Second Opinion Evaluation

Second Opinion Evaluation in Knoxville, TN

Women who have had an abnormal screening mammogram or a questioned abnormal mammogram from an outside facility will be scheduled for a Second Opinion Evaluation. We ask you to bring your outside images on a disk or film.

That is very important to have them when you arrive at KCBC so that the Clinical Breast Radiologist can evaluate the questioned finding and determine if further imaging with special mammographic views is necessary. Other imaging modalities and procedures may be recommended to completely evaluate any potential problem such as breast ultrasound, breast MRI or an image-guided biopsy is necessary.

The images will be reviewed with you and time will be spent with you explaining any questioned imaging findings if present. You will know your results before you leave the Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center. This visit will take longer depending upon what additional imaging or procedure is necessary to define the questioned abnormality on your outside studies. Your visit may take up to two hours, and sometimes longer depending on what additional studies or procedures may be needed.