“This is the ONLY place that I recommend or will go to! You never hurt me like the other places I have been. ”
— P. Dodd

“Well run facility. Beautiful surroundings. Excellent staff, technologists and doctors.”
— E. Manning

“The staff is friendly and professional. They made me feel very comfortable.”
— K. Garrett

“I loved everyone I met. They do a wonderful job. I couldn’t have been treated any better.”
— B. Smith

“This is a very well run and organized place. Impressive. Dr. Kozlowski always takes the time to discuss and answer my questions. Thank you so very much.”
— M. Ledford

“I’ve been to a number of different centers. This facility is fantastic. You’re facility is by far the best experience I have ever had!”
— W. Wright

“I was impressed and calmed by Dr. Webber taking the time to call me and talk about my concerns before my surgery. He went above and beyond what I was expecting.”
— S. Beaty

“You are perfect. Keep on giving this excellent service.”
— S. Watson

“Everyone there is so considerate, helpful and kind.”
— J. Bruington

“The KCBC staff went out of their way to make me feel as comfortable as possible, while also exhibiting more empathy and compassion than I have ever received in any health care facility. .. which is saying a lot as I have been involved with health care for the past 20+ years. The KCBC staff were right there with me through each step of the process- from Dr. Webber who graciously let me interrupt his day to ask for help, Lynn who had to register me and deal with me when I was at my wit’s end, to Mindy who made me laugh during my breast MRI when all I had been doing was crying, as well as all the other clinical and administrative folks along the way who each played a role in making me comfortable, and last but definitely not least, Dr. K who treated me as if I was the only patient at KCBC, and spent more time with me and my husband than we ever expected.

I felt it very important to one, Thank you, but two, to let you know that the way each of you share your individual gifts – whether they be the gift of empathy, compassion, humor, an acknowledgement of a patient’s anxiety, or even just a smile at the right time – really DO make a difference to the patient, regardless of the diagnosis. Each of you should feel very proud of the work you do and for being part of the KCBC family.”
— S. Nelms

“We are all so fortunate in Knoxville to have this wonderful center here. Perfection.”
— S. Fritts

“The staff was beyond believable. They are very sensitive to the worries and concerns of their patients and strive to alleviate that as much as possible.”
— Anonymous

“They were very welcoming and very helpful. They have made a bad situation so much easier to handle.”
— Anonymous