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Mary Compton

I have been going to KCBC for 30 years. All the staff first the patient first. They make me feel at ease. They are all true professionals. I cannot even imagine trusting my breast health to any other group. I am so thankful KCBC is a part of my life. I have truly enjoyed meeting Mindy Schultz-Fee. She is such an encourager and always brightens my day. What a blessing and joy she is! Thank you KCBC for being there for me. God bless you all.

Charlotte Iverson

It was great as always. I've been going to KCBC for over 20 years at the recommendation of a friend and I always recommend it to my friends. I really appreciate getting my results ON THE SPOT, rather than results being sent to my regular doctor--who is basically clueless about the details of my results.

Catherine Bilbrey

I have been going to KCBC since 1990. The KCBC Team has set the standard, and set it high, as to how a patient should ALWAYS be treated - like a human being who is afraid and in doubt of what's ahead, not like an inconvenience. So many doctors now a days keep you waiting for an hour or longer, no apologies, and then cannot not WAIT to get out of the exam room with you. Not so with the KCBC staff. However, with my most recent visit which found a malignant lump in my breast, KCBC has been with me every single step of the way through this, what can be, a VERY scary and overwhelming experience. Their knowledge, kindness, caring, comfort, and thoroughness is second to none. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Wunderlich, Dr. Webber, and Dr. Brig and their entire staffs. Thank you for being in my corner, KCBC. I am now cancer free!

Thank you for 35 wonderful years!

Stephanie Coker

My very first time I ever came to KCBC was back when I was 35 and I was nervous because I just didn’t know what to expect. From the moment I walked back to give my information and then change and have my mammogram everyone was so nice and helpful and made sure I felt comfortable.

It has always meant a lot that KCBC cares so much about their patients and makes sure we are comfortable and taken care of.

Celia Shanks

I’ve been coming to KCBC for years and year. Every appointment makes you feel cared for. I had breast cancer in 2017. They are so kind and at the same time so matter-of- fact that I value their combined knowledge in my continuing care.

Tina Jones

The first time I came it was to get a second opinion and I was so scared. You helped me overcome that and I’ve always felt comfortable there.

Norma Webb

It was a scary time in my life, but being a told I have breast cancer and everyone else being so kind and compassionate is my best memory of KCBC. Thank you.

Connie gibson

I’ve been coming to KCBC for over 15 years. The best memory was having my biopsy results come back negative. It meant I didn’t have breast cancer. I appreciate the compassion shown to me and my family members. I have a sister and mother diagnosed with breast cancer at KCBC. They were treated very kindly by the staff at KCBC.

Nancie Gunter

I feel comfortable going to KCBC. I know that I am getting the best of care and everyone is so nice and professional. I also like getting my results before I leave and not having to make a 2 hour drive back to Knoxville.

You always dread getting your mammogram done because of the fear of the unknown and KCBC does their best to take the stress out of this experience and it helps not to have to wait long periods.

Five years.

Laura D. Bentley

My best memory of KCBC is that of meeting Dr. Webber and his nurse, Lora. When my husband and I entered his exam room, we saw a frame with a cross stitched saying, “God is bigger than any problem I have.” My husband is a minister. When we knew that Dr. Webber was a man of faith, we felt a peace and calm about the road that we would have to travel. When a surgeon knows that his talent and skills come from God, his confidence and faith in God sees him through. My husband and I have been treated compassionately every step of the way! My husband I and I will celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary in December. We are so thankful for KCBC and its 35 year anniversary!

Daphne Grant

I have been coming to KCBC since moving to East Tennessee almost 8 years ago. Everyone there is so nice & caring. I am high risk as my mother had breast cancer. I myself had to have a bi-lateral biopsy done quite a few years ago due to problems I was having. My doctors then were awesome & took good care of me. When I moved I wondered what would I do? Where will I go where I know they will take as good of care? Then I found KCBC! I don't dread these visits now! I know I am in great hands at KCBC!

Kimberly O'dell

In June 2016 I went to KCBC for my annual exam and received a call back to come in for an MRI. I wasn't overly concerned as I had been called back before in my 20 years of going to KCBC. I finished the MRI and a biopsy. The entire staff was very kind and the doctor was methodical in collecting the samples. I couldn't see them, but I could hear and sense something was wrong. The doctor took 13-19 samples that day. The nurse was so comforting and explained that the doctor had left the room to review the slides, etc. It seems like this went on for hours. Her tone was consistent, her nature comforting, I have thought of her often over the months. She was incredible and I wish I had written her name down, and called or written to her. I was ultimately diagnosed with Stage II and had 2 Lumpectomy's, a Mastectomy and 4 chemo treatments. Dr. Weber is a class act, but so is nurse Lora. I called her so many times and each time she was wonderful. After all of the treatment I was bombarded with bills. My insurance was thru the Healthcare Market Place and there are no advocates available to patients. I realized then that cancer doesn’t end with treatment. My insurance didn't cover charges as they should. I called KCBC and someone in the office called on my behalf to ensure I got the maximum coverage. I chose those 3 ladies because of their compassion and support. KCBC is a story of kind women going over and beyond to get me thru a fearful time.

Nancy Tankersley

A doctor found a spot by mammogram. He was very concerned and having 2 very small children, that concerned me. Another doctor recommended that I go to KCBC saying, “because in all my years of practice, I have never known them to be wrong.” So I went. The exams they gave me were more thorough than any I had ever had. They were so kind and understanding and reassuring. I was blessed to be given a good report, but I also knew then as I know now, if they had found a malignancy, I would have been in the best hands. It’s the gentleness, compassion, kindness and respect that I still remember to this day.

Julia F Rivera

My mother had breast cancer and died of the disease when I was just a child. After her death two of my siblings developed cancers that were linked to breast cancer. Because of the family health history I am considered at high-risk for breast cancer. I’ve been a screening patient for approximately 22 years. I started going to that facility upon the recommendation of a co-worker.

About three years ago MRI was added to my annual screening examination which had already included ultrasound, manual breast examination and mammography. The techs and doctors are very patient, considerate and professional at KCBC.

The added screening procedure of MRI gave me greater assurance of a correct diagnosis. The staff at KCBC always speak words of encouragement that make me feel that my well-being is of most importance as though I was their only patient. I’ve never experienced any pain, discomfort nor anxiety during any of the screening procedures. Results of the multiple procedures are conveyed to me very quickly so that I don’t have several days of waiting.

Kadie Kerley

I’m thankful the lady that registered me calmed me down before I went back. When I was done with all the exams, she met me and gave me the biggest hug. I just cried because it’s rare you find good people like that.

Carrie Pitts

They were very understanding of my apprehension due to a family history of cancer. Everyone was smiling and seemed to love their job. It was my first visit, but you remember that because it is rare to see that care and compassion these days. Thank you.

Stephanie Huckeby

Everyone is so kind and helpful! I experience it year after year too, I wouldn't go any other place!!

Angela C Petersen

The staff is wonderful!!!! They are all so nice every year!!

Carolyn M Jones

My initial visit is my best memory. I met caring people who understood my anxiety. I had been referred by my physician because of a suspicious mammogram reading. When my visit was complete, I had all the information regarding my cancer scare. I was clear, and I did not have to wait to receive that good news. Appreciate KCBC so much!

Mary J Womack

I feel comfortable going to KCBC knowing that I will be in good hands. I’ve been going there for 19 years and all the staff at KCBC are super nice.

Ellen Larson

The first time I was a patient at KCBC I was so apprehensive. I was treated so gently and kindly. I was reassured upon leaving that all was well. It was a positive experience.

I had just moved to Farragut from Kentucky where I had always had my Mammograms at the hospital. There was a noticeable difference in the way I was treated.

Maria Sosa

My best memory is actually my first two visits this year. I am new to Knoxville from Florida and was amazed at how well staffed you are as well as the cleanliness of the center. I never expected to receive my results the same day and, in particular, to actually have a doctor give me my results right away. The Clinic surpassed all my 35 years of breast care among other places. Kudos to your Clinic and Happy Birthday!

Kimberly D Sherrod

I have only been to KCBC for the first time last December! It had been a few years since I had been to have my screening done but after an aunt and a cousin in my Mother's side we're diagnosed, I knew I needed to be checked!

I was pleasantly surprised with the atmosphere being so calming! I also loved how the choice of decor made you feel relaxed, especially the lady shoes and purse quilt, which made you feel so home and comfortable! I'll be soon making my appointment for this year! 😊

Betty Green

My best memory of KCBC is when they saved me from cancer by catching my bad cells early and removing them. It’s a strong reminder to get checked every year. And the staff is always happy to see you, which makes it easier.

Carol L Moore

The gentle, helpful people are what I remember most because it was a dramatic moment in my life!

Phyllis Booth

The sweet lady who did my exam is what I remember. It’s because she believed me when the machine actually hurt. She was compassionate and did her best to prevent it from happening on the other side. I appreciate it because she believed I wasn’t just being a baby.

Barbara Bolton

I know the first time I ever came there I was totally scared to death, but everyone there was just like an angel to me and made me feel comfortable. I was coming to see the doctor and set up my breast surgery. He is a wonderful doctor and prayed with me each time we talked about my surgery and at surgery. It’s a wonderful place to be when you find out you have breast cancer.

Rosalee Spears

They treat you like they care that the problem you are going through is important. I would recommend KCBC to everyone that I know because I was going through some hard stuff not long ago and these wonderful people made me feel that they cared about me. They make you feel more at home than a doctor’s office. Thank you!

Misti Yaden

I was so nervous before my first visit last year. However, they took great care of me. You all are so friendly and comforting!

Charlene S Partin

The calming decor and very nice staff puts me at ease when I come for my appointment! It really helps me to be calm and enjoy the quiet time I have there without being very nervous. 😊

April Bennett

Thankfully, my best memories of KCBC are all hearing the words, "everything looks good, nothing to worry about."

AngIe Hammond

A few years ago I had my best friend come with me, after I got a good check-up, we went and had a great lunch and lots of shopping. A day spent with my friend is always a good memory. Thankfully I’ve always had good check-ups when I come to KCBC.

Stephanie Tindell-Julian

On each of my visits I was treated so kindly and I felt like each person I encountered really cared. It was such a good experience

Sheena Marie Chambers

I appreciate how professional and friendly everyone is at KCBC. It can be a scary visit, but you always know how to put my mind at ease!

Barbara Thomas

I had been going to another facility and I had a mammogram that came back bad. I had to go back in and do another mammogram, wait on the results for a couple of weeks and then I had to go back in and have a biopsy and wait a couple of weeks on those results. This process took about 6 weeks. The day I went to have my biopsy at the place I had been going to, I felt so alone. When it was over, I cried for 3 hours and I couldn't stop. They really didn't care. My husband had died 3 months earlier from breast cancer so I'm always really nervous and apprehensive about having my mammogram, and it didn't faze them. A friend of mine had her mammograms done at the Knoxville Breast Center and she encouraged me to start going there because she said this would have never taken this long there. She said you would basically have everything taken care of in the same day. I made my next appointment there and I have been going ever since. Other places that you go to are more than likely doing other diagnostic tests besides just for breast cancer. But the Knoxville Breast Center is focused only on breast cancer. They are experts at what they do. They always go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and at ease.

Barbara McNeill

For all the years I have been coming to KCBC, I have always been treated with the utmost professional courtesy & have never been scared or uncomfortable. Thank you for all you do. You all make it easier to get my yearly mammogram. Happy Birthday!

Tammy Belliveau

You all take pride in what you do on a daily basis and it shows! Your caring attitude flows from the time you enter the building until you leave! Over the years I’ve been coming, you do it every time. Thanks!

Patricia R Hill

I absolutely love the gowns that you put on and the way that you are made to feel special when waiting.

Linda Vick

My first visit at KCBC is what I remember most because of how nice everyone was to me. It is the reason I continue to be a patient. Thank you.

Amber McClain

The kindness of employees is what I remember. They are always compassionate and kind.

Sharon Dexter

You truly care about women. I used the mobile mammography bus this year after 8 years of coming into the office. With travel and the mammogram combined, it took less than an hour out of my day. I appreciate you making it easier for women to take of themselves by offering mobile mammography. Thank you

Ruby Kay Meyers

I remember how nice and friendly everyone that works there is. It is worth the long drive from out of town to get my mammogram

Patricia Fox

Dr. Thomas Traylor recommended KCBC to me and my daughter. Since that time 8-10 years ago, I’ve had an annual visit and my daughter has also. She has traveled from S.C. and Ga. ever since. It’s because of the satisfaction that when you leave KCBC you have the information you need to assess your health. Thank you!

Judith Salvo

KCBC is extremely professional. I really appreciate receiving my test results immediately.

It’s very important to me as I had a bad experience years ago in another state and had to wait for my results for several days after I was told something showed up.


Scariest day of my life was when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. When the doctor called with the results, I heard nothing but the word cancer. The doctor gave me his cell phone number and said that when I had questions, I could call him back. Who does that anymore?!

If it weren't for early detection, I could be hearing totally different news right now. Because my cancer was found early, stage I, I have a great prognosis.

I had dense tissue and cysts and KCBC was able to do all of my screenings and procedures same day.

Nina Urbanik

Because of my family history with cancer, you suggested I receive an MRI to get a baseline reading. This MRI found 2 tumors. The biopsies revealed cancer which resulted in a double mastectomy. I am now cancer free because of this early detection. Thank you!

Pamela Sanderson

My best memory is the kind and considerate staff, how thorough you are and the quickness of the results. I moved from Michigan three years ago and the past places I’ve had my mammograms done had long wait times and multiple visits to get results. That didn’t occur with you folks.

Rhonda Guyton

The care they gave me when I felt a lump in my breast was memorable. They got me in right away and did all the testing I needed in one visit. I was really scared when I got there and by the time I left I had peace of mind that everything was going to be okay.

Kathryn Stillwell

My greatest memory of KCBC is my breast cancer diagnoses and the expert, lifesaving treatment that I received. I would not be alive to participate without them. I’ve been going to them for over 20 years and recommend KCBC as the best in Knoxville at every opportunity.

My best wishes for a wonderful birthday celebration to Dr. Kozlowski and staff at KCBC. I wish all involved another 35 years of saving lives.

Mary Jane Mahaley

I was referred by a nurse and she just raved about KCBC. This was good news to me because we had just moved here after traveling all around the country with my husband’s job. Everyone was so very friendly and very efficient. I felt secure & knew I was in good hands. Then when I walked around the waiting room I saw Dolly’s picture & knew I had picked the right place. Just made me smile!

Patricia Wright

My best memory is the friendly staff because they make you feel comfortable.

Donna Beeler

My best memory of KCBC is coming for my post-surgery visit. Not only did I not have cancer but my scar looked good. Everyone seemed just as excited about it has me. Thank you!

Marcia Anderson

You all are always kind and considerate to each patient, treating them with dignity and respect. It means a lot because I have been scared before and I don’t feel that way at KCBC.

Karena Paz

I had my first KCBC experience this year. I have to say - it had been three years since my last mammogram and I dreaded it like the dentist. My experience was fantastic! Everyone was friendly - there wasn’t a long wait and the tech was awesome. She didn’t make me uncomfortable and the equipment wasn’t painful. I hope women understand it doesn’t have to be a painful uncomfortable experience. I won’t be delaying my next "annual" exam now that I am a KCBC patient.

Billie Rebecca England

You are treated like family at KCBC.

Sharon Sexton

I like the way that KCBC treats every patient the same, no matter the situation. From the moment you enter the office, until you leave, you feel like you are in the best care. It happens every time I come to KCBC.

Madonna Martin

Your center stands out from the typical doctor’s office. Every year, I am astounded to encounter so many kind and professional staff. I think I have been coming every one of the 35 years!

Sheryl Donathan

I love KCBC because of the way they make me feel every time I have an appointment. From the receptionist to the ultrasound tech, I am always made to feel special and cared for. Fortunately, for me, I have never had anything found scarier than dense breast tissue. I always feel well checked when I leave your facility.

Barbara Ann Bailes

My first time was in or around 1990. A co-worker told me she had been going to KCBC for quite some time. She told me how thorough and friendly KCBC was. I went, and it was then that I found out there was another Barbara Ann Bailes, but not the same birth date. I thought that was funny and coincidental. Also, I had never had a breast exam before.

I have come every year since my first and wouldn't even consider going anywhere else. I trust KCBC to handle my health, my body. Thank you KCBC!

Floyde Anne Gardner

The kindness of the entire staff is the best part of KCBC. Cancer is hard and I am glad I had these warriors in my corner. COMING UP ON 11YRS AS A SURVIVOR! Thank you

Beth Hunt

KCBC is the best facility around Knoxville, TN. After doing some research, I found KCBC and the reviews were positive. I don't regret my decision. I became a patient of Dr. Webber's in 2007.

My first visit meeting with Dr. Webber was so comfortable. After our visit, I knew I had nothing to worry about. I knew it would all be ok. It was my journey and I would be fine. Thank you to the staff of KCBC for always being friendly and caring.

Rhonda Pelliccio

My best memory at KCBC is my first visit and how warm and caring everyone was to me. I felt like family! This memory is why I come back every year for all my breast care needs.

Brenda L Ralston

I can NOT imagine going to another facility to have my mammogram. Everyone is good at their job, friendly, confident, and professional. You are such a great crew of people. I don't dread having my checkup. I’ve been a patient for 30 years and tell everyone how important KCBC is to my life and health.

Shelia Falls

The day Dr. K and I went to Nashville to the House of Representative with Dennis Powers and others to get the Dense Mammography Bill presented was my best memory because WE won! This was a huge step to for the prevention of upper stages of Breast Cancer and informing women about dense breasts and the need for additional imaging. I got to tell my story of how my breast cancer was missed for 7 years due to no ultrasound being performed on my dear breast. I have referred many, many ladies to KCBC for their Annual Breast Appointments as I know Dr. K and her staff are the absolute best!

Elaine Howell

KCBC’s caring employees make me feel at ease. Thanks!

Shirley S. Hammond

When I moved from Atlanta to Dandridge, as a cancer survivor, I wondered if I would have to travel back to Atlanta to have good follow-up care because the only breast exam done in Dandridge was a mobile. Once I went to the KCBC mobile unit, they advised me to come to Knoxville where the center given my history and worry. This has been a terrific experience to not have to worry about breast cancer.

Jeanne Driscoll

I put off having a mammogram way too long due to the fear of having an exam and a possible negative result. KCBC made my first mammogram & ultrasound a pleasant experience. They put my fears at ease while making me feel comfortable on my first exam. The staff was wonderful and explained everything. Thank you.

Carol Judy

Having had triple negative breast cancer, each checkup makes you a little nervous. I appreciate having the doctor call me and tell me it was not the return of breast cancer!

Laura L. Ballinger

The first visit I made to the center I was impressed with the kind, caring and knowledgeable staff. I knew from that day forward I wouldn't go anywhere else. That’s been twenty years ago now. Happy birthday KCBC!

Tammy L Bonza

On my first visit I couldn't believe how they treated me. I felt so special, like I was the only person they had to see that day!! That’s why I keep coming back after all these years. Thank you.

Loretta Clark

I always look forward to going and I’ve been going over 20 years. It is never a dread because everyone is so nice to you when you’re there.

Kate Carroll

My first visit when I was referred to KCBC for a large lump in my right breast and was treated with such kindness and reassurance the whole staff was wonderful is my best memory. I was scared to death and treated with respect and reassured which put me and my family at ease 😊

It’s been 9 years and I won’t go anywhere else. Thank you!

Janet Tweed

I have been going to KCBC for about 15 years. They have helped me through some difficult tests and a diagnosis of breast cancer last year. I am blessed to have such caring people at my side during these appointments. Their caring attitude of all the employees has made a lasting impression on me. I highly recommend them to my friends, and I wouldn't consider going anywhere else!

Mary Loretta ball

The comfort offered by staff

I was scared

Abt 15 years

Lois N. Rowe

My best memory of KCBC is the loving care and compassion expressed by the members of your staff. When you have been diagnosed with cancer the first thing that comes to your mind is, am I going to die with this? The assurance from the Doctor and staff was that we were finding this early and your chances are very good. I needed the love and care I received that day. I have felt it in the years that have followed. You know what you are doing, and with Dr. Webber, it will be twenty-nine years in March. Thank you.

Betty Taylor

The friendly staff and getting my results the same day is my favorite part! Because I had a problem and they made me feel safe and secure! Thank you

Sherry Jordan

I like knowing my results before I leave. The staff is always friendly and understanding. Just knowing that they care, puts you at ease. I recommend KCBC to all of my friends and family.

Donna Carpenter

I was very nervous but all the staff was so nice. They made me feel welcome and comfortable. I absolutely love Dr. Brown. She spoke in a way that I could feel at ease and understand what we needed to do with my problems I was having. I had my biopsy yesterday, unable to have anyone to come with me but my Heavenly Father.

I was scared of how the procedure would be, but the tech in the MRI room was very professional. She told me step by step what they were going to do. After the MRI, Dr. Brown came in and talked with me too. They knew I was very nervous about the whole procedure so one lady held both my hands encouragingly talking to me and the other helping to keep me calm and relaxed. And Dr. Brown was wonderful thru it all. The next day, Dr. Brown called with the results which was great.....NO CANCER!!! I CAN’T THANK GOD ENOUGH FOR WATCHING OVER ME ONE MORE TIME. Even the doctors and KCBC staff that He put in my life to take the very best care of me! Heartfelt thanks to everyone at the Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center for all you do for us patients!!! It was my first and most impressive memory. God Bless every one of you always. 😇❤

Molly Royse

When I first moved to Knoxville around 2000, my physician highly recommended KCBC since I was high risk for breast cancer. The day I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2007 is the day I remember most. It was the beginning of my breast cancer journey with KCBC where I received the best care anyone could ever ask for.

Linda Brown

Dr. George Webber and Laura were so kind to me when I was so scared. I’ve been a patient since 2002 and that is my best memory.

Jill Gibson

The first time I went to KCBC is my best memory because I was scared I had cancer. But they went over my results with me and explained everything thoroughly that day. It put me at ease. Thank you.

Regina Turner

My best memories are coming my very time for a second opinion & being told everything was fine, as well as being treated with respect & like I mattered. Everyone wants respect & it is an awesome feeling to know you’re OK because life is wonderful!!

My Mom goes as well. We both started because local doctor thought we had a problem & we wanted a second & BETTER opinion from a place we realized we could really trust.

Karan Gooden

Cancer is very familiar to my family. So I always go to my appointment and I’ve been going to KCBC since their beginning. I never miss. The KCBC Team is all so kind and they always listen to my questions and my concerns.

I am very nervous when I go in, but when I leave I am relieved.

They are the best at what they do.

Lisa Bush

My best memory is the top quality care and attention I receive when I go to KCBC. Everyone is very professional and very kind. I have had 5-6 mammograms over the past years and every visit is exceptional. I picked this memory because great service means a lot to me.

Marsha Perlingiero

No special memory, just continual outstanding professional care year after year over the 27 years I’ve been coming. I think KCBC gives the best professional and caring service around. I refer all of my friends here as well as any of my patients that are in need of a mammogram.

Ruth Alice Ford

What a wonderful place for being at during one of the most devastating times of my life. I am so very thankful for the service and treatment I received there. Absolutely the best, you were lifesaving!

Cathy Ridenour

I'm new at this in my stage of cancer and they are informative and caring about what I am going through. I appreciate the friendly staff and quick results. Thank you.

Becky L. Baker

I have been a patient at KCBC and a breast cancer survivor since 1999. I became a patient of KCBC, at the recommendation of my gynecologist, after having some issues with another breast testing facility. Although the initial heart rendering news of learning I had breast cancer was difficult, the overall experience for the next ten years and still ongoing has been a good one. My treatment at KCBC has been wonderful and thus an overall good memory. I was so glad to get all my monitoring and treatment by a group of Doctors working together as a team and reporting results to me immediately.

Shannon Burton

The staff is fantastic. I did my extern there and that’s how I became a patient there.

Stacie Pile

I was extremely nervous. I came to KCBC for a follow-up from my primary care physician. I’m only in my early 40s and my first mammogram showed a problem that needed to be seen by a specialist so I was went to KCBC. Thank you for making this a pleasant and comforting experience!

First exam + first experience+ comfortable areas= relief.

Kimberly H

My first visit was great! I was treated great! Thank you

Carol Curtis

We have driven to Knoxville every year for about 16 years (9 of those years 10 this September from Florida) because we consider you the best! I was referred here about 16 years ago when we lived in London, KY and I was having a problem. I have never changed because I believe you’re the best! Everyone has always been courteous and professional!

Bridget Lawson

I found a knot on my right breast and it scared me. I have a strong family history of breast cancer in my family including my grandfather. The KCBC physician I saw made me feel I was in good hands when she walked in and grabbed my hands and told me that it was ok - that I was okay. And Thank God I am. It was only a cyst! I picked this memory ‘cause even though I was scared leading up to this appointment, in that moment I knew it would all be okay.

Katrina Chalifoux

My first breast MRI is my best memory of KCBC. They were able to get my insurance to cover it after two years of failure at another imaging center.

Regina Stowers

I was so afraid the first time I went but everyone was so nice and patient explaining all of my questions. I expected to have to come home and wait but found out my results the same day and the doctor explained all questions and concerns I had. My grandma passed away from breast cancer and I really feel like educating yourself is the best medicine. I love that I don’t have to wait weeks to find out results and I love that I never feel rushed and I am comfortable asking questions ❤️

Nancy Curtis

The compassion I felt from the staff the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer is my best memory of KCBC. I had no idea where to turn and I was immediately referred to Dr. Weber. It was a devastating time in my life but God has been with me all the way. That was 8 years ago this November. God bless all of you for the work you do.

Ruthie Powell

I had to get an ultrasound after mammogram and was extremely nervous, but the Ultrasound Tech put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. Thanks KCBC!

Margaret Nelson

After receiving news that I needed to have additional testing from another facility, I was very concerned and scared. I didn’t want to wait two weeks. I contacted KCBC and they got me in the next day! Scan and biopsy the same day. KCBC gave me fast, professional care. Everyone was so supportive. Thank you.

Amy Sprouse

The friendly staff at KCBC makes you feel comfortable.

Sharon Toedte

Whether you are just there for a routine mammogram or because you have cancer, everyone cares so much about you, answers any questions you have, and never rushes you.

The nurses, techs, doctors, surgeon, oncologist, chemo team are all working so hard, but always have time for any patient. I have had 30 routine visits and am currently going through cancer treatments (tomorrow is my last chemo!!), and the care and concern is the same, whether just a routine check or a devastating diagnosis and difficult treatment. And I have so much confidence in the knowledgeability of everyone there, helping me get through this. I feel that I have cheerleaders and friends, as well as medical experts that are rooting for my success and my health.

My first mammogram was over 31 years ago, and I have been every year since then for mammograms, more recently MRIs, and now cancer surgery and chemotherapy.

Elizabeth J. Wolff

After a friend of mine told me about KCBC, I started going about 5 years. I couldn't be happier with your staff and the professionals that walk us thru this exam, as it is somewhat personal when dealing with women health. You always make this experience comfortable as it can possibly be, and are very thorough with explaining everything.

I never really like having a mammogram done in the past, but after coming here yearly, I feel comfortable about setting up my yearly exam in advance with no regrets because I am in good hands.

Kelly Lynn Crawford

I was so nervous moving to a new state and having to get all new doctors and I was terrified to get my mammogram. As the day was getting closer my anxiety was sky rocketing and the day of the mammogram I was nauseated, exhausted, dry mouthed, nervous, and scared. The ladies in the back explained everything about what the procedures were and what to expect. One lady even gave me a hug and said we are here for you every step of the way. She said if I had any questions about anything at any point, to ask or if I was uncomfortable to let them know. She may or may not have realized it but she helped to calm me down and to feel I was in a safe place where they would take care of me. It is the moment I remember the most. I felt like I would be ok and that these people really cared about what happened to me and wanted to help me. Thank you KCBC! Happy Birthday❤️

Shelley Mangold

Having a clear result after returning for a second mammogram when there was uncertainty from the previous mammogram is my best memory over the 20 years I’ve been a patient! Thanks Dr Wunderlich!