Digital Diagnostic Mammography

Digital Diagnostic Mammography is used to investigate suspicious breast changes such as a breast lump, unusual breast pain, an unusual skin appearance, nipple thickening or discharge.

It’s also used to evaluate abnormal findings found on a screening mammogram. A marker is placed over any area of concern by the technologist prior to performing the mammogram. Additional, specially-focused views may also be performed as needed under the direction of the Clinical Breast Radiologist.

The clinical breast radiologist will determine whether additional information from breast ultrasound, breast MRI or if a needle biopsy is necessary for a definitive diagnosis. You will be informed of the results of your imaging before you leave our office. In order to provide patients with their results and relieve their anxiety before they leave the office, the studies that are necessary for an accurate diagnosis must be interpreted by the clinical breast radiologist, therefore, this visit will usually take longer than a screening mammogram. The length of the visit will depend on which type of imaging you are having done but will generally take anywhere from one to two hours.