her, she explained to my husband and I that the MRI showed no more cancer. I was so scared after learning they found cancer when I had my breast reduction. She was so calm and the room was dark but very cozy. I felt like she letting me in on a little secret, that I could stop worrying so much. And I did! We both did! I finally felt "safe". After she talked to me and showed me why she was saying things were good, I FINALLY felt like I could take a deep breath. That was the first night I actually slept through the night. Dr. K was my, first soothing, (almost nurturing) contact with KCBC. And it was not my last. Every visit and every staff member I have been in contact with has been the same. The way I was treated at KCBC is now how I measure all other medical providers/services against. No one has surpassed KCBC!

Tammy Estepp

In 2016, I had a scare. A spot was found on both my left and right breast. The staff took time to explain everything they were doing. Dr. Brown stayed late to do an ultrasound biopsy on my right after closing. Then she did a MRI biopsy on my left the following week. There was no cancer on my right, but unfortunately there was on my left. Again, KCBC explain everything. Dr. Webber took out the cancer on my left side. I appreciate how KCBC makes you feel like family and take the time to tell me everything.

Jone Young Burnett

I’ve been coming to KCBC since 1991, and I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. That was a time I only had preventative care insurance. KCBC guided me through the process of applying for Blue Care Insurance, which I would have never known about. As a result, I got covered by Blue Care, which paid every penny for my surgery & treatment! You, & God, saved my life, and my home!! Thank you!

Donna Beeler

My best memory of KCBC is coming for my post-surgery visit. Not only did I not have cancer but my scar looked good. Everyone seemed just as excited about it has me. Thank you!

Jearl Carlton

My first visit was several years ago. I was really anxious about my visit. The reason was because my Mother and older sister have had breast cancer and one breast removed. After my annual checkup with my doctor, he told me because of family history, he wanted me to go to KCBC for my exam.

I live in Crossville and I knew no one in Knoxville at that time. When I entered your building, I felt a sense of calm and all the employees were very helpful and relieved any tense moments for me. The exam was not painful and shortly I was notified that I did not have a problem. The next year I received the same kind of treatment. Also, I am hearing impaired and the staff was very patient in repeating any question I had. I am now 80 years old and plan to have my exam there every year.

Patricia Mason

My last visit there for a breast MRI & mammogram I was a little edgy. I’ve been coming to KCBC since you first came to Knoxville, but this was my 1st breast MRI. The caring and concern shown by the tech was very calming. I’m not afraid of it anymore. Thank you.

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