Freezing Breast Cancers in the Office

After years of clinical trials at KCBC and other centers of excellence around the country, cryoablation of small breast cancers is now a treatment option. There is no surgery with this in-office procedure. Recovery time is faster and there may be an increase in the immunological response.

Cryoablation means using extremely cold temperatures to get rid of something. In this case it is breast cancer in the body. The way it works is by placing a needle probe in the cancer. Once correctly placed, the probe begins creating an ice ball around the cancer. Once the calculated ice ball is formed based on the specifics of the patient and the cancer, the probe is removed. The procedure is done.

Cryoablation Treatment in Knoxville, TN

The extreme cold causes the cancer to die from necrosis, which is when most or all the cells in an organ or tissue die due to disease, injury, or lack of blood supply. Over the next several weeks the patient’s body will break down the ice balled cancer, piece by piece, until the ice ball and the cancer are gone. There is evidence that as the patient’s body reabsorbs the necrosis area, it provides a boost to their immune system.

This new treatment option for patients gives them more choice in how they overcome breast cancer. The size of the cancer, the extent of the cancer, and the distance from the skin are all factors in determining if cryoablation is a treatment option.

Here is more information on how it works:

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