Digital Diagnostic Mammography in Knoxville, TN

Scheduling Mammography Screenings with KCBC’s Specialists

If you’ve experienced any suspicious changes in your breasts, such as breast lumps, unusual breast pain, nipple thickening or discharge, or an unusual skin appearance, our digital diagnostic mammography services can help investigate the cause. For nearly 40 years, Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center (KCBC) has provided compassionate care with the most advanced breast imaging possible. Our digital mammography screenings in Knoxville, TN save lives through the early detection of breast cancer. Learn more about our innovative mammograms and treatments when you schedule an appointment today.

Mammography Screenings in Knoxville, TN

What Is Digital Mammography, and Why Is It Important?

Breast cancer is one of the leading cancers among women. Mammograms are essential to detect breast cancer early enough to make a difference. Digital mammography utilizes safe, low-energy X-rays and 3D computer-aided detection (CAD) software to better assess the breasts during exams. Digital mammography is also used to evaluate abnormal findings found on a screening mammogram. Thanks to this state-of-the-art digital technology, our Clinical Breast Radiologists can zoom in on unusual skin appearances and more. Higher-quality imaging leads to a more accurate diagnosis while also allowing for improved patient comfort during the mammography screening process. Please be advised that digital mammograms are not 100% effective at detecting all breast cancers. However, they are among the best breast cancer diagnostic tools by many noted specialists in the field.

How Our Digital Mammography Machines and Process Work

Our digital mammography machines convert X-rays into electrical signals, which are then used to provide digital imaging of the breasts on a computer screen. Our digital mammography specialists can contrast and brighten these digital images to get a clearer view of dense breast tissue, calcification, and even small tumors on the breasts, often eliminating the need for further imaging. A marker is placed over any area of concern by the technologist prior to performing the mammogram. Additional, especially focused views may also be performed as needed under the direction of our Clinical Breast Radiologist. The Clinical Breast Radiologist will determine whether additional information from a breast ultrasound, breast MRI, or image-guided needle biopsy is necessary for a definitive diagnosis.

What to Expect from Our Digital Mammography Specialists?

For the best results, you should avoid digital mammography during your menstrual cycle, as your breasts may be extra sensitive at this time. Be sure to let our technicians know if you have breast implants, as implants may impact our digital imaging results. We also advise patients not to wear deodorant or lotion under their arms or breasts on their appointment day, as these can interfere with our imaging. You will be asked to remain still during the X-ray process to avoid blurry images. During this time, your breasts will be positioned using a platform and a paddle to compress them for optimal imaging. Digital mammography screenings are performed on an outpatient basis. We will inform you of the results of your imaging before you leave our Knoxville office. To provide patients with their results and relieve their anxiety before leaving their appointment, the studies that are necessary for an accurate diagnosis must be interpreted by the Clinical Breast Radiologist. Therefore, this visit will usually take longer than a screening mammogram. The length of the visit will depend on which type of imaging you are having done but will generally take anywhere from one to two hours.

Why You Should Choose Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center

Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center is committed to saving lives from breast cancer and breast disease. Our empathetic doctors and staff treat our patients with the respect they deserve, taking the time to answer questions and understand your specific concerns to ensure your comfort with our individualized treatment plans. We draw upon several decades of collective experience to diagnose and treat breast cancer effectively and compassionately. Our comprehensive services include screening mammograms, breast ultrasounds, breast MRIs, image-guided biopsies, second opinion evaluations, cryoablation, and bone densitometry. We also carry comfortable mastectomy bras, post-operation camisoles, wigs, breast prosthetics, compression garments, and more in our boutique, with custom-fitting appointments available to ensure you always get the right fit.

Contact Us to Schedule a Digital Mammography Screening

Patients over the age of 40 do not have to have a physician referral to schedule a digital mammography screening at our Knoxville office. If you’re under the age of 40, consult with your primary care physician to examine your risk factors and determine when you should ideally begin getting annual mammograms. Be sure to check with your insurance provider to confirm coverage of our services before scheduling an appointment. Please contact us with any additional questions or concerns. We’re always happy to help!