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We Provide Compassionate Care for Breast Cancer Patients

A breast cancer diagnosis is scary and can be overwhelming, but the compassionate doctors and staff at Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center will help you navigate the road to recovery. We have been screening, diagnosing, and treating breast cancer patients in Knoxville, TN since 1983, and we are confident we can help you. Our team of expert doctors specializes in breast cancer treatment services, and we will carefully customize a plan that promises your best chances of success. We believe well-coordinated breast cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment using innovative technology and equipment is the best way to save lives from breast disease. Call us today to learn about our comprehensive services.

Our Comprehensive Breast Cancer Treatment Services

Every breast cancer diagnosis is unique. Therefore, every treatment plan must also be specific to an individual. The KCBC staff is adept at identifying and customizing a path to recovery based on diagnoses and previous success markers. Your comprehensive breast treatment plan may include one or more of the following services:

  • Screening Mammograms – A screening mammogram uses special x-ray technology to detect abnormal growths or changes in breast tissue. We recommend scheduling a screening appointment with our radiologists at least once every year.
  • Screening Breast Ultrasound – We recommend screening breast ultrasounds for women with dense mammographic patterns. This advanced imaging technique can often detect breast cancers that an x-ray may miss.
  • Mobile Mammography – We are proud to offer a mobile mammography program to make screening easy for women across East Tennessee. Check our schedule for dates and locations that are convenient for you.
  • Diagnostic Breast Ultrasounds – A diagnostic breast ultrasound – or sonography – uses sound waves that bounce off of your breast tissue to create images. We use these to detect suspicious lumps and masses or clarify questionable physical findings.
  • Digital Diagnostic Mammography – Our team uses digital diagnostic mammography to examine unusual breast changes or abnormal findings found during a screening mammogram.
  • Second Opinion Evaluation – We provide second opinions for women who have questioned an abnormal mammogram or received an abnormal screening from an outside facility.
  • Breast MRI – Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) involves a specially designed machine that takes high-resolution photos while maintaining breast comfort. Ask our specialists if you are a good candidate for this type of screening.
  • Image-Guided Biopsies – KCBC uses image-guided biopsies to diagnose small masses or calcifications seen on mammogram screenings. Results are typically available within one to two days.
  • Multispecialty Cancer Team – Our team of breast surgeons, clinical breast radiologists, medical and radiation oncologists, pathologists, and plastic and reconstructive surgeons will collaboratively develop a treatment plan to meet your needs.
  • Bone Densitometry – We also offer bone density tests to diagnose osteoporosis and make recommendations to help protect your bones.

Mammography Screenings in Knoxville, TN

Visit Our Boutique for Post-Surgery Products

We want you to personalize your road to recovery, which is why we have an in-house boutique store where we carry a wide range of products to help you following breast cancer surgery. Regardless of your treatment, breast surgery will cause an imbalance in your body. We offer breast prosthetics, camisoles, compression garments, mastectomy bras, wigs, and more to help restore your confidence and address all of your post-surgical fitting needs. Be sure to check with your insurance provider to learn about your coverage options.

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Early breast cancer detection significantly increases your chances of a full recovery. Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center offers a wide range of screening services to diagnose the illness in our patients, and we have a knowledgeable team dedicated to creating complete treatment plans. We are proud to care for patients at our state-of-the-art facility in Knoxville, TN. Explore our service pages for more detailed information and contact us today to schedule an appointment.