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Breast health is extremely important. This is especially true for women since breast cancer is more commonly diagnosed in women than men. Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center (KCBC) is committed to providing quality breast care services in Knoxville, TN. When it comes to breast health, early detection is key to saving lives. Hence, don’t let a busy schedule prevent you from getting a check-up. Our breast care specialists are here to give you the answers and treatment you need.

Awareness about breast cancer in Knoxville, TN

Why Is Breast Care Important?

Being mindful of breast health ensures that your overall health is taken care of. For instance, if an individual notices a lump growing in their breast and visits KCBC for a breast cancer screening, early detection dramatically increases the chances of recovering. It is important to stay proactive about your breast health so if an issue arises, it can be treated promptly.

Breast care awareness and education is especially important among women. Here are some signs that might indicate that you are at risk for breast cancer:

  • New lump in one of the breasts
  • Nipple discharge
  • Abnormal breast/nipple pain
  • All or part of the breast is swollen
  • Skin on the areola and/or breast is crusty and flaky
  • Nipple on one of the breasts becomes inverted
  • Skin on the breast is red and looks pitted (resembles an orange rind)
  • Nipple on one of the breasts becomes inverted

Check-Ups and Screenings are Essential for Breast Health

How do you prioritize your breast health? It starts with performing breast self-examinations once a month. This will allow you to notice any potential changes, such as breast lumps or unusual swelling. It is also important to visit a breast care specialist to get annual mammograms, which can help you determine if you need any other treatments.

How Have COVID-19 and Vaccines Affected Breast Health?

People who have received certain COVID-19 vaccines may develop symptoms that cause undue concern regarding breast health. The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines can potentially lead to swelling in the lymph nodes, especially on the side of the body where the shot was administered. The swelling is harmless but may cause unnecessary worry and fear.

It is easy for people to mistake these swollen lymph nodes for breast lumps while performing self-exams. The swollen lymph nodes also show up on mammograms, possibly creating a false positive. Because of this, it is best to wait a month after your final vaccine to come in for a mammogram.

What Can I Expect When Visiting KCBC?

Our breast care center has a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere to help patients feel at ease during their visit. The staff at KCBC is welcoming, professional, and knowledgeable. We treat all our patients with the respect and dignity they deserve. Our breast care specialists will get to know you and your specific health needs, and then we will help you decide which treatment plan is right for you.

We want you to feel comfortable and informed during your visit, so we are happy to answer all of your questions about breast health. No matter what step you are at on your breast health journey, our specialists can provide the proper treatment.

Learn More About Our Advanced Breast Care Services

The doctors at Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center specialize in breast cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment. You can feel confident knowing that we provide accurate diagnoses and high-quality breast care in Knoxville, TN. We want people to live healthy, cancer-free lives, which is why we are dedicated to helping people stay informed and proactive about breast health. Contact us to learn more!