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Visit the  Boutique located in the lobby of KCBC
TELEPHONE: (865) 583-1010   STORE HOURS: MONDAY – FRIDAY 8:30AM – 4:30PM

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The Boutique features all the latest products for women who have had breast surgery or are having breast surgery.  It is conveniently located in the lobby of the Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center in Dowell Springs. The unique shop offers a wide variety of post-mastectomy and partial-mastectomy intimate apparel designed to ensure comfort.

Appointments can be made with our Certified Fitter; she specializes in custom fittings for bras and prosthesis. You will be measured in a private room and your garments will fit your individual needs. They will be soft, natural looking, and gentle on your skin. We purchase from a wide variety of vendors to accommodate all your fitting needs. We accept most insurance.

The Boutique offers an array of  lotions, post-mastectomy swimsuits, chemo-beanies and head coverings for patients going through chemotherapy. Also, we offer a wide variety of gifts such as jewelry, purses, clothing and pink ribbon items.


Why Some Patients Keep Diagnosis Private          


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Jennifer VanGorder, CMF

Jennifer has been with KCBC since June 2014. She received her mastectomy fitting certification in 2013, after her own breast cancer diagnosis. Jennifer strives to be up to date on all the latest fitting education classes and industry trends. She is originally from Michigan and holds degrees, in Civil Engineering and in Arts and Sciences. Her passion is helping others to feel and look good throughout their journey. She is happy to share her own personal experiences with breast cancer and is trained to help provide you with the best possible fitting.


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