When to Start Getting Breast Cancer Screenings

Many women have heard about the importance of getting breast cancer screenings, but not everyone knows when to start. While breast cancer can affect anyone, there are certain women who are at higher risk than others. Knowing when to start getting your annual screenings can help in the prevention and early detection of breast cancer.

At Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center, we offer breast cancer screenings to help in our fight to save lives from the disease of breast cancer. Our state-of-the-art medical facility offers the most innovative breast health care system in the area. Our medical staff is dedicated to helping our patients through every step as they journey toward recovery. Contact Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center today to schedule your breast cancer screening.

Age 40 is the time to start your yearly mammogram screening. Women who are younger than 40 can benefit from clinical breast exams about every 3 years. Often, early stages of breast cancer development show no signs or symptoms. With yearly screenings, our staff can find abnormalities that you may not catch in at-home check.

If you have a family history of breast cancer, you are at a higher risk for developing it, yourself. If a first-degree relative (parent, sibling, etc.) was diagnosed with breast cancer, your screening should begin 10 years earlier than when that relative was diagnosed. For example, if your mother was diagnosed at age 45, your screenings should begin at 35. These early screenings can help determine if you are pre-disposed to developing breast cancer, and increases the chances of early detection.

If you are under age 40 and do not have a family history of breast cancer, you can still benefit from at-home breast checks. Monitor the size and shape of your breasts and note any abnormal changes. These can be early warning signs of breast cancer, and should be addressed by your doctor. Also feeling for lumps and bumps in your breasts and around your armpit can help determine if there are any changes. Also talk to your doctor if you notice any changes or feel any lumps in your breasts. He or she can recommend further screening if necessary.

Breast cancer is a deeply personal disease that can affect anyone, not just women over 40. Our medical staff is here to answer any questions you may have, as well to offer treatment options. We know that all patients are different, and we with work with each patient individually to determine the most effective treatment plan for his or her needs. Contact Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center today to schedule your appointment.